Bell Sets Designed for Young Children

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Junior Swiss Bells

These junior swiss bells were made ("electronically tuned") by the Lyons Musical Instruments Company in Chicago. The box indicates an address that they occupied between 1951 - 1960. These bells must have been manufactured during this period. (Also - there is no zip code, which means the bells were manufactured at least before the mid 1960's). - Chromatic F to F. Each bell has been labelled with its note on the end of the wooden handles: 1F, 3A, 5C, 7E, 8F, 6D, 4b, and 2G. Bells have a gold finish over them.
SwissBellsChromaticFtoF.jpg (10307 bytes) SwissBellsChromaticFtoFa.jpg (10687 bytes)

Knickerbocker Swiss Melode Bells Set
Endorsed by the TV show 'Ding Dong School'. 8 plastic bells, each of different color. The different pitches are achieved with a metal bell inside each bell.Toy Guidance Council, Inc. Educator Approved 1954, No. 575, Knickerbocker, No. Hollywood, California

DingDongSchoolRecordAsToldByMissFrances.jpg (18469 bytes)
Ding Dong school record "As told by Miss Francis"

If the bells are embossed with: "PLAYALONG PAT. NO. 2,787,929 SCIENTIFIC IND. INC. GLENDALE, CALIF." it means this is a newer set of bells. The old ones are embossed with "patent pending".
Also, the old boxes say: "Swiss Type" only, wheras the newer boxes say: "Playalong Swiss Type"

MeloseBellsNew.jpg (9007 bytes)
New version

Included with the bells is a song card marked copyright MCMLXXXII CBS Toys. Song card includes The Alphabet Song and Mary Had A Little Lamb.

KnikerbokerMelodySongCard.jpg (7517 bytes) melodebellsmusicbook.gif (202304 bytes)


Differes from the CA manufactured bells in the color of the box (orange instead of gray).

MelodeBellsChicago.jpg (8739 bytes)

Swiss Style Melodee Bells

8 tuned bells. Plastic outer bells are molded in permanent colors. The metal inner bells are tuned F to F and are color and letter coded. The tip of each bell handle is labeled w/a number and note. One can learn to play by number, by letter or by note with the 14-page songbook included. Each bell is 3-3/4" high by 2-3/4" in diameter.
Box says : "To teach music appreciation, Swiss Style Melodee Bells, Scientifically Tuned-F to F, Metal Inner Bell Has True Pitch, Safe Plastic Bell Sound Chamber, Molded In Permanent Colors !" Made by the Trophy Music Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Box has #4766 on it, also.

MelodeeBells.jpg (17443 bytes) MelodeeBelsBox.jpg (10334 bytes) MelodeeBellsTop.jpg (8253 bytes) MelodeeBelsInside.jpg (9185 bytes)

First Note Melodee Bells

Made by First Note Quality Music Products. 8 tuned bells.

8 bell set
8 tuned metal bells individually colored. Each bell has a sticker with a number on it.

Painted metal bells

Here are 5 vintage painted metal bells with celluloid handles. The two red painted bells have "DO" on the handles, blue bell has "RE", yellow bell has "SO" and green bell has "LA" on it. These are part of a set of 8. Bells are about 3" high. Sold at auction for $7 June 2002.

Kusank Keyboard Konsole
17 tuned metal bells placed on a keyboard. Made in Nashville, Tennesee.

Musical Hand Bells

8 tuned metal bells, each to a different note (c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c). All bells are color coded and are marked with the proper note and number (to help children learn the musical scale). Each bell is 5" tall. Also included is a music learning sheet with 6 songs. Made in Japan by Trade F.M.T. mark - ST

MusicalHandBellsJapan.jpg (101594 bytes)

Children's Shakers
8 tuned shaker bells. Each cylinder is numbered and is in different color. The Cylinders also vary in size and have different pictures on them. Made of non-inflammable vinyl. Made in Japan.


My Swiss Bells
box measures 9 3/4 inches by 8 inches and contains 8 hand chimes.

Toy Carillon

Kampanile tower of musical bells. 8 metal bells - precision tuned. Made by kusan, inc., Nashville, Tennessee. No. K87. Educator approved Prestige Toy 1956.

KampanilBoxBetter.jpg (70532 bytes)

Same toy but bells are not colored:

Same toy but black:
ToyCarilonBlack.jpg (11365 bytes) ToyCarilonBlack1.jpg (3487 bytes) ToyCarilonBlack2.jpg (8242 bytes) ToyCarilonBlack3.jpg (11060 bytes) ToyCarilonBlack4.jpg (11624 bytes)

"Educator approved PRESTIGE TOY 1956" "8 metal bells percision tuned"."Kusan Inc. Nashville Tennesssee". "No. KD 587". Black plastic with gold trim. Bells are painted. Back of towner is cardboard. Sold with a song book.

Bell Figurines

Each bell is a figurine of a different color, with painted face and hair. Different pitches. Comes with mallets. Each piece is about 4 1/2" tall, box is about 22" long.

Pim's Musical Blocks - 1942

Made by Pimblett Sidney in 1942. They are Cardboard cubes measuring 3 1/2" Square by 2 3/4" deep containing a tuned metal bell & striker.
There are no markings anywhere to identify maker,country of origin, or age.
If anyone has any info on these please let me know and I can update this Description.
Thank you very much to Chapi of for the additional info!

Melody Chime Tower


MelodyBellsMadeBySorort.jpg (19720 bytes) MelodyBellsMadeBySorort1.jpg (37332 bytes)

Bell Wheel

Made By F.M.T. of Japan. Marked "F.M.T. Round Bell". This unique instrument rotates on a plastic spinning stand and features 8 coloured metal bells. The stand is removeable. It also comes with a plastic mallet to tap the bells with as it spins. Each end of the hammer causes the bells to make a different sound and each bell has a different tone as well. measures 10 1/2" in diameter x 4" high. The round white part is made of hard plastic and each bell has a number below it. The two red bells are numbered 1 with different tones and then 2,3,4,5,6,and 7.

Bell Rack

8 tin bells of different colors attached with rubber strings. The set has a length of approximately 2 feet. The bells chime in an octave of musical notes. They are marked:- "A green monk CHILTERN product" made in ENGLAND".
Sold at auction 2004 for $10.

Painted Tin Plate Bells

A set of musical tuned hand bells made from painted tin plate in very bright colours with wooden handles.
On the box it says - set of 8 tuned handbells - Made in England.
Each bell measures approx 4 ins tall.

Kindergarten Band On Wheels

1960's KINDERGARTEN BAND ON WHEELS COWBELL CHIMES by REMCO complete with mallet to chime the bells with.

Ring O' Bells

An Educational Toy With 8 Tuned Bells & Set of Tunes to Play By Colours
A Green Monk Combex Toy
Made in England

Finger Bells

it consists of 8 different colour bells all play a musical note they are attached to a metal plate it measures 12 ins or 30 cms at its widest point and 6ins or15 cms top to bottom. It has the notes under each bell Doh, Ray, Me, Fah, So, Lah, Te. Doh. You tap the metal strip to move the bell and produce a note.

Japanese Bell Tree

C scale.

Toy Chimes By Kusan


A vintage toy set by Hassenfield Bros. Hasbro, I would guess from the 1960's but perhaps earlier for it is stamped Hassenfield Bros. Central Falls, RI HASBRO SWISS CHALET BELL RINGERS # 1450-1455 play by color songs - comes with wooden bell ringer, eighr bells and four cardboard kids. It comes with play by color songs book with classics like JINGLE BELLS, FARMER IN THE DELL and more. Measures 21" wide x 12" tall and 3-3/4" deep.

Playskool Wooden Toy Piano Bell

weighs about 3 lbs, and measures about 11" Length x 11" Height x 4-1/2" Wide. All pieces are wooden accept for the bells and the rods that the bells are on. When you press each of the primary color levers/keys (red, yellow, blue and green) - each bell associate with that color "dings" - so it is like an very early version of a child's piano. I would guess this toy to be from somewhere between 1930 and 1940.

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