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Here are some of the letters I have received from people who have heard/seen me perform. I can't include more than a few, but these - which I periodically update at the bottom of the page - show you a variety of what has been expressed. I am glad that I can share my work, and that people appreciate it.

Dear Natalia,

I must say I've never seen or heard anything quite like your cowbell playing.
You are amazing and quite musical in the expressivity you were able to get from a tableful of bells. Brava!

William Bolcom

*Webmaster's note: W. B. is a pulitzer prize winner American composer.

Dear Natalia:
saw you sawing away at 14th St. and was mightily impressed. Made me want to buy your CDs.
When are you at Avery Fisher Hall? I will try to go.

Alan Farnham
Forbes Magazine Senior Editor

Hi Natalia!

I know you probably don't remember since we didn't speak much today when I came up close to you at the 34th Street station. I'm the young girl who stood by you at around 1:30, while you spoke to an elderly woman and you told her to check out your website. Well, I did and I'm still in awe and now even more so since I viewed your site! You see I'm a visual artist/designer/educator myself and you really inspired me to keep on learning and teaching with your rare sounds.
Thank you for the opportunity to hear you!

Vaso Sourlis

Dear Ms. Natalia Paruz, I was fortunate enough to hear some of your music in performance in the subway, and your website is prodigious and wonderful.

best wishes,
Jamey Hecht

Really enjoyed the other night I never heard the saw before and it was so wonderfully soothing and Natalia you have fabulous stage presence too! Congrats

Sue Scannel
Director of Astoria Performing Arts Center

I met you last night before your performance. I am so impressed. What you do is amazing! The sound is so otherworldly, celestial, and angelic, and your performance is angelic and capricious. I loved it!
I think what you are doing is great! Music should be fun, and you certainly have a wide range of unique musical talents! I really like your website too.
Turns out that it was you on the radio that my friend Jared heard! Small world...

Karen Biehl


i heard your playing in the subway today. very nice indeed.
i am a composer in the film music and commercial realm. now i know where to look if i ever need a person with your talents. the website is very cool and informative. the manuals are much appeciated.

ciao for now,
michael montes

Dear Ms. Paruz,
I saw your performance at the PDQ Bach concert in December and was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea a saw could produce such a beautiful sound. I thought your performance was excellent.

I am interested in becoming part of the e-mailing list. I look forward to attending a future saw concert.
Stuart Summer

Dear Natalia:
My name is Andrew. I am a violinist. Once I saw you play at New York subway and was deeply impressed with a voice of your saw and your technique.
Best regards,
Andrew Kompaniyets

I heard The Swan on tonight's rebroadcast edition of Prairie Home Companion and thought it was excellent. I'd like to have the piece to listen to, but did not see it available on the CD's for sale on your website. Is there anywhere I can get this? Thanks.

Well, THANK YOU! you were wonderful, and everybody was charmed by your playing. Thanks so much for coming down and sitting up and playing for us (tall platform and all). Maira and I will keep your number for future parties, you were just a delight to have at the last one. I wish you the best of luck.

HI Natalia,
I am a classical music lover, and admire talented people who play instrument, particular those rare insturment like the saw you play. I could image it must be very difficult at the beginning, for it's not like piano with the fixed keys and violin with fixed finger positions. I was strucked by the tremendous tone and tune. I would be very pleased to listen to your performance when I am in 34th street station area on the way to go to the library at Madison Ave.
Have a nice weekend and enjoy nice spring.

I saw you in the subway today. You were great... I want to buy one of your CD/s which is the slowest and most haunting?
Darcey Steinke

Dear Natalia,
I heard you playing on the subway today and greatly enjoyed what I heard! At first I thought you were playing the theme to Star Trek - do you ever play that?
I'm going to look over your site and try and get your cd. I hope I hear you again.
David Bernstein

hi sawlady,
i saw u at the 34thst station on 1/3/03 you brightened up my day very very much with your beautiful music and beautiful smile as well .you seem like one of the most unique individuals i ever saw. it was a most surreal experience for me. thank u very much for showing the beauty of life.........

i was working the platform on lexington ave today and i saw you performing.(no pun intended).quite a show. i loved it. hope to see u again. are your cds in stores?
(MTA worker on NYC subway platforms)

I work in the Development/Alumni Affairs department at CIM (Cleveland Institute of Music).
I think your web-site is great! Plus your chamber concept of Blades, Bars, and Bows seems very interesting!
Congratulations on your Amazing approach to ensemble music!!
If you're ever in the Ohio area performing, definitely let me know!
Jon Riccio

You uplifted my spirits so much on a day I needed playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on your saw.
Thank you, your work has the power of angels.
New York

I've heard you playing in subway and was quite impressed with it!!
Vadim Yakovlev
Senior IT developer.
New York

I think Natalia is the most gifted and unusual player I have ever heard
i love christmas and I really enjoyed Natalia's CD.

Kev Hopper
London, England

It's Monday evening, Memorial day and they just played your interview on KFJC here in the SF Bay area in California.
Your music is wonderful and the interview was enjoyable.


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I saw you perform at the Union Square station today and I was terribly impressed.

Jon Hecht
Film director
New York City

hi natalia,
you have an unusual & interesting profession.
i read your resume, & was duly impressed, you have a wonderful web site.

bobb parlan
New York City

Hi Natalia!
I saw you last week in the subway... I was very impressed of the lovely music you played an i liked your beautiful smile! I hope that i hear you again the next time when I�m in NY!

Anja St�ve

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I saw Natalia in the subway today in New York city, I loved it. Frank Pascuzzi
New York

Hello Natalia,
I was just going through my journal when I came across the date of September 15, 2002. I was in Prague and saw you in the Namesti Miru Subway stop. The majority of the lines were not in service on account of the recent floods. It was pouring outside and I watched you for nearly an hour. At one point a dog started to sing along with you. The whole experience was magical. I was almost in tears. Thank you for an experience I will always remember. And hey,I even saw myself on the pictures you have posted on your site! I have a picture of you that I will send you as soon as I get my hands on a scanner. Hopefully I will see you play agian soon.

The saw is a lovely and way too under-exposed an instrument; thanks for making it more widely known.
I'd also appreciate it if you could let me know when your new CD is available.

Richard S.

I saw you perform in Penn Station and thought you were great. I have a TV show that airs in over 1 million homes. If you want to send us a video to air, we'd be happy to promote your music.

Andrew H.
Executive Producer
Access Central TV

Heard you in the subway station last week at Times Square and followed the melodious sounds of your saw until I found you at the source -- loved your Ave Maria -- then heard you in the same spot today -- love your music -- wish I had time to stop and listen longer!

Happy Holidays to you!

Jack M.
Creative Director

Dear Natalia,

I "saw" you this morning in the subway and I bought your Christmas CD.
I was so impressed with your most musical sense of melody and sustain and then I looked at the liner notes to the CD. Well, I must say under that Christmas hat and glasses I thought you were as sweet as your music, and then I looked at the pictures on your liner notes and I must say you are a stunning beauty. Your instrument and sound is so unique and your appearance is so lovely and your resume so impressive along with the courage to perform in the subway even with all your professional credits; you are what star performers are all about.


Arty S.


I love the way you play the saw and I want to congratulate you. I'm your fan! I hope some day I will be able to play the saw as wonderful as you do.

Sincerely yours,

Carlos R. F.

Hi Natalia,

I had seen you perform in Penn Station on my way to work. I thought you were great.
Will you be performing in Penn Station at all? If so e-mail me because I work in the area. I'd like to hear you play live again. You brightened up my day on my way to work.
Going to your website has made me dust off my old George Crumb records. Now I'm off to the basement to dust off some more George Crumb records.

Yours Truly,

Tom M.

i watched it (the movie 'Dummy', staring Oscar-winner Adrien Brody) last week & it's wonderful.
Natalia, you were lovely.
nice work!


Beneath Union Square, as I'm leaving the city, I walk by a woman playing the musical saw just as she begins Ave Maria. I stop, listening. It was sung, years ago, at both of my grandparents' funerals, but it was not sung two weeks ago at the most recent burial I had to attend. There are no words this time, but the music is enough, sounding for all the world like an angel humming to herself. I listen, watching her play until it's finished, and whisper silently because my voice won't work that it's one of my favorite songs.

R. Meinhart


Dear Natalia Saw Lady,

Hearing and seeing you play and then talking with you yesterday lent a special dimention to my visit to your city. I was charmed by your performance. As I told you, my mother fell in love with the exotic sound of the saw when she was a child (b. 1906), and she passed on to me the saw her family got for her. I hope I get to hear you again.
Thanks to you and thanks to the MTA for adding so much to my day.

R. Frey


Dear Natalia,

I truly enjoyed listening and watching you play.
I found your performance very artistic.



you played beautifully yesterday - and you are such a joyous spirit - i always enjoy seeing you

Sue S.

Wow, thats really awesome, I had no idea you could do that! Anyone want to hear something new, but completely awesome go take a listen!


Hi Natalia !!

when i see you in the subwbay i see one ANGEL


I actually find it quite amusing. Its cool though, and I never even heard of anything like saw playing. Well done


La massima esperta di seghe al mondo

Hello SawLady,

What kind of saw are you using in your music? It sounds great


Hello, my name is Jared Fernandez. I was surfing around on the Internet and happened onto your page and I just wanted to commend you on being such a talented artist. When I first heard samples of your music, I was breathtaken. I wish you luck with your music and urge you to continue to seek your unique way of expressing your strikingly beautiful music.

Jared F.

P.S.-I look forward to the release of your next CD; I hope to be one of the first to hear it.


Hello there,

I have seen the Saw Lady perform twice already. I was blown away that someone could turn a simple working tool into a thing of beauty.
The Saw Lady is awsome.

james b.

Dear Natalia,

I love your website!
I am curious if you would consider performing here in Baltimore, Maryland? I strongly believe that there is an audience here for what you do.
Thank you for the wonderful music and please keep performing.

Ryan T.

Natalia....great talent!

I certainly do admire your work!!!!!

(and the web-site!)

Rhythm Board Ray
West Virginia, USA

Mi admiraci� por Natalia. Es poco lo que he oido y visto por medio del internet. Pero con eso tengo para enviarle mis felicitalicones

Rafael Cornejo Zazueta
M�rida, Yucat�n, M�xico

Dear Natalia,

I love the sound samples from the Christmas cd and I will certainly order it. I also look forward to hearing your new cd in December. Your whole project is really interesting, innovative and just brilliant, and I will certainly be back often to read more.

Best wishes,


I've seen you in the subway for a long time now.
I really enjoy your music.


Adam N.

i often see you play in the union square stop and the way you play - and the way you smile while you play - always brings tears to my eyes!! really! it's so beautiful. thank you so much!!!

Rony V.

I am a retired professional musician.
I spent some time at your web site and I am highly impressed with your musical ability's.

Respectfully: Vernon J.
Fort Worth Texas, USA

hi there!
i saw you in the subway and thought you were fantastic!!
looking forward to more subway performances!

i know this may sound strange but i would like an autographed photo to add to my collection.
you are one of a kind and i am sure you know it. thank you!

jack f.
cincinnati, oh usa

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Tel-Aviv, Israel

Natalia.. you were GREAT! Thank you for swinging by, its going to make a very entertaining sequence.
You are a very talented lady

Bill Kates
XM Satellite Radio

Hello Natalia,
I had the pleasure of meeting you and listening to your music last week as you played in the subway station. It was wonderful. Thank you!
I look forward to hearing you play again and feel fortunate to have run into you at "play."
My best regards.
Gary C.

I just listened to your song on "All Songs Considered". Very nice.
As a carpenter years ago I used to get a few "sound effects" out of my saw but what you do is amazing - a little weird but beautiful and amazing!
I think we become what we are supposed to be when we do what we love.

I�m always amazed by human ingenuity. It wouldn�t surprise me at all if carpenters in Jesus day knew how to get sounds from their saws. A bad cutting angle and a little bend in the blade is enough to get started. I doubt they developed it to the level you have! What impressed me about your playing is that it must take a very well trained ear and an accurate sense of touch to get the notes so distinctly. It must be something like playing a violin by using the bow and a tuning peg � no fingers on the neck.

All the best,
Ohio, USA

Dear Natalia,

A friend and I were talking about our favorite Christmas CDs, and she mentioned that she had heard about one with a musical saw but had not been able to find it in the stores. I searched Yahoo for "musical saw," and your site was the second one on the results list. I listened to the audio clips and decided to get one for her and one for me! Unusual and very beautiful. My friend is an avid National Public Radio listener, and she probably heard about your CD there.

This will be a great addition to my Christmas music! Thanks!

Pauline S.

I heard Natalia on WPKN, on Sunday, December 19, 2004. Loved it!
Did I see you perform on Prarie Home Companion, at Town Hall, in New York?

John H.

Dear Natalia,

A good friend of mine mentioned to me about you, your music. He also showed me your website. From what I heard so far, I think you're absolutely amazing!

Warm holiday wishes to you and your loved ones!
Qun C.


Thanks so much for the notes & music. Your thoughts and music have uplifted & inspired my family and radio listeners.

My Best Regards to you and family for a Happy New Year!

Host of Casey Jones Sunday Night Show on WPKN 89.5FM Radio


Thanks for being so nice and thanks for the beautiful music!
Nick M.

TO: Natalia Paruz & Scott R. Munson (Bell Composer)

Dear Natalia & Scott,

You guys were really cherished by our audience. A super hit! A great ending to our Bell Symposium!
Great Meeting and working with you!
You were Fabjoulous!

Best Wishes,

Helen Y.
American Association of University Women - NYC branch

I heard you in the subway today, and was quite taken with your music.

Joe S.

I play your CD often, who needs to wait for Chrismas anyway? I still can't get over how you make that saw sing. when is Saw Dust coming out?

Thinking of you often,


Whether Union Square or Times Square, I've always enjoyed your creativity and your was nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy the picture!


I had an amazing experience yesterday at the 34th Street Herald Square Station. I was heading back home after spending a couple hours riding around looking for old faded advertising signs painted on the sides of buildings.

When I went through the gate with my bike, I was immediately struck by an otherworldly musical sound. A young woman was seated and producing the music by running a bow across a saw. The sound was incredible. An even greater joy was the observing the joy radiating from her. My first thought was that this was part of a polished stage presence. After speaking with her between songs, I realized that I was very fortunate to experience someone who so obviously loved what they were doing.


So I was walking to the train the other day when I saw her� the Saw Lady. Yup. This little lady tucked into a corner of the subway tunnels, playing a saw, a big ol� hand-held saw you cut wood with. She was holding it lengthwise and was playing this beautiful, almost haunting, sad melody.

I couldn�t tell you how exactly she was playing, she was kind of bending the saw in certain ways and she used a violin�s bow with it but it created a sound just like a woman�s voice, singing a high-pitched melancholy tune. It was pretty incredible. She played it so well� I had no idea saws were used as musical instruments back in the day! I was running late, and could only dare to stop for so long as I watched in fascination but her eerie melodies followed me to my train and settled in my head. Incredible.


"The Saw Lady," my favorite subway performer. I've only seen her once but she remains unforgettable. I've never regretted letting the 1, 9 go by--twice--without me just so I could hear the rest of her song.


Natalia. Thanks for the info. I listened to your music and it's beautiful. Thank you,


Hi Natalia

I am truely inspired by your web site.
I have been a street musician for about 20 years, starting as a classical guitarist, then mandolinist, then a stilt walking mandolinist. Now I run a stilt walking jazz band. If it were possible I would be off like a shot, around the world, like you, playing my way through any country I fancy, but, ahh, commitments. I also run a mandolin orchestra, in Brighton, England, and we would welcome you coming to England to play with us/me.
I printed off your busking memoires so I could read them at my own leisure.
Look forward to it.
All the best and happy travelling
Ian Harris


I listened to your cowbell ringing. WOW!
I have a friend who has a set and plays very well, not as well as you, but we won't tell him. Although after hearing you I am sure he would agree.

Joyce A.

Your saw and bell playing is magnificent! Very enjoyable!

Most Sincerely,
Allen W.

Hi Natalia,

I thought the pieces ('Lame Sonore' and 'Hidden Behind Nothing') were great; atmospheric & beautiful.

Alison M.

Hi there!

Im a singer from London.
I heard your music on the internet and love it!

Sophie P.
London, UK

Dear Natalia,

Great to know about you and to visit your sites.
I enjoyed what I heard at your sites.


Steven Feld
Prof. of Anthropology & Music
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM

Dear Natalie,
Your career with the Saw is just amazing.
I was so happy to know about you through your excellent site.
I wish you the best of all,
Sara S.


I saw you performing at the 42nd street station and was mesmerized...

Jeff S.

Hi Natalia,
It was great running into you the other day. Whenever I'm on the subway and I suddenly hear your beautiful music i immediately get a smile on my face. Toda Raba.

shep W.

Hi Natalia,

I saw you playing the saw at Union Square about a week ago; I stopped to take a card & mentioned that I'm an NYU Grad film student.
Your music & performance are incredible; what I heard was heartwrenching.

Thanks so much--

Janice A.

I enjoyed your playing in the subway.


Hi Natalia/Scott
The cabaret was so affordable and very nicely intimate and let us get a sense of the musicians' selves and instruments. You have such a sense of movement and presentation, plus the pink sparklys on your bow.
The recorded accompanyment was fabulous and subtle.

Josie S.

Dear Natalia,

Best wishes from someone who really enjoyed listening to your music and the humor that you provided,

Sydney H.
Toronto, Canada

Hi, Natalia: I enjoyed your saw music, your CD, and your beautiful spirit.
Blessings, Santa :-)}


Hi Natalia,

I've enjoyed your work immensely when I've see you in the subway station. You have an incredible talent.

Thanks again,

Mark M.

Dear Natalia,

I saw you no the TV last night,
you looked great,
beautiful and you did nice talking,
I'm proud of you^^
I'll watch you on the Tv again tonight.


We enjoyed the TV show last night. You were great!! I wish they had spent less time on the stores and developed the stories on you and The Isles a bit more. I read the piece in The Metro on my way home.


Ch�re Nathalie,

J'ai visit� vos sites et je vous trouve vous et votre musique ravissantes!

Bonne continuation � vous,
Aur�lie G.

Hi natalia!

I just saw your piece on that show cool in your code...You are really incredible.

Shirley B.

I really enjoy listening to your music. You are truly a talented lady.

Devin W.

Hello Natalia,

I visited your web by chance.Your music is just great - I didn't have any idea how a saw can sing like a women singer - it's amaging sound!
As I'm a musician and sometime do busking,your comments for street performance is very agreeable to me.I live in Europe and play often in Venice.I do recommend you to play there!
Ok just I wanted to say you to continue your great music!!!


Venice, Italy


I love your site - love the music you make with the saw. Find it educational and enriching and would love to use it as a teaching tool.

Thank you for your time and gifts

Susan L.
music teacher


I saw you. This morning. At the 59th Street subway stop. I was on the opposite platform going to work. I had just entered the station, heard faint strains of your delightful music and, quite naturally, walked toward it. I love your music and the special way you play it. I was about to applaud and cheer you as you finished your piece, but a train on your side intervened. I listened to another piece and wanted to applaud again, but this time the train came on my side. Your music stayed with me as I "listened" intently inside my head to how you would do a super-emotional rendition of "Danny Boy." OK, so I'm Jewish, but it's a great piece. I continued to listen all the way to Wall Street where I work. The song, the music, your style of playing�I tell you, I was getting teary eyed.

When I got to work, I wondered if I could find you by googling "musical saw." Surely such a master as you would have some kind of presence or, at least, comments about her. Then BIN-GO!!! You site is more that I expected, but I am definitely not surprised. If you publish notes on upcoming performances to an email list, than please add my name to it.

Pleased to meet you,

Michael C.
Wall Street

My dear Natalia:
I was watching your video clips, and I'm fascinated... The words "artist", "performer", even "clown" are very small to describe you and what you do. You are more than that, you are an entertainer. It's not only that you perform in a confident, efortless, so pleasant way... You are enjoying yourself so much that you involve your audience in a captivating way... You let them be part of the things you love, and that shows the generosity of your soul. I'm fascinated with your performances, and I do congratulate you with all my heart.

Your friend,
Marcelo M.
PEPPO the Clown
Calgary, Canada

Hello ...

There is much to be said about YOU...about your TALENTS.... and your SPECIAL INTERESTS!! WOW!! is one thing I can say.... You are some musical and interesting lady.

I am a singer/songwriter/musician/recording artist, etc. etc... in Dallas Texas....

I wrote a song, Let Freedom Ring, just after 9/11. This song has gained national recognition.. I noticed on your website that you performed in New York on July 4th for the Let Freedom Ring� national Bell Ringing Ceremony of the LIBERTY BELL... Very nice!

I enjoyed looking through your website... and seeing all the wonderful and interesting things you do..

Wow... how fantastic your musical interests.... I read all the reviews..etc. WOW... is what I have to say! You are quite a musician...and certainly a respected one! I watched your clip playing the bells... Austrian, I think maybe? Just terrific... and such a marvelous showman (woman - person) ha

Kay S.
Dallas, TX, USA

I heard you play "Ave Maria" on NPR a few years ago and it moved me to tears. I was hooked after that.
Anyway, went to NYC (first trip there) and walked into the subway and damned if you weren't playing. I almost peed myself! Watched you for a while (thanks!) and took a gander at that tool you use.

I really appreciate your art and your time. Thanks!

Marsha M.
Phoenix AZ, USA

im no one, merely a scribe channeling the spirits
of meaning from the senses

your music and the pleasure you took in playing it
compelled me to write and bear witness to what i heard

you are pleasing to both the ear and the eye

the sight and the sound of you vy
for my humble attention

You belong to an orchestra of angels

Duben C.

Dear Natalia,

You play so beautifully.


Allen W.
Deltona, FL

Ms. Paruz:

I just read the piece on you in today's NYT's.

it's nice to know there are still people carrying on singular traditions and listening in their hearts for the "Music of the Spheres."

Best of luck!

Paul R. Gurian
Film Producer

Natalia - you were fabulous on the Don and Mike show! Congratulations!

She was on the show today, October 27, from about 4:35 to 4:55 p.m. eastern time. Although it took Don several tries to get her number right, they finally connected. Don and Mike did their typical joking and talking with her, and sounded particularly interested in how Natalia held the saw between her knees (AM radio humor at its most refined!). She played a variety of pieces, including SUMMERTIME and the original STAR TREK theme. It sounded great, even on my tinny staticky AM radio.

Diane D.
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Thanks for taking the time to visit my radio buddies Don and Mike. You were fantastic and very sweet. Good luck!


i heard you on the mike and don show.... they're kinda stupid sounding but they do hate bush so i love them... you're awesome. beautiful Mark
San Francisco, CA, USA

today i saw you playing 59th street and i was truly amazed !!! i loved your music and wish i could have stayed longer to listen ,but i was on a mission.
natalia you are an amazing musician and i can tell you today you made alot of people stop for a minute or two to forget about the daily crap and hear something truly beautiful!!! thank you for that..

d.j. koutsaris

I work with the largest music educator in the country. I'm going to post something on our blog, The Practice Room, about your great work.
Keep on keepin' on.

John R.

Heard you on the Don and Mike show and loved it!

Steven H.

I first heard you on the Don and Mike show. You were not only a fantastic musician, but an entertaining guest. Thanks for the fun!

S.F., CA., USA

Hi Natalia,
I am facinated by your wonderful talent. I listened to you play on the Don & Mike show yesterday. I would love a signed photo/item of you if you have any. I am a collector of musical items and would love to display yours as well. I have taken many years of musical training and I appreciate the dedication and the passion that you have put into your vocation, thank you very much, please send a signature/autographed item to me.
Thanks again Sincerely
Dana S.

Hi, Natalia. I saw you perform today at the 42nd St. subway in NYC and I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful sounds of your saw. My best friend, Mary, purchased your cd for me. We have been enjoying it all night. Thank your for your introduction to a lesser-known artform. Busk on!



well, I parked our car in front of our house (no satellite reception in garage), tuned in your show with a glass of red wine, and enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the opening piece of yours & your husband's the most......
anyhow.. congrats..... you must be very pleased...
I was imagining what your lovely saw playing would sound like with percussive bells... and even overdubbing haromnizing saw "duets" floating above the bells.....Have you recorded anything with both via overdubbing?
You certainly have developed a beautiful voice with that unique sound generator.
again, congratulations.

Chris k.
Newton, NJ, USA

i love your music sooooooooo much


Hi dear Natalia
We love your work.
Your doing an amazing job.
We read the articale about u at "Laisha" magazin.
We loved it.
Good luck

Zahava, Rahamim, Ophir

Dear Natalia,

I was able to pull some of your videos up to see what to do, It was a pleasure to see you, hear your cheerful voice and witness the wonderful humor you entice with your playing.

Thank you so much for the tips, You don't know how much I appreciate it.

All blessings
- John
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Dear Ms. Saw Lady,

I once saw you in the Times Square Subway station playing your saw.
I am a country comic in the vein of Miss Minnie Pearl.
You're great.
Most sincerely,
Linda H.

A piece like that in the NY Times is huge. Unfathomable. It doesn't happen every day. It can be life changing. Wow! Congratulations.
That Christmas CD should be on FIRE this year.
Go for it!
Peace and love,

Dear Natalia,
I read about you and your music in the Oct. NYTimes article and was inspired by your creativity and music. I have received your CD'c and am enjoying them.
Thank you,
Steven E.

Hey Natalia:
I just saw you on 'Cool in your code'..
I really admire you..I think what you're doing is terrific.

XO CAthy

Enjoyed listening to you on Prairie Home Companion. Ed

Wow! Natalia Paruz! You're like, famous and stuff.

(I'm kind of in awe, because I'm a novice saw player, and you are so freakin' fantastic.)


Dear Natalia

I am a Japanese guy who had bought your CD at 14th Street Station of New York subway the other day.
I sent the CD to my friend in Tokyo who's a learning saw player. And I just got an e-mail from her telling me she has just gotten the CD and start enjoying it right away. She says she got really excited with your music and wants to write me more about how she feels about the CD.
I will let you know, if I can manage to translate her Japanese.
Cinserely yours;
Kota S.

Sorry to say I'm not a saw player, just the son of a carpenter. My dad didn't play real songs but could make some neat sounds on some of his work saws. I was reading about saw players and when I hit your site and heard a little of the Christmas music I just had to have it.

Thank you,

Dearest Sawlady,
I've seen you play in the subway and I've been meaning to get your CD for awhile now. I think it's going to help make it a special Christmas.
Thanks again.

I live in sydney australia and im a guitarist. i ve been to nyc a few times and love it
i want to get the courage to busk there
I admire you travelling and playing, would love t do that

Sydney, Australia

Hi Natalia,

Thank you so much for joining the festivities last Monday. Everyone really enjoyed the "Saw Lady" including myself.

Williamstown Theatre Festival

I had a chance to listen to some of your music, and you have elevated the musical saw to a level of virtuosity I'd never imagined possible. It's nice to hear how it SHOULD be played--me, well I'm just a hack...there's a pun in there somewhere, but I'm not going to touch it.
My songwriting has been focused on the string-ed instruments lately. Still trying to find ways to incorporate my saw playing into my live set.
I look forward to experiencing more of your music in the near future:)

Take care,
Seattle, USA

Your saw music is incredibly beautiful!

Editor and author

Hi Natalia -

I saw you perform at Grace Lutheran in Astoria a while back; Needless to say, I enjoyed your performance tremendously, and am happy to have the opportunity to share your music with friends and family this Christmas. Also, I figure I routinely wind up spending money and having nothing to show for it; it made me happy to think I was helping in a small way to get your music out into the world by making a small donation.
If you have a mailing list to advise people of performances/appearances/general "busking," please email me.


Bernie B.
Middle Village, NY, USA

cant believe it
soo kool
gooday heyhey


dear natalia,
it was a delight having you play at our church. your music was beautiful! thank you so much.
God bless you.

pastor kate
Morris, CT, USA

Dear Natalia (and Scott),
Your work (and Scott�s) is amazing and inspiring! I�ve listened to all the cuts on, and many times to Scott�s �Christmas Morning.

Phillip S.
Elmhurst, NY, USA


I actually became aquainted with Natalia's music on this website about a year and a half ago. I was so enchanted that have since gotten a saw and enjoy learning how to play on my own. But I have many questions!

Thank you Natalia for your beautiful music, and inspiring ways...

Marieve T.
Cape Breton, Canada

First let me tell you how much I enjoyed "Hark! An Angel Sings".
It is a true inspiration to saw players.

All The Best To You,

Charlie S.

Hello Natalia, my name is Didi G. I saw you playing at 14th street and loved it.

Didi G.

Hello Miss Paruz,

I have seen your performance in subway once. I was really amazed.
I found your contact and was impressed by your portfolio.

Happy new year of the Dog!

Joleigh L.

Natalia, I always enjoy your playing and also hearing about your adventures.

Don H.

I "saw" you earlier today.
You are remarkable.
Every time I come from a lousy job interview, you cheer me up!!

Diana M.

hi Natalia,
I saw a saw on eBay that brought back so many memories. in searching for more information I came across your sight and thoroughly enjoyed your music.
I'm at work and gotta go.
Dave D.

Admiro su forma de tocar la sierra. Me gustaria escucharla personalmente.
Tengo 43 a�os tocando la sierra y con un repertorio de musica internacional aproximadamente 500 canciones.

Rafael C.
La Paz, Baja Californis Sur, Mexico

You have quite interesting arrangements to your songs. Its really different.

Liam S.

Saw Lady!!!
Certainly hope to see you beneath the city sometime. You're delightful!


Hello Saw Lady,

I am truely inspired by your saw playing; how did you come to master such a unique instrument?


Your saw playing is very inspiring!


Your music is beautiful--when I win the lottery, I shall finally purchase all the music I want. Thank you


Love you Saw Lady!

Hi there Ms Saw Lady extrodinarie!

My name is Maia and I had the pleasure of hearing your perform and play your saw in the subway 42nd and Broadway! I actually also saw you on "Cool in your Code" on NYC TV! Love what you do with that lovely sound and can't wait to see you perform at the Tribeca Film Festival! I am a filmmaker myself and one day soon would love to feature you and your music as well! Please stay in touch and keep making those beautiful sounds that all the world will soon love and enjoy!

All the best,

Hi, Natalia,

I never get tired of listening to your Christmas album and I have a question. Your technique is superb and I wish I could SEE you playing instead of just hearing you. My question has to do with tremolo. It seems you use very little except when a note is held and even then it is just a faint effect that is just perfect to enrich the tone. Can you clue me in as to how you accomplish the task?
I also appreciate the way you are able to snap from note to note and still land right in tune. Having played trombone in my youth (gosh, that is a long time ago) I can understand that this is due to the many hours you have spent playing.

Wishing always the best,
Don H.

Hi Natalia!

I talked to you in the subway today at about 2 o'clock. I really liked your playing!


Hey Natalia, i just found you on David Coulters page and your playing is great :)

take care
Liverpool, UK

Hi Natalia,
I found you on my friend Byron's page and was highly pleased! My son and I saw you perform at the Utah Arts Festival a few years ago. REALLY enjoyed your music and we both still look for you at the Festival every year. Byron is an amazing saw player as well, but I think your my son's first real love. ;-) Thanks for sharing the music!

Peace and Love,
jen S.

Hi Natalia, just heard you and Scott on "Kol Hamusica" and you were simply fantastic!
We enjoyed Scott's piece for piano, flute and saw in particular.

wish you great success with your music,

Dear Natali and Scott

Your last performance in Beyt leyvik was wounderful.

best regards

I am visiting from Germany and will be returning there this Monday May 8. I saw you at Union Square / Times Square and thoroughly enjoyed your performance.
I would like to know where you are performing between now and May 8 so I can come hear you again.

Karen S.

My husband saw your performance in the subway one day and can't wait until I can see a performance, too. He thinks you are the best.
I see you are performing in Underground NYC from 5/22-27/06. Please let me know your locations and dates. Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Patricia E.
Queens, NY

Your music is absolutely haunting and so, so beautiful!!!!!!


Since I'm nosy, I naturally had to check out your website. Being slightly (which is code for completely) ignorant about saw music, it was has almost an operatic quality to it. I enjoyed it very much.
Isn't the internet great? Where else would I get the chance to meet a professional musical saw player from New York? Thanks again!


I saw you perform in the Union Square Subway station near the L-train... I enjoy your unique talent for your genre of music... xoxo

Brooklyn, NY

I found your site randomly, and I was like, hm, wonder what that sounds like, as I'd never heard a saw played before. And lo and behold, it rocks. Pretty much.

Maineville, OHIO

I used to live in NYC, and have fond memories of seeing when you were playing at the Union Square station. It always made me happy to see how happy you were!



this is some of the coolest music ive ever heard. Thanks for the listening pleasure and keep it up.

Jon D.

you sounded preety cool. but was that the saw making thoses singign noises or yourself.

Princess (16 years old)
Harlem, NY


I find your music wonderfully haunting!!! In a very GOOD way!!! Sort of etherial(sp?)yet with energy, too. Serene.


Your friend,
Cheryl L.
Orlando, Florida

I'm very impressed with your original compositions. It's some of the most complex saw playing I've heard.

San Francisco, CA

I saw you in Dummy and you play my favorite song in Delicatessen:)

Good luck with your career. I love your music.


Your music is awesome!

Marcus R.

Hey Natalia,

I did indeed hear your music in the subway and to be quite honest, i was completely blown away.


Rob L.
Film Maker

Quick question I've been meaning to ask: did you write the music to those recordings you have on your myspace as well as perform them? I like them all, but I have to say Changes is my favorite.

Chicago, IL

Beautiful sawyering! A cut above the rest. I play saw on a few of my songs, but not like that.

Al D.
Brooklyn, NY

wow! you're amazing.

Winchester, Virginia

Manhattan, NY

I actually did not personally see you in the subway station. However, a friend of mine did, mentioned you to me, and remembered your myspace page, which led me to check it out. I think your music is very interesting, and I'm glad there's someone like you out there finally being innovated in the field of music these days.

Plattsburgh, NY

Hi! I'm always interested in unique forms of music... and it does'nt get much more unique than playing the saw.
Pretty interesting. Keep it up!


hey Natalia,
your music is great!

Rome, GA

yeah, i like your tunes. i hope a lot of people will get to enjoy and appreciate your magic. dig the bells!


Glad I found you! I saw you playing at one of the subway stops in NYC when I was there last week. Super cool!


Hi Natalia,

I was so delighted and charmed by your interview, that I've been working on your portrait ever since...and I've posted it, along with your interview, in the new Subway Musicians section of Overlooked New York:
Your portrait and interview are one of my very favorites! Thank you so much for participating in Overlooked New York!
And thank you for helping to make this the best city in the world!

Hi Tim, (Tim is the head of Music Under New York)
Natalia was a terrific interview and full of brilliant artistry and energy and fascinating stories!

Zina Saunders Author & artist Overlooked New York
New York, NY

Natalia, Always a pick me up to see a write up about you!

Judy K.
New York, NY

It's amazing you can play that beast at all, let alone perfectly in tune and actually keep rythm and melody.
I'm very impressed.

Winchester, Virginia

interesting music. i wish more people used saws to make music instead of cutting down trees.

mr. marmot

Natalia; much talent there




you play saw. that is so cool. If only you were in our vicinity so you could play with us. Sigh.
Shirley we saw a putty cat. bwahahaha. Cheers and pandas.

Vancouver B.C- Werd, Canada

thank goodness you're here to represent for the saw as a musical instrument, it's much undervalued.


Hello Natalia,
You are playing very beautifully. I admire the strange art of saw playing, it's so soft and vocal, so unbound and yet so distinct and unique. It seems like coming from the atmosphere itself. I've heard it once in a village in Jutland when I was a little child. It was an old man, and he was playing some traditional tunes. But of course, you are bringing it into the sphere of art!

greetings from Copenhagen,
Copenhagen, Denmark

Hey Saw Lady,

Great stuff. When we're in the area(sometime next year) we'd love to have ya play a wee bit with us.



so beautiful....what an amazing sound...


Lovely saw work.

Kevin Patrick Baiko
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Excellent music!
like a beautifully pitched theremin or an angelic voice.
thanks for keeping the world an interesting place!

all the best!


I enjoy your work.

Atlanta, Georgia

I never knew the saw could sound so beautiful! You're amazing!

Mason, OHIO

Hi Natalia,

I saw you performing today in the Times Sq. Subway station and thought you were wonderful. I wanted to stop, but was on my way to an appointment. Thanks for livening up my day with your beautiful music!

Alicia Miller
Fort Lee, NJ

you are a very good inspiration.



awesome.............very nice work

i want this played at my funeral

Cotton Sweetwater

Hey Natalia..

I just want to say I am flabberghasted at the tonality of your saw playing. You can't go any further yet any simpler to conjure up such a sweet, sweet sound and you have a fan in me for life. :)


I'm very proud to be your friend. Wonderful playing.
All the best and take care with sharp objects - As my mama used to say, "you could take your eye out with that thing!"

Michael H.
London, Stoke Newington United Kingdom

Just beautiful, Natalia! Amazing playing.
Have you ever thought of going electric?

Kira V. and Joseph B.
LOS ANGELES, California

You do really great work: kudos and bravo!
Perhaps you'd like to sit in next time we're in NYC? (Why are you laughing? I'm serious!)

Industrial Jazz Group
LOS ANGELES, California

saw lady, yes i did see you on the subway and loved your music.
keep it up! rocknroll

LOS ANGELES, California

Hey Natalia

It's always great to see your friendly face out there cause' you give so much of yourself to your music. You'll be on Letterman soon enough!

See you Soon,

New York, NY


Your saw playing is fabulous and so unique. I really love it.
Keep sawing!

:) Scott G.
Corona, California

tried to play the saw and just cut myself... you have an uncanny ear ... so very cool

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Natalia:

Indeed, I did see you in the subway--in Union Square yesterday morning! I'm always impressed by your playing because (1) you're the only saw player I've ever seen in the subway, and (2) because you always look so happy to be playing and enthused by your music! I look forward to seeing you again!


Hi Natalia!
your sound is amazing!
your saw looks alot better than mine, did you have it made specially for you?
a friend of mine told me about you a few weeks ago, she saw you play at the subway.
will you be playing somewhere this weekend? we are coming to NYC tomorrow to play on a festival called Bang on a can, i�d love to be able to catch you play!
have fun with you music,

Hildur from amiina
Reykjavik, Iceland

It's great what you do!

Gloggnitz, Lower Austria

I think you are GREAT and THANK YOU for making me smile here in New York City.

Christopher B.


I think that your music is marvelous and i hope that you can accept me as a friend on MySpace. I can't wait to add at my profile "Morning" .... What a beauty melody.

Your music is such a beauty and i will share at myspace with all my friends. Congratulations . You are a perfect Star.

San Fransisco, CA

Not only is your music beautiful, but your site looks wonderful and your pics are exquisite... Gorgeous...rock on Angel of the Saw...
Peace and light...


I have listened to a couple of your tracks on my space which I linked to from my brothers page and I was amazed! What an awesome sound! I never realised that a saw could be played so beautifully! You are a brave musician! Keep up the good work.

United Kingdom

Your music is great!..


Hey Natalia, I have to come to your site at least 3x a week to get my "morning" fix. I love that song, and your saw is the sweetest saw there could ever be!

Chris S.

I enjoyed what I heard



Hei Hei,

it�s very nice to see (and hear) that there are people who play so much different kinds of instruments and music. you�re definitely one of these. your saw skills are great. it�s joy to listen to your work. thanks for this. best wishes,



it's a privilege to meet you and hear your exquisite music :)

Kari T.
Riverside, Rhode Island

Hi natalia,

I have listened to some of your music and I have to say I'm very impressed. :)

All the best to the big stairs.. eehhhh big pairs.. big apple whatever. :)


Incredible saw playing!I'm very impressed!

Tore Morten A.
Troms�, Norway

Simply wonderful! You truly raise saw playing to new heights!

Gutbucketeer aka Jim B.
Washington DC, Maryland

Hi Natalia

Thank You for being such a wonderful ambassador of the saw. Keep it up, keep smiling, and enjoy musical creativity.

Best regards,

David W.


I love your music. You really make that saw sound great.



I play a Stanly 26.. My tone is not nearly as pretty as yours. I think your saw playing is wonderful, and I have always wanted to play a glass harmonium also....

Take care,

3rd generation saw player

I'm loving all this-especially 'goodbye'

Kindest Regards


Your music is splendid!

if you ever come perform in California please let me know: I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Joy to you,

Auntie Om

I love your music!


hi natalia.

i checked out your music. it's quite haunting and beatiful. i would love to have sounds like that in my music.
keep in touch.

los angeles, California

the saw is just silvercolour and not colourfull
the feeling is so cold and cruel

but the sound is so warm and pureness from the cold saw

i could be allright my finger to getting bleed
if i got the possible to touch the saw which this beautiful saw lady named natalia plays beautiful sound with soul..

be pleasure and dropping what i feel about you in gratitude happily...

xoxoxox from Japan


hey :)

Many years ago, well 10-15 to be exact, I remember stories about people playing saw blades, and things of the sort, as instruments. I can honestly say that seeing and hearing you do it has giving me a new perspective on the matter. You're amazing and I hope that you achieve your goals and in turn get repaid for your dedication and talent to something that not many people venture into. Perhaps you could give me a bit more of an in depth description of how you do what you do and how you stay in key, etc. I'd love to learn about the art of playing a saw :).

Harley B

Hello natalia

it is be first..but be briliant to be able to do drop this line for you with my love and passion from here..Japan
i just should love to do say thanks a lot for letting me have such a chance to listening such a beautiful sound from your saw on your page
my name is shiho song i am from kobe japan
a 26 year old
well i have to do say thanks at first as a fan...because i am one of person who found your music out and became a fan! but i feel thanks a lot for you:)
i really really getting moved my soul by your saw playing
i would love to get the album that adding on your space page! if you do tour somewhere in this world i shall be glad to be able to do fly the place to see you!
sending heaps of love and flowers for you

shiho from Kobe Japan

I recently came across your profile and found your music to be very intriguing. I am always glad to meet good musicians.
Such beautiful music! I really enjoyed hearing it. I always heard it was possible to play a saw but never heard anyone do it.


Mystic Keys

you go!
Anyone who can look so ecstatically happy at 9 am on a Monday in the Times Square subway station deserves a big "shout out". Here it is.


Your music is exquisite, illuminating. I had no idea that angels' voices could be coaxed from a saw.
An extra-big "Thank you" for the beautiful, magical sounds.
Kudos to you and your husband for creating such beauty.
It makes me happy to listen to it.


I like very much your music.

TGN, Spain

you have a musical heart.

Cologn, Germany

I think:
- playing a saw is absolutely grazy
- making fine music out of it, is a stroke of genious

Copenhagen, Denmark

you're a great compositor
nice sounds you've got ;)
good bells ... nice musical saw
cheers a+

Kluster Bounce
saint nazaire, loire atlantique, France

hey natalia!
i'm the icelander from amiina, it was so fun to meet you and see you play in person. i've never seen anyone play the saw so skillfully as you do. you've inspired me to practise alot more:)
i really hope i'll be in amerika in september, it would be so fun and interresting to come to your party!
keep having fun and stay in touch!

Reykjavk, Iceland

You fill my soul with different sounds & melodys!!!

Be most blessed!


the saw has to be the trickest instruement to play well, besides a church organ or a theremin, I'm very impressed. keep it up.

Patrick Canning
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

I love your unique music.
Take Care

Lunar Mansion

God Bless you


Pastor Ralph
Berlin, Germany

This is gorgeous saw music, I have been exposed to a little through Reggie Miles and "That One Guy" but yours is orchestrally the most beautiful I have heard.

Stacy P.
Chicago, Illinois

Hi, Natalia;
I love your music.
I'm glad you like "Sawing a Lady in Half"...I will be recording it for my new CD in the coming months: would you like to sit in????

Boston, Massachusetts

I've always loved, loved, loved the sound of the saw. When I was young, had I not affection for the slide-trombone, I'm sure I should have picked up the saw. Too bad, there was never anything suitable in the tool shed.

Imagine what you could do with a few coybow and Swiss yodelers in harmony with a couple of theramens and your saw... it boggles. Come to think of it, the saw would go nice with Luciano Pavarotti, Itzhak Perlman, Uli Jon Roth, Robert Fripp, Mars Attacks! and tall Peet's latte, too...

Seriously, love the music; your tone is quite cutting, gorgeous.

Good luck with your music. It's vital.

All my best,


well im not used to hear to your kind of music, although i like your music very much..... it takes me to another world---- i love music :)

mexico city, Mexico

the sound of your soul is extremely beautyful
we wuld realy love to play with you
you realy rock girl

Aleister -Endless curse
Quebec, Canada

Natalia -

You are to the musical saw what Clara Rockmore was to the theramin. Amazing stuff!

CHICAGO, Illinois


Loved your music!
I will remember about your angelical playing whenever I will need something special!

Take care

Alex L.
Astoria, NY

I really love your playing! The haunting voice of your saw!!


Mexico City, Mexico

Hey, Sawlady!

Much love coming froma veteran Theremin player here! Loving your stuff! Would love to get you to do a guest spot on my album. If only!

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

John Conahan
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania

It's Brilliant Music! Great Sound!


SALEM, Massachusetts

Roma te saluta! Greetings to you and to your original art!

Rome, Italy

.....BIG GREETINGz & PURE tHANKz......

SEATTLE, Washington

Gosh, you play all my favorite instruments that nobody plays. We'll look for your LP. Edward

I'm glad you like it, amazed by what you can do on the saw Thankyou MC Squared

Hey there,

You are great Talent and I am very very happy to have met you.
Keep it up.



Peter P.
Somerville, NJ

I grew up in Great uncle is Ralph I'm use to your kind of music. Awesome job...stay in touch!

North Carolina

We really Luv Your music very relaxing just what I needed!
wish You Great Sucsess! PEACE LOVE & MUSIC! Your Friends BROKN ARROW!!

BRILLION, Wisconsin

You truly are a master of the saw, love the music. Hope to hear more from you.

rock on,
A.J S.
Austin, TX

The saw makes me well up. I love it.

David V.

you are quite the talent! From cowbells to saws to folk art, you must stay busy! ;^]

All the best,


Hi Natalia.

I love your music. Your saw has a very haunting voice and it works beautifully with the piano. Lovely stuf!!
Hope to see you perform around this side of the globe sometime.

Limerick, Ireland

I've never heard saw playing like yours.
both max and whip from timesbold play saw pretty well, but could not hold a candle to you.
just be careful with that thing!


This is Michael aka. miqel. Your tone and sound is awesome on the saw! Who needs a friggin theremin, lol, the saw has better harmonics.
The songs on your profile are quite beautiful (i'll be back to listen more!).
Keep up the fantastic music!


i've never heard a saw played before now. pleasure listening...

be well

Dallas, Texas

Hi Natalia,

i've never met anyone who plays the saw before and for me you're an absolute inspiration.

Take care and have a great weekend

Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Greetings from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.
Natalia, that is some of the most beautiful music i have ever heard. You are a really gifted saw player. Amazing !!! Almost like a theromin..... but better. So full of melody, mood and madness. I love it. Will you be in the UK at all in the near future?
What kind of venues do you normally play, theaters, halls, clubs, pubs, all of the above?
Thank you.
All the best to you and your cats.
Lots of love,

Gabriel Minnikin
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

HI Natalia,
Your music is quite unique and inspiring.
I'm glad that your keeping this type of music alive......

Best Of Luck In All That You Do.......

Lunar Manssion

Beautiful music! I love it. I'm also a big fan of red heads in general.

Chicago, IL

You and the Saw are one.
Great sounds & Space. Keep it coming.

Long Island, NY

Good Evening Saw Lady, You are a particularly fine and gifted Sawyer and Campanologist. A real pleasure to make your acquaintance.

All the best.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Hi Natalia,

You make strange and beautiful music...
How do actually make a tune with the saw - is the note higher the more you bend it? Careful you don't cut yourself! Are those Austrian cowbells??

All the best from Vienna,

Vienna, Austria

Hey there,
Very cool use of the saw, impressive! Keep up the good work

Pettersson & Fredriksson
Ume�, V�sterbotten, Sweden

Keep up the amazing work!


you're very talented keep it up. bless

Brooklyn, NY

Hello Natalia ~
Your music is so fascinating - I love your approach and style.

All the best,

TRENTON, Michigan

Your music is phenomenal. I can never resist a good, singing melody.
The tone of the saw has always vexed me.

John D.
San Francisco, CA

Wow i cant believe im accually talking to you, this is amazing!
most cool artisits dont respond, but you take care of all your fans. I like that
i want to get your cd but i cant. i cant buy things you know if i can get it in a local store?

Long Island, NY

a few of us try to play the saw but none have reached this level of control
you are an education

Timesbold Band
Portland & NYC

Hi there! your website's BRILLIANT! i listened to you play at the Town Hall on west 43rd street (i love the crazy american numbered street names, they sound like movies to me) in New York, 2000. I was BLOWN AWAY! you're certainly gifted, a natural talent for pitch.
you sounded really confident and like you were enjoying yourself on stage. i love your accent! there must have been houndreds of people there! do you still play in the subway? i'm going to try to set up a paypal account and get your cd, then if you didnt mind, i could practise along with it.


love your music natalia...


Hi Natalia,

As everyone knows, you're the greatest.
Brooklyn, NY

Hi Natalia,

Pretty name! WOW,,, I cant believe how beautiful your music is. You are a very talented lady. I wish you the best with your career. Keep up the good work!



Amazing! I like the song "Morning" the best. You have GREAT control over your instrument.
You about the only person that I know that if any heckler insults you live you could cut them in half with your instrument...try doing that with a flute.....
I have not ever worked with a musician like yourself. Maybe someday we can. You definitely have the skill.

Randy V.
Simi Valley, California

Keep on making that good music! HUGS!


Im unable to find the proper words to descripe both you and your music so Ill just say "WOW".

Andy C.

Oh neat! Saw Lady! I just bought The Black Rider by Tom Waits a little while ago and was noticing that all the musical saw was by the same guy, and thinking how cool it would be to be a professional musical saw player. AND NOW LOOK WHO I'VE STUMBLED ACROSS!

C...can i move to New York and be mentored by you?

Also, can you imagine some kind of...musical saw playing outlaw? One who murders AND plays music on the VERY SAME SAW? I think there's potential there...

Cap'n Marshall


I really enjoyed listening to your saw. It's pretty and haunting, not in a creepy way though.
Is there any solo saw pieces on your cd?

Bob S.

Hello Natalia,

I really love the sound you get from the saw. Your mastery of it more than admirable. I hope we can get together and do a show together sometime.

Kind Regards,


I know that I'm a folk musician. I speed up all the time. I practice with a metronome now.
When I hear music like your's I love it. You take it far more seriously than I ever did.
I love your song, 'Changes', by the way.
I think what I love about the saw is that it wonders. It has a sound that wants to be somewhere.
It might be the perfect instrument.

CHICAGO, Illinois

we actually love what you do and think it is so interesting. It would be cool to see you live someday or even play with you somehow.
Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Wow! This is AMAZING!!

Carol Alban - Flutist and Composer
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Hi Natalia!

Is there any way we can maybe order your cd?? Our cello-player has just started to play singing saw, he`ll go banana`s when hears about you!
Have a great weekend! All the best,

The Hague, Netherlands

i Really love the saw, my father used to play it when i was a child, but ofcause not half as good as you. We are very impressed here in Denmark...



You are an amazing saw player! I have been playing for a little less than 2 years now.
Your playing is so persise.


Hi, Natalia!

It was a delight meeting you in the Times Square subway station today. I posted one of the photos I took to my flickr account along with a link to your web site.

I hope I get to run into you again soon.

Can you really tap dance while playing the piano?
That's quite a feat.


Hello Natalia,

I loved your music. It is so unique compared to most artists today. Congratulations on your successes, I am sure there will be many more.

How do you write for the saw? Are there many compositions intended for saw, or do you arrange most of them yourself? In any case, it sounds great. I'd love to write a piece for saw someday, so any help/answers would be appreciated.

Talk to you later,

Costas Dafnis
Coldwater, Michigan

Hi Natalia,

My saw playing is coming along just fine :)
(Haha I liked that picture, that's exactly where I found the saw I currently use)
I haven't found a saw yet, but I am looking! I haven't felt that gut feeling that tells me I've found the perfect one. But I'm trying new techniques with my playing; that "wobbly" sound is hard to master.

Your music is very motivating though. I hope I can one day play like you do :)
It's amazing how many people you have played with, including an orchestra. The saw adds a lot more beauty to the piece. Do you plan on performing with any other people soon?

Ohio are a really great lady......!!!!!!!!!!
I love your music very much...!
especially, I love "morning"
I started to practice saw, it is very difficult....
but I love saw's sound.
my dream is I want to play like you someday^^
see you...

Tokyo, Japan

hi , wonderfull and magical songs
very beautifull...
i like to discover music, and your page was a good surprise , the musical saw sounds oniric
great music.

toulouse, France

I did see you on the subway, which is how I found your myspace. As I was passing by in Union Square the other day I caught your myspace URL and I admired your music so I thought I'd add you.

Keep up the good work! =)

Brooklyn, NY

I came across your profile when I was looking at the profile of The Crowd Scene (two of the band members are family friends of mine), and I thought, "Musical Saw...that seems interesting..." Your music is absolutely beautiful :)

I stopped playing piano a little over a year ago due to a few personal reasons, but it's unique and enjoyable music like yours and my friends that reminds me that as musicians we make people happy, so I'm thinking of taking it up again.

Sterling, VA


I have been to your website many times, you are the reason I got into playing the musical saw!!! My twin sister saw you play in Grand Central one time and told me how amazing you were, about a week later I happened to walk into a music store in Portsmouth New Hampshire and found an alto "Valley" musical saw... I have been playing now for about 5 years. I would love to meet you sometime and play some songs together! I love your music!!!

Take care,

Johnnie D.

hey saw lady i love the music.
keep playing those wonderful soundes you play.


Your musik is wild. Really intriguing and original. Keep it happenin an stay solid.

Chiasmus Musical Theatre
United Kingdom

Your sound is amazing, you make it sing like a person, it is so breathtaking.
I would love to someday record a saw on cylinder or other media. I recorded Al Duvall on wax a few years back.


Natalia - I've been quite impressed with the way you draw the voice from your singing saw.
It's lovely! I don't know of any other artist, whom I've heard so far, who can do this in the pleasing way that you do. When it's done right, it is a wonderful experience for the listener! Thank you! I see you've done bell choir too, and love PDQ Bach as well.
Thanks for the add, and for the great sounds - You've won me over to your music - so glad I found you here.



I've never heard saw played so musically.
It sings like a voice in your hands.
Thank you for spending the time to learn to play that beautifully.

David Coulter in the play "Black Rider" by Willian Borroughs with score by Tom Waits was very good. Great intonation and a good sound. However, I think you have one of the best sounds I've ever heard come from a saw.

Darrell L.

Dear Saw Lady,

Very beautiful stuff. Your saw is very cool, did you get it like that? or customize it yourself. (the handle and everything) i use a stanley 26" and it can hurt your hands sometimes! but you should know that you are WAY COOL. and i wish i still lived in nyc, i would totally come see you play. take care, and KEEP THE SAW ALIVE!

- Thomas

When I got on your page, I thought that it would be amusing to listen to those strange sounds... but at the very first notes, I realized it was simply beautiful. You make musical saw sound so human. You let it breathe to reach the notes so perfectly. It sounds so human and also so close to nature, to earth heartbeat, to earth breath. You give some air to music and incredible pure sounds, notes, melody to air. You touch perfect circle, perfect cycle, perfect harmony. Lady Natalia Paruz, it is not just music you are creating ; it's the essence of life and love.

Bordeaux, France

Your music is great!


Colchester, Connecticut

Natalia, good health!

As you wish I was selected as the winner at that Photo Contest!

Just arrived home I had the opportunity to hear your great CD. You play divine! You're a great artist and I will show the contest's pictures to my friends with your music on...

I am enclosing some pictures of you. I hope you enjoy them.

Sincerely yours,
Roberto Gomes.
from far away.
(Popular Photography magazine 'Photographer of the Year' 2006 winner)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi Natalia,

I played with the Westchester Phil BTW, but not when you played with them.
Excellent tunes, you have a one of a kind gift.
Good Luck,
Cleveland, Ohio

I love what you're doing with the music!

Florida, USA

I've seen you play in the subways many a times. but never inturupted to say hello. I dig your stuff, its really cool!
Best to you

Jeff FIorello dot com

Hi, Natalia,

Your song is still my favorite.
I wanted to tell you that a new friend from MySpace commented that it's the best saw playing he's ever heard...and until hearing it didn't have much a positive opinion of the art form. He likes the way it works with my page.

Thanks and cheers!

Washington, USA

You are a credit to all of us saw players!

-Joel Clark

Hi Natalia!

Congratulations again! I guess playing in the subways and on the streets of New York City has been really a benefit for you!!! You are always being featured on TV and radio, in books and magazines, plays, movies, recordings... The list goes on and on! You must have a big trophy room to house all your awards, certificates, copies of recordings, videos, etc., etc.!

And the GREAT thing about you is that you are a warm, concerned, caring person that anyone can talk to!!!

In case some of you on the Yahoo Musical Saw Group don�t know, Natalia Paruz is a towering fountain of knowledge about the musical saw, and consistently contributes interesting articles for �The Saw Player News� - the newsletter for the IMSA (International Musical Saw Association).

Morgan Cowin, President
International Musical Saw Association
San Rafael, CA, USA

Hi Natalia!

Thanks for the Power point file (of Delancey Street Rag/Scott Munson - for 25 pitched cowbells and piano)! I finally was able to listen to it (I had to bring it to work). I enjoyed it a lot! I have to say...the whole classical aspect of what you do is nice and relaxing, but it was really fun to hear a jazzy version. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer :). I have to say, I REALLY enjoy Scott's piano. It really blends well with both the bells and the saw. Not being a musician, I dont know if they just naturally go togther or you guys are doing something to make them sound so good togther, but either way, it sounded great!
I have to you always look so happy when you're performing? I've seen other people mention it in posts to you but Ive obviously never seen it myself. Its very infectious, and it doesnt look fake like you see some people on tv do, when its obvious theyre just out there doing a job (I suspect I have much the same look when I'm working, the fake one I mean, not yours :) Congrats on the Spike TV thing too.
Good luck on all the stuff you have going, I know you'll do great on it....



Thanks SO much for your beautiful playing and wonderful spirit! Here's to many more!


Mary Kay McGarvey
Soprano singer

Thanks for the inspiration!
I have always toyed with the saw as a percussion instument, but have never attempted it with the bow till eariler this month.

The Mighty Porkfist


Just a quick HI to say I loved you music; glad I got a chance to hear it.

Tom P.

Natalie your music mesmerizes me. What a cool sound.

Jonathan Clay
San Marcos, Texas, USA

I see you every morning on my way to work and love it!
I play in a band and I am scoring a film for fashion week. I was wondering if you would poss. be interested in playing on a project or 2?



The music is astonishing


The Puppet Head is amazed by the music you manage to wring out of that piece of steel. Just amazing! What does one call a saw player, a sawist? Sawyer?

Enjoying the music!

The Puppet Head
Lake Dallas, TEXAS, USA

Music is enchanting! Page is beautiful! You are just TOOT SWEET!

Viaticum Vespers

saw you in the subway
you play really good


Your music is so beautiful, the saw produces such a hypnotic sound....

Suffolk County, NY, USA

I imagine how magic it would be to come to New York, to go to the underground and to hear, then to listen to, then to recognize that supranaturally human voice you're able to give life to. And then to follow the sound and to finally found you romantic Natalia, you and the beautiful smile you have on every pictures and videos. Pure moment of grace.

Bordeaux, France

my mom and my sister did and they liked your music very much ...they made me listen to it and now i love it too.

17 years old
bronx, NY, USA


I have seen you in the subway several times and have always been severely impressed with your playing.

Astoria, NY, USA

i saw you from across the subway station and we made eye contact while you played the saw. i was deeply moved to the point of a religious experience. keep it up.

Jonathan T.

Hi my name is Jessica I saw you today August 30 at 14 street I am the girl that wears glasses and has a pony tail. I like how you can take a saw and use it to play music. I am at 14 street alot and I see you sometimes there playing the saw and i just stand there for a mint and see how you play that. It is so geat that you could do that. I put your music on my comuter and I listen to it alot because I like your kind of music. I am going to tell my friends about your music. Your music is great. I told one fried how I see you play the saw and they just can not believe that a saw could be play and make nice music. Take care and have a good day and keep up the good work on you playing the saw. I am going back to 14 street on Friday and maybe you will be there. I will be with my Dad. You would know it is me when you see a girl with glassess and a pony tail just standing there for a moment and seeing you play.

From Jessica
Ridgewood, NY, USA

I heard you on the Don and Mike show on a replay show. You are very easy to listen to as well as your music also. Good luck!

Mark in California

Great Show
I heard you on Don & Mike Show. It was great.


That was so awsome on the radio yesterday (9/8/06).

Towson MD, USA

Dear sawlady,
Thank you for your reply. We enjoy your music and appreciate your help.

Louise Wilson
Deltona, FL, USA

I looked at your website I really had no idea that your music was so well known. That is very exciting, and I always enjoy your performances at the Times Square station.

Denise R.
New York, NY, USA

Hi Natalia,

Great music and wonderful smile!


New York, NY, USA

Your web site on saws is outstanding my dear and ya get an Atta Girl for that. It's nice to see someone is carrying on the history of the Musical Saw. Thank you a bunch.

Jim 'SuperSaw' Leonard
Mojave Desert, USA

Hi Natalia,

I have seen you a number of times playing in the Times Square Subway stop. I find your sound very interesting.
I look forward to hearing you play next,

Megan S.

hello! i recently came across your site while looking for musical saw information and wanted to access your FAQ. you are an amazing musical saw player! thanks, and hope to hear back soon
-chris S.
massachusetts, USA

Hi Natalia,

I want to thank you for lending your extraordinary talent to the soundtrack of 'American Carny'. You are a pleasure to work with.
- Nick Basile
American Carny LLC.

Nice idea with your feedback from fans...God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen sounds beautiful with your talented saw playing.

Blessings and Best Wishes,

Dear Saw Lady,
I've seen you playing many times in the subway and I love it.


I personally feel you should be a star, what you do is so unusual, you are so good at it, and you are an absolutely lovely human being in every way.

Bill Kates
XM Satellite Radio

Hello there,

You're by far the most skilled saw player I have ever heard. I'll be buying your music very soon. Please tel me you'll be coming up to the Detroit area to play soon (maybe you can have a chair in the DSO!)

I do believe you're the prettiest saw player I've ever seen as well! What a pair we'd be: You with your aspirations for the saw and me making and selling custom cigar box instruments!

Well, I hope to hear back from you. You seem like a great person to get to know.

YBIC & Detroit Daddy-O,
Brian J. Stafford
Detroit, USA


I like your music.



Everyone loved your performance at the dinner the other night; they were fascinated by your music.
I hope you enjoyed performing for us as well.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Denise Richardson
General Contractors Association

You go girl! Please feel my pride at your continued accomplishments and my joy in the increased realization of more people of your talent.

Florida, USA

Talking about Natalia's musical saw in the movie 'Carnaval De Sodoma':

Hello Natalia!

You said: "Gorgeous music by 'Grammy' winner and Golden Globe nominee composer David Mansfield. Hope you like it."
I DO! It IS gorgeous! I especially liked the glissando slide down after the high note! Nice job, and Congratulations! !!


Talking about Natalia's musical saw in the movie 'Carnaval De Sodoma':

Congrats to you Natalia!
Just listened to it...beautiful and eerily calming!
(And I've just finished 2+ hours of aggravation with the AOL tech support! Very disagreeable and frustrating. Now I feel better.)


Talking about Natalia's musical saw in the movie 'Carnaval De Sodoma':

The saw music is truly beautiful.

Bill Brisotti

i saw you play in the subway! it was beatiful! i want to learn how to play the saw.
have a good day!

Alaska, USA

Coucou Natalia,

Plein de bisous � une magicienne qui a �chang� sa baguette magique contre une scie musicale.

Bordeaux, France

What a stunningly beautiful sound. Here in the UK the musical saw has lost the popularity it once enjoyed which is a shame. You are a true virtuoso and it is a delight to hear your wonderful music.

Malcolm Brown - Composer
Freshwater, England

"Hello Saw Lady, I am very happy to know you.
My musical heart vibrates with your talent and his angel songs...
This music is wonderful. With the violin and piano, I believe, it's the most sentimental and most spiritual instrument!
His language comes from an oder dimension, from God's light which a terrible force�
Thanks to have a page on Myspace!!! You are in my in my Top, because I will like that one discovers your work.

Excuse me for my very bad English Saw Lady.
Musical greetings,

Ory Chalk

Dear Natalia,
It's amazing what you can do with a music saw. As we say in France, BRAvO!

Kisses from the French Riviera

Toulon, PACA, France

i have seen you in the subway and find your sound truly astonishing!

cheers! keep up the great work!


I stumbled on to you by accident but I'm glad I did. I know I have seen you on Tv somewhere - how many people can play a saw like you do? Haha!!!

You are likely familiar with a Theremin. I have some cool songs with the theremin ranging from rock to opera. The opera is cool because the theremin is doing the voice part and it sounds so realistic with the vibrato like in a real human voice.

I bring this up because it seems the theremin is only imitating what can be done with a saw in skilled hands, such as your own. A theremin is a little disappointing after seeing a saw performance! True, they take skill but it is for those who can't play a saw : )

Again I say, the theremin was a great thing until I saw you play the saw. An acoustic instrument can never be copied by electronics. It will never be the same for me since I now prefer the saw. Only the Lord knows how much practice you have put into doing that!

I never realized the possibilities with a saw until I heard some of your works. How versatile! I can appreciate he talent that goes into it.

Thanks for sharing yourself and your music. I will be adding your works to my collection very soon.

Hoschton, Georgia, USA

Im part of the Backdoor Beggars and we think you are phenominal!We have about 4 friends that play saw and I have to put you in the top.

Wisconsin, USA

Your music sounds great!

Ryan J. Lane

you are great!

Christopher B.

Howdy there, Saw Lady!I love your sound!
That is an amazing instrument, it sounds angelic! The saw you are playing on the album cover also looks like a modern sculpture- simply amazing!
I'll tell everybody I know to look for your performances in NYC- have a healthy and happy holiday!

Chris of The Holy Cows

Sweden is still the home of the sandvik stradivarius but most sawplayers I reckon are old cranks who likes to to stroke some tunes ocassionally yknow? I never really met anyone who seem as artistic and driven as you. I really admire the sound of your long fogsvans(as it is called in swedish)

Anyway All the best and cheers from sweden


Hi, Natalia--

I enjoyed hearing you play in the subway at Union Square yesterday, and chatting about theremins. I put yesterday's activities with my nephews on my blog, including a mention of you and a link to your website.

If you go to my blog you will see I am mostly a ukulele player, but enjoy pulling out my theremin and playing it from time-to-time. I'll keep an eye (and ear!) out for you next time I'm through the Union Square subway! My daughter says she sees you there a lot.

Take care and best wishes for the New Year,

--Eric S.

I always have to stop when I come across your performances in the train station. It is absolutely beautiful what you do.

Rich M.

Dear Natalia:

I really enjoyed listening to your song samples on your MySpace page.

I posted a note about you and your music on the Garritan Users Forum


Wheat W.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


You're work is incredible.
Happy New Year

Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom

Hi Natalia,
I am a long time fan of the musical saw, having been introduced to its ethereal sounds in the early '70's.
While I found some other great practitioners of the singing saw, it was you who really sparked my interest. You have classical as well as folk influence, you play beautifully, and you have a true love of street performance that I share.
I realize how good you are at what you do and I know a little about how much work it takes, but what I find really inspiring is the overwhelming love and joy that you bring to your music. Thanks for being on the planet.

David P.
Colorado, USA

Hi Natalia,
As one of the thousands of passers-by of yourself at the 34th street Subway Station, I found your music absolutely fascinating. It was stunning to see such a simple instrument "sing". Thank you for making the station a much more inviting place. It's great that you and other musicians bring such interesting music to the NYC Subway System! Laura D.
New Jersey, USA

Getting off the train at Union Square - always seems to be "doings" in that station around the holidays! Last week, it was SantaCon - this week, I heard the unmistakable, unearthly sound of Silent Night, as performed on the Musical Saw - followed the sound to find the one & only Saw Lady! You never saw anyone play the saw with as much verve & panache as Ms. Paruz. Had errands to run but thoroughly enjoyed the moment!


your playing is marvelous.
i just received a musical saw as a gift from my girlfriend and i can't wait to learn

i also want to say that your playing is amazing. you're great!

Marc D.
Florida, USA

magical saw

Are you per chance the enchanting musician I witnessed performing in grand central station?
You are utterly awesome!!!

In Grand Central Station I have seen a woman play a large saw with a cello bow and produce a haunting, yet enchanting music all her own.

The Mad Soundman of AMS Systems

When I lived in NYC I always loved the delightful surprise of hearing you in the subway! You are wonderful.

Amy M.
Florida, USA

I think you are fabulous!

Deborah B.
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Natalia Paruz is a musical saw "superstar", bringing awareness of this beautiful and interesting acoustic instrument to the ears of many in an electronic age. Brava! gregorysarastro

You really put the female saw player on the map! Thank you so much for sticking with it....I went back and read everything on your site. Awesome!

Keep up the good work, lady!

Linda S.
Virginia, USA

Hi Natalia,

I visited your website, what lovely music you create.

Here are a few photos. I love how exuberant you are when playing. I love how artists enjoy making their art and sharing it. (and brightening up those dark subway corridors)

heidi Y.

Hello! I've seen you over the years in subway stations all around Manhattan. Namely, Union Square and Times Square. I haven't seen you lately, though. I hope you're still out there doing your thing! I love it.

Keep on sawin',

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Thank you for sharing that, Natalia !
And for your beautiful music !
Shabbat Shalom !


Hi Natalia!
My name is Sylvia. I'm a musician too, actually a singer
I have some photos of you performing in NY, I send them to you to your email address.

Great music, great passion, great sound, I love your style

Sylvia M.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Hi Natalia!

I�m glad you were happy with the placement of your article. It was the biggest article, and I felt it was worthy of the attention. Your knowledge and opinions and general experience are valued, and I/we appreciate you!

Thank you always for your efforts and input! For never having met you, I really like you as a person, and your knowledge is vast � so THANK YOU again!

Morgan Cowin, President
International Musical Saw Association
San Rafael, CA, USA

Hello again, Natalia!

I always love to hear music in the subways and on the streets- I think it is very good for people to have live music happening around them. I think it helps people to keep their lives in balance, especially as they rush through the subways from one critically important engagement to another. ;^) It is wonderful that you contribute in the way you do to help overstressed people retain their sanity!


Amy G.
Florida, USA

Bonjour Natalia

I don't play the saw ( yet ) but I got accompanied twice with a friend of mine who plays it a little...
It seems to be hard to play....But the way that you are playing it is way up the hill...YOU ARE A VIRTUOUS
I'll download some of your music, it's really nice to the ear, so soft.
Venez-vous � Montr�al parfois?
J'aimerais bien vous entendre en spectacle.
Once again I really like your work.

Martin Pierre aka monsieur_m
Montr�al, Canada

The illustrations of Heidi Younger have a great strenght. I can easily imagine what it is to play, to listen or just to hear music in the subway (or on train platforms) ; and this, more precisely than with the short video you once had on your page (I liked the video too of course :o).
Kung Fu moves fit with your musical saw sound, may be taï chi would fit too.
Slow precise aerian almost dance moves, in harmony with nature... That's all what your music is about : A breath of life. I'm sure it was a very strange and magical moment this meating, in the subway between two artists, two sensibilities. The NYC underground magic, a place where everything is possible for the artists and because of the artists.

bordeau, France

Aloha from a fellow saw player. I'm in awe of your talent, so beautiful.

Paul A.
Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Thanks so very much for the lovely comment on my website. I didn't realize you were the Saw Lady! I've seen you play before! It's so impressive. And here I thought you might be a professional gardener. : )

Hope you're doing well.

Astoria, NY, USA

Hi Natalia,

it was such a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful music, you are really great!.

I hope you are ok and I wish you an excellent year,
I'm going to see your web page very carefully.

Take care

Tonatiuh R.

Hi Natalia!

I really love your music.
Did I see you on "Cool in your Code" on NYC-TV??
I'd love to meet you!

natalia! you are amazing.

New York, NY, USA

hi-ya natalia, your music is delicious.
i absolutely love jingle cowbells. hate xmas, me but that number is gorgeous.

New York, NY, USA

It's so beautiful it sounds like a theremin!
Nice work!

DJ Visitor
New York, NY, USA

Amazing music you make....



Hey Natalia. You are one of the most unique musical talents I observed in myspaceland. Hats off to you 'm'dear.


Wales, UK

Wicked Cool Sounds !!

Massachusetts, USA

Love that saw!

I just think it's incredible to get such a haunting and beautiful sound from such a commonplace object.


Elizabeth Anne M.

Hi Natalia
Your music sounds great. We would be keen on having you perform with us. We are a London based club but we tour also.
Hopefully we will see you in London some day!

Best Wishes

London, UK, USA

Incredible and wonderful!!!


The Saw Lady
We love your saw and we also love Theremin.
We will keep in touch and next time we need saw we will know who to come to.
Good luck

New Zealand

oh my, what lovely music you create!
may all your dreams end as fairytales!


I listened to some of your samples and liked them !

Paris, ILE-DE-FRANCE, France

I put you in my top friends...Please Put your music up so it comes on right away...It is amazing... My God!!! Kind Regards...

My God~
This is wonderful and haunting~ You are a master of your instrument~
Warm Regards~

I can't stop listening to your song.
Kind Regards~

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin, USA

Eerie & beautiful! And no saw player I've ever heard has trekked so deep into that world. So cool. Huzzah!

John B.
La Mesa, California, USA

That's some terrific sawing you're doing there.

Howlin' Hobbit
Seattle, WA, USA

weird & lovely stuff
i like it a lot !
thnx & carry on
hope to hear you live sometimes ;)

paris, Ile-de-France, France

Hi Natalia,
I really admire you for your creativity in excelling in such an unusual instrument.
I love the sound, it's incredibly endearing :)

Dublin, Ireland

Thank you so much for the advice! This saw was my grandfathers, and has been in our family for quite a long time! I feel bad, getting rid of it, but, as you can see from the pictures, Florida is murder on anything that�s worth attempting to keep�the corrosion here is disastrous!

Your page is the MOST informative of any I've researched.

It is an awesome skill you possess, and I hope you do well.

Again, thanks!

John G.
Florida, USA

i love the song you put up. amazing.

Marc D.

Hi there,

You have a great gift.

Dotty P.
Minnesota, USA


wow...I'm really impressed with your music....a real myspace find!

pity you don't live in London as I can think of a few musical projects that you'd be ideal for! shame!

London, UK

Hi Natalie,

I have to tell you that I can't stop hear your music. It is amazingly beautiful, really. You have to finish the CD. I told you before and I will say it again, IT WILL BE A HUGE SUCCESS, I'm sure of it .

Take care,


hi Natalia!
I love very much your saw-sing!
I think for you to make a concert for saw and orchestra!
but you are so lontano!!!

cristiano from rome
Rome, Italy

Hello, Natalia-

We were listening to your music the other day! I had a friend visiting from NYC, and we all loved your beautiful, remarkable music.

Best wishes!

Amy Matilda
Florida, USA

You are a genuine Soloist on your unusual instrument, for which I wrote also once something some years ago.

Best wishes from Bonn

Michael D.
Bonn, Germany

methinks i heard you playing "ave maria" on the subway, possibly at union square? lovely stuff.

brown owls

hey natalia i just watched the show!
your life story is pretty interesting!
and it was the first time that i heard music from saw!
Wishing you good luck with everything!

Mevaseret, ISRAEL


You have a rare sound.
My best wishes to you and your wonderful music.

Patrick H

Your sound is...words are failing me...but haunting, amazing, touching part of my higher self come to mind...but there is no single word...I shall investigate more and try to procure [preferably hard] copies of your work...


Hi Natalia,

I've heard much about you and I'm thriled to know you and would love to attend your next sawyer's symposium. Please do put me on your mailing list.

Buddy N.





I believe I have seen you in the subway.
I have 8 million questions for you. I'm overwhelmed by the scope of your talent and the explorations you've undertaken with it. You're an actress, a tap-dancer, a unique musician comfortable in many different styles, and apparently a painter!

I would love to get together and see your entire musical collection - I want you to give me a tour, and we can discuss your rates, etc. The possibilities of using all your gifts to compose around sets my imagination spinning.

Robby M.

Hi Natalia,

I love your music. There's a very unique vocal quality to your phrasing.

Jeff M.
New Hampshire, USA

Hi, Saw Lady! A friend bought me your Hark! An Angel Sings CD one year because I'm an amateur saw player myself! It's challenging to play the right notes on a saw--you have my utmost respect and admiration! I'd love to see you play. I'm in the city every day. Which lines do you play on?


Hi Natalia,
I've been a fan of yours for some time. I've been playing the saw for about 7 years and your sawlady web page was a great resource when I was teaching myself to play.
I went to school in New Jersey, so I visit New York periodically. It'd be great get to see you play some time.

Best regards,



Your skills are incredible, & your mother knew Messiaen?!!
Messiaen is probably my favourite composer, definitely my favourite composer of the 20th century! I was born & raised in the countryside & grew up to the sound of the dawn chorus which still amazes me. Don't get the wrong impression, I am passionate about Messiaen's work regardless of the influence of birdsong on his music & have to tell you that I'm amazed at your virtuosity & personally compare you to Clara Rockmore on the basis of your uniqueness & amazing ability coupled with your beautiful understanding of harmonic theory & practise.

Love & respect from

Paul W.

Hey there saw lady.
In the last two years I have become obsessed with monochord instruments; diddley Bow, Dan Bau, Theremin etc. I think the best sound of all of these comes from the simple saw. With your music career you have proven it can be a street instrument as well as a recpected sound in "high art".

You are an inspiration. I just read most of your busking blog and got all teary eyed.

Oregon, USA

You are definitely the only human being I know of that plays the saw in RI, or anywhere else for that matter. Your music's beautiful!


Your compositions and sound is fabulous.

Justine xx


Hope this email finds you well and that the weather warms up a bit so you can get out to the masses and share your wonderful gift.



I had known you for a long time before.
Of course, I am your big fan!!
I want to sound your music directly in my ears and my heart some time.

Kokeshi Yokobori
Tokyo, JAPAN


Lame Sonore sounds beautiful!!

Carol A.

I am trully impressed with the originality of your music as well as the intrument,
Best wishes for your future endeavours

Irina K.

This is truely amazing....I mean I know people play all kinds of things but I have never seen this before!
keep sawing!


Hi Natalia!

I have 5 saws, though i must say my weapon of choice is the 26inch Charlie Blacklock Special. I also play uke. Hopefully i will make it to the states one day, thanks for doing so much to promote the saw!


O my what a wonderful zingiest moment because I just ordered a baritone saw , for my self but O my your music is so beautiful.
I can only day dream to play so well , but I am going to practice every day so please wish me luck . and I am going to buy your Cds because for one the saw is a comic instrument and two hearing this music will give me the inspiration to grow as a musician.
I am also going to burn incense so joy always finds you :)

-Jason Young

trying to get the hang of the saw myself - suggestions for an tune that works well and easily on saw would be VERY welcome indeed ....
keep making the beautiful noises (whilst i make my horrid scrapings :))

London, UK

You're better than Zamfir!

Buffalo, NY, USA

Hear in Seattle we have so many different kinds of music and bands, but its like high school.
I am part of the noise / experimental seen but most of my comrades make harsh music that is not beautiful at all and I have been trying to get people into music that is felt with the heart but its been a up hill battle but I feel with my whole heart the saw is the key to open up people to sounds that will move em and it�s a giant step away from electronic gear. I mean this is a real instrument one with its own personality and charm unlike synthesizers and etc etc but I must tell you �� You are the real revolutionary and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to be your friend

-Jason :)
Seattle, USA

great instrument... beautifully played.


Hi Natalia.
Your saw playing is incredible.
Take care.

Portland, Oregon, USA

My five-year-old twins and I watched your "Saw Lady" film and it was great! Just what I wanted to show them how you make those sounds. Very nice. It took a while to find the "video" section, more people should see that one at least.)

much appreciation.

Bruce, Harriet and Myriam
Vancouver, Canada

Love the haunting quality of the saw. What an original and beautiful sound! I see you all the time at the Union Square subway stop. Read a great article about you in the Times a while back too. Keep it up!

Brooklyn, NY, USA

We really appreciate your participation, and hope you'll join us again next year. You were perfect and the audience loved you.
Thanks again,

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Your music is incredibly lovely and inspiring.
Still working on getting my saw to sound a little less like two cats fornicating - but it's a fascinating instrument and I'm really liking it.

Keep playing beautiful music! You're awesome.


hi Natalia!

Nice to hear from my favourite sawyer.
I don't really play the saw anymore - I'm afraid I lost interest in it - but maybe I'll return to it at some point.
I still think you have the most distinctive sound of all


London, UK

Hey Natalia,
Zach here, big fan! At first, I used my dad's saw from his carpenter's bench. It worked greatly! But recently, I've been using the C. Blacklock Special. It's louder and rusty, thanks for asking--do you ever miss the teeth?"

Michigan, USA

Hello Saw Lady!

I saw you on Christmas Eve day - I was running around trying to get a million errands done but HAD to stop & take a couple of pictures. I put one of you & a young admirer on my blog, with a little writeup about this fun break in a busy busy day -
Funny thing is, somebody just today left a comment mentioning that you keep a blog! I'd missed that when I went to link to your website. I went & checked it out & noticed your call for pictures. So here are the ones I took, feel free to use any of 'em!


Lovely tone and playing!

Micah and Sean

hey Natalia: hope all is well...really busy with the other doc, and have slowed down PFK until Denis is freed up from rehearsal- he's co-starring in Bway's "Inherit the Wind"...ran into a guy playing a mini banjo at Union Square Park last Wed (when the weather was so great)...had the camera and asked him to play a few tunes and talk to me...I asked him who his favorite subway musician was- without a beat he said "the saw lady"!...hope to catch up with you soon...

Michael N.

Love your music!

Ohio, USA

I don't know how you chose the saw as your instrument, but you play it very well.


Hey Ms. Paruz,
I really like your music. I was wondering if you have any non digital releases i can purchase w/o a credit card. If not my new debit is coming in the mail and i will pick up the ep. I think the picture of you on P Home Companion is so cool. Thanks again

Wyoming, USA

Hey Saw Lady. Your music is really beautiful. My daddy taught me to play the saw when I was little. Grampa played it pretty well and he had even a bow. We didn't have a bow but we made a mallet out of a stick and a piece of rag. You play it way better than we ever did. Thanks,

Tim A.
Portland, Oregon, USA

I just saw a profile on you on NYC-TV. I have seen you perform in Union Square many times. I think what you do is amazing and, well, that it just sounds really pretty.

The tracks you have on your Myspace page are really amazing.

Captain Wallabee

it was really my presure to discover such a unique and beautiful sound.

best regards.

London, UK

hi Natalia! Mainly I play my trusty Stanley Traditional that I got at the hardware store! Love your music!



We met briefly this past Dec./Jan. when I saw you performing in the Times Sq subway station. We talked about busking and its relation to my thesis in architecture. I had mentioned that I wrote a short article during my research phase and would like to share that with you. Attached is an article that examines marginal space.

Our conversation has helped considerably during my design phase, so thank you.

Bill Putnam
Catholic University of America, Masters in Architecture candidate

Thanks for the beautiful music to read by! You're one of the reasons New York is the greatest city to live in.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

You have some serious skills!!

Take Care,

Misty Dawn
Manager of Western Civ
Alabama, USA


the piece on your page is unbelievably beautiful! i've never heard such accurate pitch control on the saw before...sounds like an ondes martenot!

Take Care,

jay g.
athens, Georgia, USA

Hi Natalie,the Saw Lady,

I have heard saw playing before, in my childhood, but it is sadly such a rare thing to come by. I am now, at rediscovering it, absolutely intrigued by the sound & the beauty of it. the delicacy, the at moments eerie likeness to a human voice,... there is definitely something very human abOut it, I guess that must come from the vibrations of the hand, the playing, the bow... Of this you know much more that me.. Great pleasure to meet you here,
peace & happiness from

London, UK

Howdy Natalia!
Not every day you run across a saw player!
Haunting... but beautiful!

Chuck C.


I'm curious about playing the saw myself. I currently own an Etherwave Theremin, by the way (but have had no time to practice).
Your playing sounds great by the way!



Greetings from the Howling Brothers, just stopped by to wish you well keep up the beautiful sawing :)


We are writing because one of us saw you play in the subway. We are producers of electronic music under the name Radioactive Sandwich.
We really think what you do is amazing and was wondering if you would be interested in writing a track together.
We really look forward to hearing back from you.


Julian and Loren

Saw Lady, I enjoyed visiting your site� you really do get a woman�s voice out of that sheet of metal. Incredible that you were once fined for carrying a weapon in the subway�!


Thank you! I will be undertaking efforts to promote future performances, and I certainly hope to have you again-- always, if possible-- as the saw player. The impact of the saw on audience members was very powerful (some people must not know how to read orchestral personnel lists in concert programs, because it was clearly spelled out. But they were surprised by it anyway.)

Take care for now,


Mark G.
City Island, NY, USA

Hi Natalia

I just took your photo today...and loved your music.
It was such a pleasure meeting you, listening to your music and talking with you this afternoon.

Bill S.

Really love the things you are doing!
So creative;what a gift-truly:)

Peace & Blessings

Philadelphia, PA,USA

I love your stuff. The saw is a truly groovy instrument.


Hello! I was just walking around saying hi to people and I stumbled on your page and WOW, that song is just tear jerkingly beautiful - nice to meet you!

Tim C.
SANTA FE, New Mexico,USA

I see you in the subway all the time. I really enjoy your playing. Thanks for adding beauty to NYC!

Amie A.

I saw you in Times Square. I was in awe. I play the violin, cello and the piano and I have always had a pretty good ear. I am in musical theatre. Thank you so much for your time... Dan T.

Hey, my name is Luiz and I rule the Big Bad Music blog. I checked out your website and I am amazed by the sample songs I heard.
Just wanted to tell that your work is one of a kind - mainly nowdays where the good music vanished.

Best Regards

Luiz O.

What I did hear sounded great and I would love to hear more

Leila D.

Hi Natalia!

very beautiful sounds..

take care,

Astoria, NY

Hi Natalia, I think you are way ahead of me on the saw.
I am self taught - is there any other way, and still use the 22 inch saw from the hardware shop. You seem to have a deluxe model - and a thing on the top to bend it...what is that please? I loved the tracks on your site - I wish you lived here, then you could ( should you want to ) play with me while I played the guitar. Being the only saw player I know, I can always play on friends sessions and shows, but when I need a saw player there never is one.
Anyway, enough waffle - glad to make your acquaintence - lets' keep in touch.

Moore X

Hi, Natalia! (My "crush" calls me Natalia!)

You are so talented-I love your music!
Your newest fan,


Amazing sounds! Kind of a cousin to the Therimin>love to work with you sometime. Cheers!


Hi, only started listening to lame senore and within a minute i'm almost in tears! ok, yes, it's a lovely melody but there's also something about the tonal quality of saws isn't there that just taps into some part of the brain? Some tones and keys just do that I guess.

Anyway. Thanks for the lovely music.

Paul O/

Hello lady of the saw.
I have seen a couple of your little videos on you tube...wonderful!!!


Marvelous music, and great picture with John Hiatt. My, my you are eclectic.

Al & Rick
HENNIKER, New Hampshire, USA

Dear Saw Lady,

Your saw sounds like singing! I had to play the sample on your profile and more on your site a few times to really believe it was a saw. I've seen it performed on TV once as a kid... perhaps on Disney at one point as well... but goodness. What an unusual musical form.

I love painting musical vibration! Do you have videos of yourself playing the saw that I might see? I'm intrigued.


Sharon H.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sounds really good

Tennessee, USA

Dear Natalia,

I have seen you today playing at the subway, and was deeply impressed by your beautiful performance. The contradiction between an instrument like a saw and the heavenly sounds you produce out of it was overwhelming for me and I immediately bought your CD�

My best,

Roni N.

You are such a beautiful musical saw player. Thank you so much.

I play the saw. I have been playing for about a year, and I think I am ready to take it to the streets. You are a great inspiration for me. Thank you so much. Do you have a technique tips for me?


Hi Natalia,
If you happen to perform again on Garrison's show, let me know. You are quite a performer on this rather unusual instrument. Then again I ran into the 'saw' many years ago. It sounds like a violin without the staccato. I guess it was a real saw at one time.

Anyway, I appreciate your talent, will visit your site regularly.

Your musical friend

Minnesota, USA

Hey Nat how are ya?? theres no prob @ all in playing your song i truely admire the sound of the saw you cant imagine how my ears rejoyce when they litsen to that lovly sound =D ooo ohow i wish i could play it .. but its cool also to find ppl like u that play it .. keep up the good work

take care

Nuevo Le�n, Mexico

Hi Natalia

You are the Queen of Saw!

I love what you do, I have watched some clips of you on youtube and what struck me was the wonderful expressive way that you play and your smile too!

much respect to you......

Suffolk, UK

playing the saw is an amazing thing that I really can't's beautiful, yet haunting sound.

Steve V
TAMPA, Florida

You have a lot of character in those videos. I love the way you dramatically move to make a new sound... clever smile on your face... as people hustle and bustle on by without seeing... as if no one ever sees anything anymore. Maybe the really can't see anything. Maybe they can't hear. Maybe they are too wrapped up in things that don't matter that keep them busy from day to day to stop and listen. I thought it was wicked cool.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


I saw you on youtube - really excellent playing by the way - you make it sound like a classical instrument.
whilst looking for footage of a saw being played. I have been looking to purchase a saw perhaps a Mussehl one or one of Peter wentworths. which would you recommend?

Kind regards

Corona S.
Hull, UK

Hi Natalia,
Your music is awsome. Very Nice!!!!

your saw playing is WONDERFUL.
So relaxing.

Germfask, Michigan, USA

Hi Natalia,
Yes, the music was sublime & your sparkling showwomanship, personality & enthusiam were wonderful to experience. Thank you, Natalia & Scott, for making the trip to share your talents.


Ralph L.
'Horses Sing None of It' TV show

Hi, Natalia:

I was traveling on the N train the other night from work to Trinity, and, while rather tired, about half way through the trip I glanced up at the subway ads and saw before me "SAWLADY.COM -- MUSIC ON THE CUTTING EDGE"(!) (or something close to that!) It made me laugh in my seat, so thank you for that! It's a very catchy slogan!



Hi Natalia!! First of all i'd like to mention that you are the best saw player i ever hear. Yesterday i heared your amazing playing with my wife and we were both shocked with your sound. I'm glad to find you so i can ask any questions i will have for the saw.

Trully thanks and many kisses from Greece!!!!

Nikos G.

Hi Saw Lady
Keep on sawing that beautiful music!

Saugus, California, USA

Dear Natalia,
What you are doing is great. I enjoy your music.
Wish you all the best
With love from Ukraine

Alexsey Zakharenko


Just dropping you a short note to let you know that we saw you on Channel 2 today about the Make Music New York day. Very cool - you were the only one that they gave the name for. It was a cute segment too - them asking you if you had any insurance and all.


Hey Saw Lady. Your music is really beautiful. I participated in the Make Music New York event also. It sounded like you had a really fun day there. The CBS video looks great. It was a really great day. I love your playing in the subway also.


You're one of the thing we can't miss if we go to NYC. Here's the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Central Park, the Saw Lady, Times Square...
Natalia Paruz, you are a real monument :o)

Bordeaux, France

I just checked out some tracks on your page and it's really good.. i'm excited to get the CD.

Matt D.
Jersey City, NJ, USA

I am RyuFurusawa of the Japanese saw player. I listened to music of sawlady, too. A deep sound as it is not believed that it is a saw comes out. and It is mysterious shape when I looks a photograph in your myspase. I look forward to a day to be able to meet sometime. And I expect a session.

If some English sentences are wrong, I'm sorry

Japan, USA

I played violin and bassoon in High School, occasionally I come across someone's music and it moves me to tears wishing I had been able to follow through with my love for playing, yours has done that tonight.

Thank you for the music, sincerely.


It was so great to see you! I was going to blog about it when we returned, but when I saw that your site was down I held off, since I wanted to link to it. Then, my son broke his arm at camp, things got crazy, and I put it off again. But finally, I'm catching up!!

Anyway, you can see my entry about seeing you at

Thanks so much for your treating us to such a rare and wonderful performance! I wish you all the best!!!

- Kathy H.

hello there :)
i saw you playing yesterday for about 6 seconds on 59th street but then the train came too fast and i had to leave :( anyways it was beautiful!!

Astoria, NY, USA

I have had my saw for about a year and a half, im still learning, but its my favorite instrument. i listened to your song on myspace, its awesome!

silverlake, CA, USA


Thanks again for your wonderful performance yesterday. You were a great sport and played beautifully. I was so excited to hear about the Saw festival and hope you will put me on your malling list-

WNYC Commujity Advisory Board
Brooklyn, NYC, USA

Dear Natalia,

The Carnegie Hall newspaper article is exciting. Congratulations to Scott and to you!



Hey I like your music and sounds

Texas, USA

Dear Ms. Natalia Paruz,

I heard you playing in a subway station, during a trip to NYC. You are unbelievably talented. I hope to get a CD of you for Christmas, I will put it on my Christmas list. All the best of luck to you and your tremendous talent!



Dear Natasha,

i am very happy too to meet you and to work with you. As i told you, your playing and the sound of your instrument impressed me soooooo much!!!!!!!!!
Your site is fantastic. I will give it to my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with warmest regards

your Margrit

Dear Natalia,

Your observations on the article about Joshua Bell trying to busk, which appeared in the April 8 Washington Post, were so refreshing and informative, they really opened my eyes. Incidentally, we have had saw players play with us, and I have NEVER heard anyone with anywhere near your talent. I love your web site and your blog, the pictures, the video, the music.

All the best, and thank you SO much,

Peter B.
Wisconsin, USA

Dear Saw Lady: I caught your act in the city at the Columbus Circle subway station once, but I couldn't stay for longer than a couple of seconds. :-( I love your music, loved your Concrete Beat profile too. I hope to see you again in person soon!


great to hear you in the subway the other day.

Will M.

Please, please, someday come preform in Calgary, Alberta. I am sure that the city would love to have you and to give you more of our weird Canadian money!


Hi Natalia,

I heard you perform this past Friday, the 14th of Dec at the Trinity School in Manhattan. I had never heard of the musical saw before then. It sounds like a beautiful instrument. Also I looked it up on the internet and there were quite a few artists who had posted clips of their recordings. However I find your style of playing the most soothing - it's simply beautiful. You are truly gifted and you have a way with the instrument. Keep playing, you make people happy. And I loved the brief history you shared about the musical saw at the concert. I will look out for you on the subway stations :)
Happy Holidays and keep making beautiful music - you bring peace to the soul.


Dear Natalia: I have read all about you in Saw Player News and I am impressed with all the wonderful things that others have written about you.

Roger M.

I wish I had an expression to describe the smile you sample music "lame..." brought on my face.
I congratulate you for having created a tune that is so powerful. I could only imagine how satisfying it must be for you sitting on the other side of the music world creating tunes when listening feels blessed.

Naveendip B.
Ontario, Canada

Hi Natalia,
My husband, Steve, is enchanted with your saw playing...the best ever & he wants to know if you will be playing in the mid-west any time. I have a customer who would like your CD so I will be ordering for him as he does not have access to a computer.
Thank you for the invitation to attend the NYC Saw Festival. That would be enjoyable. I will keep in touch & Steve says be safe!


Mary Kay
Mussehl & Westphal Musical Saws

having this band name ('The Musical Saw') for the last couple of months has attracted quite a few saw players, I just thought you should know that after reviewing the collection your recordings are quite frankly the cream of the crop if you will. I enjoy your work very much.

Bob B.

with you singing saw your just incredible, maybe a day i will practice it, very interesting and amazing!!!

zE baron de rEnO
Ile-de-France, France

hello natalia,
i'm a burgeoning saw-ist myself, and your playing is very inspirational.

mat d.
Boston, Massachusetts , USA

Your instrument is as fascinating as your playing. Wrote for the Theremin before but not for the saw. They are quite similar but I can tell you get a lot more melodic control with the saw. Very cool.

Marinho N.
Astoria, NY, USA

You are a great and generous ambassador for the instrument!

Best wishes,

Corona S.

Hello Sawlady .. :)

im a saw lover and one of the your fans
it is so wonderful for me that i can write for you
your playing is great..
i am very happy that i saw your video in expertvillage, they are very useful and they give me alot of hope and desire of learing
Thank you once again for your art
i hope one day i play a song with my saw .and one day i can see your live concert

Best Reagrds

Iran, Tehran


I've been a fan since I first heard you on a public radio saw playing feature about you some months ago. I wish I could remember the name of the program. Your playing was on a higher plane than I had heard before or since.
I just thought it would be fun to catch your playing in the busking enviornment or any where else if the timing is right. I listen to music of all kinds but couldn't play a tune if I had to.

Have A Good Evening,

Steve & Mary Kay Dawson
Mussehl & Westphal Musical Saws

Hey Natalia ~

Your music is so haunting and beautiful - it transports one immediately!

How has the underground been recently for ya'?
I'm auditioning for the 4th time this year for MUNY...cross your fingers :)


Heidi ~

Dear Natalia,

I can�t believe such a beautiful sound can come from a saw. Actually, I couldn�t even imagine a saw ever being able to sound like that�. That�s REALLY AMAZING!!

My name is Sara and I am a sociology major currently finishing up my last year at Princeton University. I am a musician myself, and certainly someone who is always looking to get inspired and to learn from other fellow artists. Your instrument is so awfully intriguing! I am very much humbled by you.


Sara C.

i see you in the subway all the time and i love your playing.

Shawn C.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Hello Natalia,

I have watched some of your videos of you playing in the subways. You play very beautifully and are a great inspiration. Please keep it up!

Have a nice day!

North Carolina, USA

hi natalia --

i studied some videos of you on youtube when i was learning how to play. i'm still amazed at how quickly and precisely you can zip from one octave to another.

Pennsylvania, USA


your music is beautiful!
i would love to see you live.

Brookly, NY, USA

hi, i found your webpage with busking info very inspiring and the info invaluable! i hope to busk soon in nyc, as well. :) used to busk in seattle

Aditi T.

crazy good music! unbelievable sound!

Nir B.
Montreal, Canada

Hi, I saw (no pun intended) you underground at Union Square today, and I fell in love. You played Over the Rainbow, G-d Bless America and another song. I told you that I love you and I meant it. You really made me smile and I haven't smiled much lately. I would have stayed for an hour, but there's always stuff a person has to do. You would make a lot of people very happy if you played in a hospice, like Calvary or another. I'm a coinnessuer of music underground and you're up there in the ranks. Thanks again.


Wonderful. I can hardly consider myself a saw player next to yourself.

Nathan M.
San Francisco, USA

hello natalia this is anthony. Your music is awesome, keep up the good work. your an awesome musician.... i love your music very relaxing.


Natalia! I'm Carlos, from Barcelona, Spain. I'm a saw player too. I'm a very big fan of you. Where you come to Spain??? Thanks a lot!!

You have to come to Barcelona!!!
Your way to play the saw is incredible... a very big inspiration for me. I wish to play with you one day

Barcelona, Spain

I hope you remember me. I spoke to you few weeks ago, when you are playing on 59th street across the 6 platform. I am a student of Hunter collge.
I saw on your website that you are not performing until April 26th. I wish there were more performance before end of April.
Till then, keep playing beautifully!

Astoria, NY

i understand inglis, i am not speak inglish...
Mi ingles es deplorable, alguien habla espa�ol?????????
quisiera contactarme para conversar un poco acerca de lo que haces.....
gracias.....thank you...!

Mauricio R.

Hi Natalia!
Have I already told you how great your bells sound?



Dear Natalia,

I listened to several of your music clips on your blog and I have to say I was absolutely mesmerized by the haunting sounds of your instrument. I would love to see and hear you play soon.

Valencia, Spain

Hi there. Your sound is so unique. That�s really incredible what you can do with that saw! amazing! good luck to you!



hi Natalia,
i saw you on new york subway a few times.
you have been very inspiring.

Lalita K.

Dear Ms. Paruz,
When listening to you play on CD I've always bean impressed by how rapidly you go from note to note, without sliding through the tones in between. It is what sets your playing apart. Yesterday I saw the video where you "snap" through a scale. Flawless, crisp and perfect. I have bean playing the saw for about two years now, and you are one few players who continue to impress me. I play a 30" Wentworth which I'm very pleased with. It plays from d# to g#:a little over two octaves. My new saw is a Bahco Strad. It's a little disappointing. It's tone is perhaps nicer than the Wentworth's, but it's range is only from e to d: not quite two octaves. Have you ever considered giving performance information about the saws in your collection? Yours,


Hi Natalia,

Please free to reproduce the poem however you wish - or even to modify it, adapt for performance, etc. - as long as I get credit as the originator (and a link back here if it�s online ). But I do appreciate your asking, and I�m very pleased (and a little surprised!) that a poem on a subject about which I know so little appeals to an expert in the field.

I have actually checked out your blog once before, following a link from somewhere or another, and spent an enjoyable hour reading your stories from the streets. I thought the writing was top-notch. So I�m doubly honored by your favorable review. Thanks for stopping by.

Dave B.

Some years ago there was in Buenos Aires a musical group called "The Tururu Serenaders" who used to play tangos with saw, but their saw sound never will equals yours.
Congratulations for your website!!!

Pucky DAlessandro

Hi Natalia I never knew a saw could sound so wonderful WOW !!

Ernie R.
Charleston, SC

Hey Natalia,
Your high grade lecture about the musical saw was really instructive and quite riveting.
C U.

Dovik A.

Hi there,
I enjoy reading your blog and the photos!

Rob K.

Hi there,
It's Alyssa from Hero Reports. Your website continues to be quite an inspiration for my research.


Alyssa W.

Natalia: I enjoyed myself very much at your performance. I hope to see and hear you again soon. :-)


Hi Natalia,

Thanks again for alerting me/the list to your talk and performance this Saturday. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed it!
I didn't want to be disruptive with the camera so I did a bunch of shaky, flashless snaps. This one turned out ok:
I feel like I learn a little something more whenever I hear you, and I'm eager to try bending a saw again ... maybe a little more carefully this time

Anyway, once again, thank YOU for sharing your gift, and alerting me to your lecture & demonstration. It was wonderful and inspiring, I look to hearing more this year ... I�ll have to find more reasons to pass through Union Square in the middle of the day during the week!

Stay gold -


Dear Natalia,

I really enjoyed your concert!

Thanks again!

Ella S.

Hi Natalia: It was so great to meet you in person at the Music Under New York auditions on Thursday. You were the perfect hostess. I watched as you helped calm down many of the performers who had the audition jitters. I also thank you for all the information that you shared with me. I look forward to catching one of your performances soon. Be well,


hi! i see you all the time, and have always loved your saw seeping through the tunnels as i walk to my train. really wonderful stuff.

all the very best,

jenny b.

Hi Natalia,

I've seen you more than once. I take the train at times square all the time. so I'll say hello when I see you. I would've never imagined that you could make music with a saw. Its really cool. :-)


Dear Natalia,

I've never composed for the saw - but I'd like to. At least, the way you play it: in your hands it's not a novelty, it's a musical instrument.
Can you give me - or direct me to - a beginner's guide to composing for musical saw?


Laurie D.

Hey Natalia,

I really enjoyed reading about what people have put in your donation box. New Yorkers never disappoint!

Love your good hearted spirit!

~ JoAnn G.

"Lame Sonore" is so beautiful, i heard it a few times today!

All best wishes from


I hope to hear you in New York sometime soon� Your music is absolutely mesmerizing!


Hi. I have a musical saw that I haven't played in 55 years. I have started playing again but find that, as was the case in 1953, the bow hair does not last long. Do you have any suggestions for making less wear-and-tear on the bow hair? Or, is there any other way (other than using a hammer, which I don't like the sound of) to get the same effect as the violin bow? Thank you. Your music is beautiful.

Tennessee, USA

You are so amazing, i've seen you so many times in the subways

BRONX, New York, USA



I want to thank you for the tutorials you have posted on you tube. It's such a push for us musical saw beginners! Your music and talent are inspiring. Best of luck =)

Cindy Nehme

Hello Natalia,

J'aime beaucoup votre personnalit�, il y a une conviction qui se d�gage de vous qui doit faire bouger des montagnes!...

Je comprends aussi l'anglais, mais j'ai du mal � l'�crire, donc pas de sou�is pour m'�crire en anglais..

All the best for your festival!


Hi Natalia
thanks for the add. I've just released an album of Irish music featuring mainly O Carolan's pieces. Although I play about 20 instruments on the album the saw features on two tracks, most prominently on one. Thanks for the inspiration and help you have offered in the past.

Pete Burns

Hello Natalia,
Once again, my compliments to you too Natalia! You not only masterminded the logistics of the festival, you also played a wonderful and very impressive performance yourself! I particularly enjoyed the premiered piece for music-box and saw!

Nick B.

Very beautiful. I appreciate your talent as I have tried to play a number of differant saws.
I do play a mean stainless steel sink. One I played was close to a pan drum.
Best wishes,

Gary H.
Akron, OH

Dear Natalia,

we really enjoy the program.
Keep up the good work, you are a such dynamic young Lady, see you sometimes soon.

Salieu S.

Dear Natalia: This was my first musical saw festival and it was great! It was great because of your super planning and skills of communication. Your directions from Oakland, New Jersey were excellent and I found a parking space only one block from the church. Now, I should take a few lessons from a New Jersey saw player to pick up some sawing techniques. After observing players like Moses, Irving, Nick, and yourself, i am now committed to improving my playing. Again, Natalia, you are to be commended for your effort and coordination in bringing together some great saw players for all of us to enjoy. You and others have encouraged and motivated us to continue playing and improve. Many thanks and God Bless You.

P.S. Your articles and pictures in the Saw Players News has helped me to learn, not only about great saw players throughout the world, but important techniques and hints on how to play. Thanks again.

Roger M.

I enjoyed your very entertaining youtube presentation.
My father was a saw player and I have one of his. The bow he gave me needs to be restrung. I think I might buy a new one insead. What do you suggest for a bow that would produce a good sound? Also, what is that contraption on the left hand end of the saw. I have never seen one before. Where can I order one? After not touching my saw for many years, you have inspired me to take it up again. Thank you for your help- ful advice.

Susan S.

Hey, Saw Lady,
You are a FABULOUS saw player. I am no where near as accomplished as you are.



You're gettin' some kick-ass press on MSG/SOUNDTRACKS...Waasaaaaay 2 go girl!!!!! : )


Heidi B.

Dear Natalia,
My, how I love to hear you play. Amazing.
Wishing you and yours all the best. Warmest regards,

Peter P.
Wisconsin, USA

Hey ! I can't believe it !!! I'm listening your music with tears in my eyes . . . until today, i thought it wasn't true when I saw delicatessen !

Alejo F.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Your saw music is beautiful!

Janet J.

hey, i am jacob, i live in omaha, nebraska. i am 16 years old. i am a big time fan of yours. you actually inspired me to play the saw!!

jacob r.
omaha, nebraska, USA

Thanks for being such a wonderful musician and addition to life in New York!

Very best,

Zina S.


I love your music!! it`s amazing!! i saw you this weekend in subway,if you remenber there was a tall asin guy came to ask your email name is Ting,i came from China,and still learn english,so forgiven me about my english.

Thank you for bring such amazing music to everyone,and i hope you can understand my broke engilsh.

your friend


Hi Natalia, I've talked to you numerouse times while you have been playing. My favorite subway entertainer....!!!

I see you shot with Chris Zedano on Staple St. He shot me there last Saturday, my two photos are on the gallery's nice to be in similar company with you

when my mom comes to nyc next i'm bringing her to hear you. your smile and passion while you play is a testiment to real humanity. Thanks for your beacon to the NYC masses!!!


Scoop S.

I saw you on And enjoy your music and your pleasant personality it is very contageous. I was wondering what object you use to hold the tip of the saw? I will enjoy you forever

jeff d.
Long Island, NY, USA

I recently became engaged. When I first started working at my current job I commuted through Times Square and whenever I heard you play I said to myself that if I ever got married I would want you to play during the happy hour (and maybe the ceremony). Well, we're just starting our wedding plans. Do you play at weddings and if so can you please provide me with additional information?

Thank you very much. I love what you do!

Leah S.


I made it to the Saw Festival during my stay in New York. I just wanted to let you know that the high light, for me, was your opening song, from Lucia di Lammermoor. It was wonderful.

Take care,

from Eleanor.

Hello, Hello, You play verry well, I love the sound of you saw.
Your playing and the soud of your saw are very particular and touching. Marvelous.
See you soon.

Champagne-Ardenne, France

i never knew such beautiful music could be made from a saw!


The music she plays draws you in and her smile captures you and embelishes her performance. A wonderful experience. I love her CD

Walter K.

very special


She's the best!


That is amazing... I just started at a community college yesterday and had my first piano class today, where I mentioned that my only instrumental experience was with the musical saw and thumb drum (I'm not particularly good at either, but since learning your handle trick- which I saw in one of your Expert Villaige video lessons- I have become a bit better a bit faster).



Hi! I love how you play and I really esteem what you do!
My name is Carlo, and I study conducting in the conservatory of Venice.
If you should ever come to Venice I'd be glad to show you the city and to introduce you to teachers and students in the conservatory. Maybe we could even organize a concert!

Venice, Italy

hi natalia,

your saw playing is so lovely! my friend and are have started to learn to play the saw; we are really enjoying it, and your videos on youtube have been very helpful!

thanks so much,

sarah z.

I've recently rediscovered the captivating sounds of the singing saw, it is incredibly inspiring!
Thank you for commenting on my art, it means a lot coming from such a talented person as yourself (I've watched many of your U-Tube videos).

Leah R.
Florida, USA

HI SAW LADY! i play a c. blacklock special with the little mallet that came with it, and with a cello bow. BTW, it was watching your videos on youtube, and looking at you website, that encouraged me to try out this wonderful instrument. thanks!


I heard you on the PHC rebroadcast this weekend and looked you up on th eweb. I'm glad things are going well for you! I love your music!


Dear Sawlady,

It was wonderful meeting you last night: your performance was just great and I also enjoy your Blog very much.


steve b.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Hey Natalia !

I heard you on Prairie Home Companion last Saturday! That was really cool I ran around the house making sure everybody heard it. It was a rerun from a previous show so obviously you were one of the highlights. and beside any time is a good time to hear saw music on the radio. Hope you're loving the start of autumn!

Terry B.
Atlanta, GA, USA

Your music is so beautiful. I can't believe you can make such beautiful music from a saw. You are very talented.

Arizona, USA

hey natalia!
it was totally my pleasure to feature you in ins&outs! i only met you once, but i knew immediately that you were a genuine, lovely person, and you are so talented in such a unique way. this next issue is slated for late october/november.take care! and thank YOU!


audrey d.

Hi Natalia,

I just heard of saw playing yesterday! My great-aunt had heard a saw player at a funeral and thought the music was just beautiful. I just googled saw playing, looking for a cd to purchase for her, and I found your music! It's so beautiful and interesting!

Good luck with your career!


Natalia! Omigosh, thank you soooooooooo much for coming to the party and for sharing your divine saw playing with us! To be honest, I thought I would enjoy it -- but I enjoyed it beyond my expectations! It was like watching you dance with someone you love. So striking. So beautiful. Everyone raved about your performance. Thank you so much! Talk to you soon.


Hi Natalia,

I would love to photograph you again one day. It seems the photographs I took the last time did not come out the way I wanted them to(unsharp or out of focus). Don't know what happen, but I think I was so excited in wanting to catch you that I lost myself in your music. I hope to get a chance to photograph you again in the future.
I will be looking for you at the place where I caught you the last time.(42nd and Time Square Station).

Marcelino P.

Hi Natalia,

I saw you at Cindy Pearlman�s book event. I enjoyed your performance, so I checked out your web page.

Barbara G.

oh yes! I love your musci! it so AWESOME! I wanna learn someday!


Hi Natalia,
Came in for another wonderful, serene listen to your music. Wonderful dear friend! Just love it!
Cheers once more!


Hello Natalia!
You have a beautiful music and interesting performance! I very glad that talent(you) writing to me!
When I started my musical career I didn't have a musical instruments. I began to play on different dishes on my kitchen ( The Kitchen orchestra). I don't play professionally on Saw! I look for different sounds in this instrument and sometimes i use it! I think that Saw similar to Theremin! Do You agree?
We have many instruments around, but we don't notice on it!

All the best!

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Fabulous.Love the site and the information.



Just to once again say how much we (myself and Elyzsabeth Ahne) enjoyed the Flsushing library concert.

We are cabaret performers, I, the pianist-composer. We have an upcoming CD of a fully orchestrated original music comedy songs to be relesed, probably within 6 months.

Again, thanks! It was inspiring!

The Elegant Ivory Duo
L. Egan D'Ivori and Elyszsabeth Ahne

Hi... First of all thanks to be here. You are the best guide to learn to play the musical saw. I am from Barcelona, Spain, and I am learning to play the saw.

Sincerely yours

Toni C.
Barcelona, Spain

Your youtube videos have been excellent help.
Thank you!

San Francisco, California, USA

Hi I just saw you this evening at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and I was blown away by your performance!

Amanda R.
Staten Island, NY, USA

Dear Natalia,
I hope our paths will cross one day soon. I love your music. So haunting and pure.
I do hope you and I can record together one day. I thought my sound was haunting until I listened to yours. I really feel the bamboo flute and saw would be an amazing together.
Since we met here, I have listened to "other" saw players. (as you made me aware). But NONE come even close to your level of talent. I really hope we can meet oneday.

All good to you and yours,

Peter P.
Wisconsin, USA

Well done! You could make me cry.

Marc R.
Barcelona, Spain


What an interesting journey you are on !! The Saw sounds great. Amazing really !!

Paul A.
Illinois, USA

Hey I seen you a couple of times and your great

Edwin F.

I'm Marc, from Barcelona (Spain), and I'm the banjo and musical saw player in a local cover band called Abrevadero.
I started with the saw about ten months ago, and when I was struggling to get my first notes out of it I watched some great videos of you in Youtube witch encouraged me to try harder and harder.
We'll, I'm still a begginer, but I want to thank you for the important task you're doing in order to help more people to get information about the musical saw and how to play it.

Keep on doing that great work!


marc R.
Barcelona, Spain

Hi Natalia

I've blogged about you now! Got something off youtube. Keep it up, its great.

Laurence E.
Brighton, England


Brooklyn, NY

Hi Natalia,
My name is Lisa, I live in Montreal and I'm coming to NYC from tomorrow (sunday) until wenesday evening. It's a last minute decision, which explains my late message. I discovered the saw this summer et decided to learn how to play this wonderful instrument. I have no previous musical experience but for a month now I have been practising. You were my first contact to the world of musical saw, through your website, your music, the informations you give about how to play the musical saw. Since then, I have had the chance to meet Francoise, a musical saw player from Mtl that you have met before.

I was wondering if I could have the chance to meet you, if you're in NYC right now, if you could maybe tell me where you are planning to play. I would love to hear your music other than from a computer, to really feel the energy of your music.

Hoping to hear from you soon enough to have the opportunity to meet you.

� bient�t j'esp�re,

Lisa G.
Montreal, Canada

I recently purchased a Theremin and am starting to learn to play it. After seeing your performances on YouTube I was amazed at the wonderful sounds you're able to produce from the saw, and how closely they resemble the Theremin. And after hearing what you said in your interview about Leo Theremin wanting to reproduce that sound electronically, it made perfect sense. Any tips and hints you could give me would be greatly appreciated as I go out to buy a saw this weekend and get started. Thanks again for taking the time to educate the rest of us who are interested in learning a new instrument.

Johnny W.
Utah, USA

Thanks so much for posting your lessons on youtube!

Sarah A.

How fun! I teach Kindermusik, and we're studying music of Appalachia right now. My class was VERY interested in the musical saw, so I Googled it, and found your fantastic site. Thank you!!

Mary D.

Hi Natalie,
Very interesting website. You sound like a fascinating person and musician.


I saw you playing on the other side of the subway station last week. I was so wrapped up in my life's problems and suddenly, the sound and sight of you playing your saw lifted me up into another world. I think I have seen you play before but for some reason it this particular instance that struck me. Not only are you incredibly gifted - I have never seen a saw player so artfully and subtly bend the saw and never heard an instrument sound so enchanting - but you are also an amazing performer. It was hard to tell you and the saw apart. The whole thing touched me so profoundly and unexpectedly, I couldn't get it out of my mind all day. I am so glad that you are out there intriguing and inspiring people with your beautiful music and your heartfelt love for (and connection with) your instrument. I think your strange and wonderful music can make people realize that we our problems and differences are easily eclipsed by all the beauty in this world. Thank you for dedicating yourself to this worthwhile endeavor, and for giving me an image to remember when I need to put things into perspective.

Margarita K.

Dear Natalie, As I write this e-mail I listen to the sample of Schubert's Ave Maria played by you which I found on the web, and i like it a lot.

All the best

Yirmi P.
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Dear Natalia - It's always brightens my day to see you !! Thank you !!
Love & Gratitude


Wonderful music!

Andrew K.

Hello Natalia! I use to watch your lessons on Youtube : this is so instructive for me, I just begin to play a saw - thanks a lot for giving tips about saw playing!


I saw you on the Lexington line last week and was absolutely rapt by your music.


Mark L.


Actually I was searching for cowbell CDs as a Christmas gift, and I came across your site. Although it was not exactly what I was looking for originally, I absolutely loved the samples that I heard and I had to buy it! I have never heard a musical saw before! Hopefully, my sister-in-law will enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Brandy M.

Oh my goodness, I am so honored to have you as a friend. I have on many occasions visited your YouTube videos' and your web-site to listen and watch with great interest your style of playing the Musical Saw. My Saw is a 30" Strativarios, and if you listen to my songs on my website....I play the Saw and all the other instruments in the background to give my music a distinct sound of old style Country Music. I originally started playing the saw to The Mississippi Blue Yodeler Jimmy Rogers music of 1925 and even found a way to make my saw YODEL while Jimmy is Yodeling. I am so grateful that you found my website. I hope and pray that we can become long time friends in the future. I love your music and playing style. So this is My "Special" THANK YOU to the greatest Saw Player there is. Welcome, and again...thank you, thank you, thank you. Your friend,

Tampa, Florida, USA

Hi Natalia
I was just going through this past year's pics--it's been a busy year-- and came across this pic of you in the NY subway.

I SO enjoyed your music. You probably don't remember but I stopped for a brief chat because I play harpsichord and you were playing some Bach beautifully and unexpectedly in that echoey, busy place...

Thanks for a great NY experience on my brief trip from the west coast.

Jenni G.

I am amazed at by your talent and have watched you several times.

Colorado, USA

I think what you're doing is so cool! I admire people who follow the beat of their own drum. :)

Terri W.
Florida, USA

Loving the saw sound in Victoria, BC, Canada!!

BC, Canada

yippee, saw!


Great website, especially the sound clips. Truly inspiring. Yes indeed,the saw is a folk instrument: one you basically teach yourself (at best). You've done well with yours. Keep up the good work.

Jonathan B.
"West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

I loved to hear you play!


excellent music, great videos on youtube!


Hello from Austria and thanks for your advices! I play the musical saw for half a year now and really admire your playing.


I was ever wondering if you ever thought of playing at the patchogue theater of performing art at the gateway playhouse in bellport out here on the island.
I work for P.C. Richard & Son I drive a big truck and deliver merchandise to a store in chelsea between 5th & 6th ave on 24th st. Have you ever been to any of our stores? keep up the good work you sound great just would like to see you play in person.

jeffrey d.

Hello my name is gordy. you are pretty frreaking amazing!

---gordy c.
Brooklyn, USA

Wow Saw Lady, that is one cool sound!




Your music is gorgeous. Usually, when I hear a musical saw, it sounds like a dying cat, but, with the way she plays it, it sounds very ethereal, very beautiful and very pleasing to my ears.


Thanks for playing!-you stole the show, as usual.
I'm looking forward to playing Villa Lobos with you in January. We also enjoyed Scott's piece.

Marry B.

Hi Natalie!

I checked out your own website and I am impressed with your list of credentials (And still, you remain a busker! Kudos!). I look forward to hearing some of your music. Keep spreading the joy of music in NYC! (I LOVE the Big Apple.)


makes me really happy to see people like you in this world. Hope it's not too corny but, you're great


Hi Natalia,

I wanted to tell you that my journalism professor was at 59th Street the other day and saw you perform. He knew who you were from my article, and he wrote to me saying that you positively radiated joy, that your happiness was infectious.

Yaelle F.

Hi Natalia,
Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping off the Ins&Outs mag w/your story. I've been sharing it with our staff and patients and want to tell you that everyone I show has either heard you play or knows you from the area. You should know that you are held in very high esteem. I've also now discovered your website and your playing is indeed enchanting. Congratulations and my sincere best wishes for a happy holiday and new year.

Barry V. C., D.C.

Hi Natalia!

I love your music ... so unique!!

Jeneene T.
Astoria, NY, USA

I play Musical Saw, though I just started, I learned most of the basics from watching videos of you.

Sideshow Shecky
Missouri, USA

hi! you along with all the other wonderful buskers of nyc always make my day a little brighter! you def rank up there as one of my fav's!

thanks sawlady.look fwd to seeing you perform again soon!

ed w.

Merry Christmas. Your CD delighted my father beyond belief. I talked to him twice today and it was all he could talk about. He played along with you and was tickled. He doesn't have email but would love to have contact with you.
Do you tour? I know he would love to see you in concert. Might be a great gift I could give him sometime if you were in his area, or a reason to get him out to WA to see us.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Carmen W.
Spokane, WA, USA

Dear Natalia: My daughter came up from Florida yesterday and I showed her your Festival flyer and a few pictures and how I enjoyed the wonderful program set up by you. So, I didn't want to forget to say thank you again and wish you and yours a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Roger M.

Love your music!

Dylan Davies

Love the way you play!




I love your playing! Envy your musical talents!


I love the sound of the musical saw !!


Thanks for your website, lots of good information! I have a musical saw, want to learn to play it.

Steve Stratford
WI, usa

I want to try to learn how to play a saw. your music are really great!!


It was really great, I have never seen or listen that "instrument" before.
I hope all the world will listen.
Id like to hear a compleat concert in the future.


Hi, Natalia.
I've seen you several times in 59th st. station. Actually that was my first time to see you and a musical saw. What I felt that time was a huge impression, I thought you were like a dancer.

Ken C.

Natalia played several times at Leyvik House. She is a great artist. You and the audience will enjoy very much her performance and warm personality.

Daniel G.
Tel-Aviv, Israel

I've seen your videos on youtube, they've actually helped me a lot. Right now I still can only basically make random noises with the saw, but everyday I feel like I'm getting more and more of a feel for it.

Tiffany R.
CA, usa

Hey Natalia, how are you? Happy 2009 :). Hey, it is pretty impressive how good the sound you get from the saw is :O

Victor G.
NYC, usa

Happy New Year! I hope that you have a very prosperous year filled with joy and happiness. I�m sure I will make a trip up to the city this year and I will be looking forward to hearing you play. I was very happy to have your holiday CD during the holidays, it really made the holidays nice.

Baltimore, MD, usa

Natalia! ..........Hi! I did not see you on the subway. I wish! I desperately want to see you play. I am sick that I missed you in.............Grand Central?? I must see you play!! I have watched videos of you on youtube, I think.

I found you because I have been researching the theremin and singing saw. A band I like very much uses a singing saw and I loooove this instrument. I am not sure exactly how I found you. Maybe wikipedia? I searched singing saws and I found you somehow. Thank goodness!

I think you are incredible. I must see you play live. I am a photography student and I would love to photograph you playing. When I do see you....I will email you the pictures of your performance. Also, if you ever want me to take headshots, any kind of photography....I would love do it!! For free of course! I also do some graphic design and photoshop, BW film...I do it all! I will send you a link to my work. If you need anything! let me know. I am not trying to make money...I just think you are wonderful! also, I am trying to build a diverse portfolio that is full of the things I love! Music, of course, being one of them!

But anyway, I think you are just incredible Natalia!!!

Warmth ;)


p.s. I am sorry I wrote you so much! Surely, you must think I am nuts!

Bret B.
NYC, usa

Thank YOU!! Your site is really great. And so is your music!! I�m so glad to know that there are people out there like you who are so talented and devoted to such a n awesome instrument.

I hope I can make it to the festival!! That sounds like a great time!!

Have a great day!!

Tabitha K. S.
MD, usa

Dear Natalia,
Wow, I've played with lots of instruments, but never a saw. I remember how hauntingly expressive your playing is and look forward to blending my flute with it.

NYC, usa

Hi Natalia!
Are you on facebook? I have track on my profile there on which I use the saw, though it may be difficult to listen to for someone who makes it sound as lovely as you!

Corrona S.

hi there just to let you know you saw playing is truely wonderful and in answer to your question do i play saw , well not to your standard im afraid i come from lancashire in england and saw players are very rare i have only ever met too one was richard a friend of ours who went back to the states and left me his stanley carpenters saw and his bow and rosin, and a young lad whose taken it up recently so theres definitely a gap that needs to be filled i play guitar as my first instrument , my mother says that everyone b4 the war played the saw but they were melted down because the steel was needed so it died out after the war, to here you play is an inspiration pleasure to meet you natalia is yours a baratone or a tenor it has such a auntingly sweet sound . best wishes mand .


Natalia -
I am in love with you. I have seen you perform a few times actually, and was at (I really wanted to use the word "saw" there) the Musical Saw Festival last time! My favorite piece was you playing with the music box. I will never forget how beautiful it was. It was a curse that I didn't get to join the chorus of the saws (I had to leave early). Next time!

jeffrey m.
NYC, usa

My name is Ron. I am a ventriloquist ,puppeteer and balloon artist. Your webb site is great.Your talent is so good and people are always looking for something entertaining and unique. keep up the good work.

Ron Lighty & Jason & Jed
TN, usa

Hei, I really can't believe: I never heard anything like this. It really seems a human voice, an angel soul prisoner in the steel... Every note you play pulls a teardrop fom my eyes, and there's nothing I can do, this never happened to me, it's a wizardry or what? I'm not drunk, nor on drugs... (nor suffering a mentall illness - unless this is the first symptom... :) )What's happening with me and your magic instrument? Did this happened to other people, too in your experience? I'm enchanted: I have no words.
My best best best regards and greetings for your magic playing!

Pier Carlo T.

Natalia, you are one of the most talented musicians I know. I wish you all the best.
Kindest regards to you and yours,

Peter P.
Wisconsin, USA

Awesome. I grew up w/mom playing saw. . . Love it! Very Beautiful.

Rhonda W.

hi like your saw playing. im just starting out find your page interesting thanks


Hello! Just saw your page from our friend Dallow. You're really inspiring :)


I actually saw you on the TV program I believe it was on one of the local channels. I was completely blown away by your music! Hope I do get to see you live soon...

Michael T.
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Pretty, pretty, pretty - both the music and the lady

David C.
Hong Kong

Hi there,

Your music is truly beautiful. I've never heard a saw sound like that. Keep up the great art.

Dan S.
New York, USA

I love the saw! Sounds great.

Martin G.

Always enjoyed your suff.

Will G.
London, England

Wow you can play the saw.....Lady! best wishes to you,

Hannah M.
London, England

J'adore ta musique, cet instrument est fascinant!


Well hello again Sweet Princess of the Musical Saw. If I should be near NewYorkCity....I will most get-in-touch with you to get the directions to the NYC MUSICAL SAW FESTIVAL. I love the sound of the saw....and at every Jam I go too, it is expected that join in with the saw. They all tell me that the SAW Adds the missing "fill-in" to the Classical country sound. Last year, I've played the saw more than I have the guitar. I wish this upcoming Festival there in NYC is very successful, and more people tune-in to the Saws sound. Thanks Natalia for your endeavoring to bring this sound to the forefront. I look forward to meeting with you in person also, and might I add that you are one GOOD-LOOKING young lady. Your Tampa Fan and Friend,

Florida, USA

I play on my saw for fun and have used it in performances, but I'm not very good at playing many tunes. I'm working on "Oh Danny Boy" at the moment. You are a wonderful artist and I love your playing. Thanks a lot,

Stephanie A.

I'm a big fan of your playing! Actually, seeing a video of one of your subway performances inspired me to pick up my father's saw a few months ago and attempt to make noises come out of it. I've got to say, it's probably one of the most difficult instruments I've ever come across, which makes your playing even more impressive! So thanks for the inspiration!

Jeff P.
Michigan, USA

Hello! I am incredibly impressed by your saw playing- I have watched your youtube videos and visit your site often! I was given a saw myself for my birthday and I am very serious about learning it... I have been wanting to for a year now! I was wondering if you had any contacts in Chicago that would be available for a few lessons? I am a young person and would like to learn from a professional as I begin. I really look forward to hearing back from you... and hearing more of your saw! Absolutely beautiful!

Susie J.
Chicago, IL, USA

I was s� happy to find your videos on youtube! So thanks a lot for that :-)


Hello Natalia AKA saw lady!

Today I have spent a great deal of time attempting to learn how to change pitch, jump around to various notes, and not make horrible screeching sounds, but rather pleasant ghostly noises like you seem to do so effortlessly!
I must know, how long have you been at this?
I imagine it's a lifetime love for you- since I 've been watching your youtube videos for help and WOW, what a virtuoso you are!
The instructional YouTube videos you have up are SO HELPFUL.
I wish they hadn't cut them into one minute sections- you are a very good teacher, and if I lived on the other side of the country I would come to any class you taught!
You make these things that I have been struggling with very clear and simple, and I am finding I am making far more progress watching you than anything else so far.
I just wanted to let you know how great those were- I sure do wish there were more of them, I watched all of them, and I was only sad that the instructions and history portions were cut so short.

Also- man! my arms are shaking, you must have some powerful muscles, lady! That's hard work, even with a screwdriver handle!

Have a really great afternoon- or evening- whatever it is there!

Esmeralda in Portland
Aka the shrieky terror of housecats
Oregon, USA

Hi Natalia, I think it is so great that you bring the musical saw to the subway! What a cool instrument to play. You are very talented.

Oregon, USA

Love what you are dong, what a hauntingly beutiful sound!

Ohio, USA

Hi, Natalia, I enjoy your first CD ---" Hark, an Angel Sings" and I want to ask if you have another new CD of Classical music yet.?? I heard you play a BEAUTIFUL classical saw song on the Garrison Keiler show recently, and I really want to hear it again, and again. Do you have that one available on CD ? What is the name of that song ?? Sincerely,

Charles N.
Marshall, Texas, USA

Gosh, I do love your talent.

I clicked on the Souvenirs de Paris -- how very romantic. I really enjoy the old French flicks I can find on Netflix - the snippit you have available to listen to reminds me of just those movies...I cannot wait to hear more.

Wishing Well,

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Hello Natalia,

I met you at subway at Jun 2004 and took your pic and sent you from Japan. You wanted have that pic's for some contest. I was organizing my data files and found your photos. So I thought why don't I say hello to you. I am happy that you have been continue playing and many people are moved by your music.

The next year of I met you, I went back to New York for my performance at Memorial concert for Billy Bauer who was the historical Jazz improviser in Guitar and one of my teachers. I haven't gone back since. So I didn't have enough chance to see you.

I hope to hear you again one day... and let me know when you come to Japan.

my best regards,

Dhamma Ace Yamashita

Thanks for the music!
Thanks for the great resource!


it is so nice to hear of all the different genres of music you can venture with a musical saw! i cannot wait to begin! :}


Your site is great and very informative! I have practiced playing the saw in the past and I'm interested in taking it up again.

Steve M.
Florida, USA

I like the sound it makes! It sounds like a woman singing at times... ^^'' I read of a man here who plays the saw too, he's a cultural treasure, apparently... But I never knew of it's true roots until I read what you said about it.

Greetings from the tiny island, Singapore


I wrote about you on my blog. I've never heard anything quite so unearthly and beautiful. I always associated the saw with backwoodsmen in Arkansas until I heard what you can do with it.

Ken W.

I love your music


Love the SIte


Found you on youtube. Brilliant! Thanx for the FAQsheet. Warm greetings from Rotterdam, Holland

Hella R.


I heard you playing on Prairie Home Companion Saturday and was astounded. Rosemary said it was a saw, but I didn�t believe her. I tried to convince her it was a combination of vocal and violin. I looked it up on the Internet and found she was right.
You are doing absolutely fantastic with a saw. I noticed you play other things too. I will explore you web site some more.

Bill C.

Hi, I was amazed by the information you placed on the net. I was wondering where can we buy some of thise instruments like the handbells and saw.


Natalia, I just want to say you are amazing! I never heard of the musical saw before and came across you on youtube...I then saw a few are certainly the best on youtube and probably in the world...I am very impressed and also impressed at what you have done. Did you start playing the streets and subways before you got to play some big halls? I also wonder how you can travel and street perform. Anyways, I really admire you....and wonder how you are doing at seem to be doing very well. Thanks

Beth F.
Boston, MA, USA

Hi Natalia,

I love your music.



Hello Natalia, I'm your fan, your sound is wonderful. What a pity that i can't be i NYC and see you. Maybe later:) best wishes


Natalia, I saw you yesterday at the Union Square station and stopped to take a short video with my camera. I sent it to my sister in Tampa - she's a music teacher - to play for her students. I enjoyed your performance & hope to see you around again. You seem to love what you do!

Sue K.

Hello Natalie! My name is Eva Chen, and I'm 17. I came across your music on Youtube and I think you're absolutely fantastic. You've inspired me to attempt playing the musical saw for a creative final project for school. I was just wondering if you could please tell me a little bit about what kind of musical saw you play (the brand?) and the time it took for you to master the instrument (I do have some musical background from playing the piano and violin, if that helps?). You are so amazin'! Thanks so much! :)

Eva C.

Hi "Queen Mum" of the Saw Player's! I would love to come to N.Y.C. on the 18th of July!! wow...
see you there, bye, love

Hessen, Germany

Hello. This is a mixture of a question and fan mail. First of all, you are by far one of the best sawyers I've ever had the pleasure to hear. My hat comes off to you. I wrote to you 2 or so years ago when I was just starting out, and recently came 4th in 'Australia's Got Talent'. ( Much like 'America's Got Talent' just minus the Hoff:) ) So basically, thanks for the words of wisdom in the beginning.So, I'm about to buy myself a new saw, but was wondering if you knew which saw out of a Blacklock Bass saw and a Feldmann had the deepest pitch or if either had pro's or con's that you're aware of. Thanks again and kind regards

David R.

I watched all of your videos on youtube to help me get started on what to look for in a saw and other how-to tips. Which I really appreciate! It was a huge help to me.

- Daniella
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Hey Natalia, I saw your blog, amazing, and all your achievement, you are one amazing LADY!


Wonderful!! Our Bass player and his son just saw you playing in NYC and sent me your links. Several of my friends are saw players but none so finely

Wild Hog in the Woods

You are awesome!

two-headed boy
the village, New York , USA

Hi Natalia,

You are the best saw player I ever heard!

All the best for you and lets stay in tuch.


Ulla (...and friends)
Berlin, Germany

Unbelieveable haunting music! There aren't enough words to describe the sounds you are able to make with your instrument. I really enjoyed your radio performance on public radio and am glad I found your website. I would really appreciate an autographed photo if you would do that for me. Wishing you more success and prosperity,

Jason H.
Kodiak, AK, USA

Hi Natalia,

I listened to your beautiful saw music and I am a huge admirer of your work. There is such a heart wrenching gorgeousness to the sound, it sounds like angels crying. And there is a hopefulness in those tears...
I think your soulful skill with the saw combined with his breathtaking compositions really make for something magical.

Mike C.

We actually learned how to play the saw from your youtube clips! So we appreciate you putting them up and teaching such an underappreciated instrument to people.

Ed R.
Illinois , USA

Hi Natalia
I am a Swedish percussionist living in southern Italy.
When I encountered your work on via the web I immediately felt that your playing really hits the heart.

All the best

Eric F.


My name is Ramon. I�m writing from Spain. I�m a circus clown performer, and I�ve discovered your fantastic webpage about these instruments wich the traditional clowns used to play in the Circus. I�m also musician , I play saxophone (Jazz Bigaband), and in my Circus shows I play a little the musical show , and the "grelots" (I don�t know the word in English language).

I admire your work. The sound of the saw is fantastic.


Ramon (Montxo the Clown)

Hi Natalia

I did enjoy listening to your saw playing. It inspires me to expand my repertoire.

Thanks and cheers

Paddy S.
Ottawa, Canada

I have looked through all your appearances in Youtube and it inspired me.

Freddie W.

Hi, this is quite good. I don't think I've ever heard such precise intonation on the saw before. I love the sound of your instrument. Cheers.

Chris A.
San Francisco, CA

Hi, Natalia. Our bassplayer is a fan of yours. He says you have a "nice tone" on the saw. Yes, even Classic Rockers in Western Nevada enjoy listening to your etheral tone once in awhile. Rock on, Sister!

Gardnerville, Nevada

Hi- I'm so glad I found your page! What an amazing instrumentalist.
I am the saw/theremin/amateur 'musician' living in Oslo, Norway... I'm just playing on a hobby basis though, and nowhere near your skills. After my instruments got stolen a couple of years ago (actually before I'd time to learn to play properly), I mostly do sound collages, and try to learn more about home-built instruments)
OK, sorry this wasn't going to be a message about me, just a message to you saying that I'm impressed by your work and what you do, and will definitely bookmark your page and blog for further visits!
All the best you you-

Best wishes,

Liv S.

Maestra the work!

Are you in NYC the next week? I will be in town mixing a record and would love to have an introductory lesson if you do such...
Thank you!


Alexander B.

hey I saw you on Youtube and I love what you're doing. It's inspirational. I play the violin and I'm getting myself down to a hardware store RIGHT NOW
thanks to your quick how-tos on youtube, i went straight to my dad's garage and picked out a rusty 20" handsaw (unfortunately the longest i could find!) and blasted out a few ghost noises. Your vibrato technique with the knee really works well. haha i'm havin loads of fun :)


Your saw playing is terrific - I'm still very much at the "making vaguely tuneful wailing sounds" stage, I'm afraid. Cheers

Manchester, UK

I was totally watching your video last night! You are quite talented. The movie Delicatessen made me fall in love with the saw.

Memphis, TN, USA

Natalia, your music is an inspiration! you really do make a saw sound like an ethereal voice, incredible!

all the best!

Kieran H.
Glasgow, UK

Hello Natalia!

I practically discovered the saw, and gained interest in it, through watching your videos online. One of my favorite bands, Neutral Milk Hotel, often used a saw in there songs, and once I started to research the instrument online, your name is nearly impossible to avoid.

Happy sawing :)


Kyle M.

Hi, today, I saw you preforming at 14th street, and you were awesome!!! i would've stayed and listened more, but my train arrived :( you said good bye to me, but i was in a rush and didn't have a chance to respond. So, good bye to you too ;)

Art F.

Dear Natalia,

I've seen you perform in the subway before and I was always so vexed that I had to go somewhere and couldn't stay and listen. Your music is so beautiful and singular.

I see on the site that you have a Christmas CD available. Do you sell any of your other songs, like Greensleeves or anything similar? Or perhaps more of your work with bells?

You are amazingly talented. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Julienne G.

I heard you many times by now...I live in NYC since 2005..your music is wonderful!!


Yael A.

Hi Natalia,
Just a quick thank you for your performances yesterday! As I drifted past the plaza on the kayak during the sail and heard your music, I thought what a really unique and special part of our event you are. Hope you enjoyed being there as much as we (and the kids!) loved having you. Best,

Julie P.

Hi Natalia!

My name is Houston Howell and I'm a Casting Producer with NBC's America's Got Talent. We are currently casting our 5th season and I'm on the hunt for unique, stand out musicians. I came across your MySpace and was blown away! I've been searching for a musical saw player, but the few I have found sound terrible! You're amazing! If i didn't see that you were playing a saw I would think it was a normal instrument.

We are coming to NYC this weekend Oct. 31-Nov. 1 and if you're interested I'd love to book you an audition with our Producers. This would be a booked audition. NO WAIT, NO LINES! Just you and our people. We can accommodate any time on those days.

I know you've already had a ton of success, but this could be an opportunity to share your music with more than 12 million viewers.

Let me know what you think.


Houston H.
Casting Producer
America's Got Talent 5

I found her at Expert Village and went to her website. She's awesome!

Andy D.
Chicago, IL, USA


I caught your performance on WFMU's 7 Second Delay and loved what I heard!


Joseph A.

hey SawLady - this is Billy Jam from WFMU (Irish guy who is DJ at station) and just wanted to say that you did a great job yesterday on the show.

best wishes


my children and i met you in new york enjoyed your music and bought your CD and got your permisson to make copies for the music libary we donate to veterans hospitals across the nation.

thank you very much

Sharon T.
Henning, MN, USA


I just wanted to say that i saw you playing for the 2nd time ever. The first time was from far away and i thought you were playing a violin, however, much to my surprise i saw you up close today and was lucky to be in the front row! I was very intrigued when i realized your prized instrument was a beautiful saw, and to listen to you play tonight was an honor.

I was initially upset because they skipped a boat service but listening to you play was well worth it--and i was almost hesitant to board the boat when it finally did came. You sound really amazing when you're playing and you obviously enjoy it. Next time i see you ill make a request! Thanks

David C.

saw her at the herald square subway station. i was entranced.

Augi L.

Natalia - you have inspired me to get back to my neglected saw!

Harry K.

Hi, Natalalia:

I had posted the link to your blog on my FB page and have already had comments how lovely it was to read with the accompaniment of your music. Those were my exact thoughts when I first opened your page; I look forward to coming back to it again and again.
Am proud of you as a working artists and look forward to looking you up Am in Florida and California the next two months but back in NYC in March. It's been many years (2004 or so, I think) so I really don't remember for sure but believe that I saw you at Times Square. What I do remember is that I was in a lot of spiritual pain following my divorce at the time and that listening to you filled me with peace. Cordially and collegially,

Alex C.

I heard the most beautiful and enchanting musical notes on New Year's Eve at the Shuttle Terminal, Grand Central Station at 1:30pm. You were playing and we had a brief conversation. I bought your CD.

Best Regards,


The EP is a gorgeous collection of music! I love it!

I shared it with Kadin today and he thought it was amazing. He sent it to his band mates, too. I love it when he discovers a whole new sound...

Rebekah O.

Dear Natalia,
You might not remember me... I am a short, gray-hair woman originaly from Switzerland, having my four daughters living in Israel.... I admired you and listened to you so often at times Square - and these days, the few times I pass by there, I am thinking of you. I hope so much that you're fine - and of course, I wish to hear you soon again. Well, I could send you a picture of myself to remind you who I am...

Very best wishes!


Hi Natalia,
It was most definitely a pleasure to meet you the other evening. As I said already, seeing you perform on the N train platform always brightens my commute.

Paul L.

Dear Natalia,
I have never heard such perfect playing on the saw. I'm surprised! I'm very glad to find out your site because now I know where I can find information about playing saw.

Best regards,

Alexey S.

Hi Natalia
Your music is amazing and very nice! You have a great web site. thanks a lot!


I enjoy your music. It's quite a skill to make such beautiful music from an industrial tool.

Ariel Steele

I'm a violinist and I'm looking information about musical saw. This site have a lot of information. Great.


Dear Natalia,
Thank you once again for your soulfulness and willingness to be so alive and vulnerable in public.

Rosa N.

Hello, it’s Gappy here. I’m blown away! Your saw sounds beautiful, really melodic and haunting. I’ve never heard anyone play a saw before. I’m going to send out a tweet directing my followers to your site to have a listen.

Happy busking.


One of the most striking pieces I heard at the Saw Festival last year was the one where the saw duet with the opera singer (sorry, don’t remember the name) because of the uncanny way the saw sound blended with her voice. Very eery/beautiful.

By the way, I hope you’re doing another Saw Festival, because I really enjoyed the last one and I want to bring some friends with me for the next one!


I saw a young broadway singer at a subway station yesterday and tried to search for her online, and then found your wonderful blog (and of course recall seeing you a couple of times). It’s nice that you are sharing your musical talent with the public, and at the same time sharing your performance experience online!


Hi, today, I saw you preforming at 14th street, and you were awesome!!! i would've stayed and listened more, but my train arrived :( you said good bye to me, but i was in a rush and didn't have a chance to respond. So, good bye to you too ;)

Art F.

Greetings, Miss Natalia!
I am a portuguese saw player (I've been playing for around two years now) and a great admirer of your work.

Best regards from Portugal and carry on the magnificent work (and sorry for my clumsy english)

Edgar G.

Heard you playing at Union square but had to scurry on by. Just knowing you're there gives a little "bump" to my day!

Mary B

Natalia Paruz is the shining star of the musical saw world and is based in NYC. She is the premier musical saw evangelist, a fantastic sawyer, and a wonderful person.

David G.

Hi Natalia! I've been researching subway culture and came across your blog today. The personal snippets of day to day busking stories were so enjoyable to read.
Sadly, I haven't witnessed you and your saw yet but I will be sure to keep my eyes and ears open. Keep up the blog. I love it!


Allie O.

I like your blog. I enjoy the music underground program a lot (and of course also other unlicensed subway performances. The blog gives a perspective that I have never thought about.

Marko K.

Listening to your clips on your website right now: unearthly & beautiful. The saw may be my favorite instrument.

Elizabeth M.
Austin, TX, USA

Hi Natalia,
i think your playing is great and i'm interested how to get this incredible sound of yours.



Your music is very beautiful.


My four year old and I met you in the subway yesterday. We enjoyed seeing you and you are definitely the best saw player I have ever heard (and I’ve heard a few). Gorgeous intonation! I put my child to sleep today playing one of your clips.

Mickey D

Hi, SawLady! GREAT blog! I live in TX, but my dad lives in NYC and I have seen you several times over the years when visiting. It's really fun to see saw-playing live. Keep it up!

Rachel S.

dear natalia! i am very impressed by your talent!

all best!

Vienna, Austria

Hi Natalia

Thank, I've received your CD and it is DEVINE!!

Do you have a mailing list? If so, please add me as I would not want to miss your next cd!!

Keep up the good work and have a WONDERFUL day!!! ;-)


Udo B.
South Africa

Nice to meet you in person, your music is amazing. This piece reminded me of Meredith Monk. It would be great to hear it with two other saw-ists. Stephen W.
South Africa

Thank you for creating a lovely music for the world to hear. I have watched you many times in the subway I think.


Very different and unique. Hope God take you forward.

Black Pearl
Bronx, NY

I SAW the light!

Greg B.

Beauty + talent. excellent.

Latisha S.

Love your blog.



Rita A.


Nanacy K.



Your always w/ a smile.



Brian K.



Freakin Awsome!



Marcelo V.





Huge cut above most subway music.

N. Johnson

Beautiful music

Anthony B.


Beth D.

I love your music.

Joel H.




Dan S.

Great to listen to that kind of music!







I´d un uncle who played sawmusic. I don´t think I can learn to play but You remind me of Him while I listened to Your wonderful music. Thanks.

Mats R.

Hi Natalia,

I've been a fan of you (in the subways) for about 20 years. I love your music, and we've spoken. (You'll know me to see me.)
I live in Astoria, and last year was the first year I knew about your wonderful musical saw festival ahead of time so I could plan to come. I came with my husband and 7-year-old son, who loves music.
Thank you for creating this wonderful event.

Wishing you peace and all good,

Susan V.
Astoria, NY

Hey Natalia, I just saw you on the CBS morning new show (channel 2) about 8:15am playing your saw with the orchestra... You look good on television !!! Best of luck to you !!!

Irving L.

Hey Natalia! Enjoyed the festival you are the best and to finally get to see what I have only read about is an experience I will never forget. Living out here on the island doesn't give me many chances to see you as much as I would like to which makes each time very special and that I will cherish it for a lifetime. Hugs to you and al you come in contact with. You are a catalyst to a brighter future for N.Y.C. Thank you for everything.

Jeffrey D
Long Island, NY

Congratulations on your performance with MCO and excellent NYTimes review. I am sorry I could not be there. I also had another client who was at the concert and was raving about both the composition and the performance.

All best,

Phyllis K.

Dear Saw Lady

Regards from Finland. I want to thank you about interesting expertvillage videos about musical saw. Here in Finland´s National Circus me and my friend (both clowns) are practising saw playin under your instruction :)

Best Regards

Mr. Séppo "Sebastian" Tauriainen
Sirkus Finlandia

congratulations for being original in the art of music !!
I saw the news talking about you , here in Portugal news !!
When you come to Portugal say something !!


I loved watching you perform as I walked through the station, such an unusual sound. Your blog is fantastic too, have added you to my RSS reader and look forward to hearing more stories.

Laura K.

I'm Kartal from Turkey, Izmir. I saw your video on youtube and I like your works.
Kartal M.
Izmir, Turkey

I think you're amazing Ms. Nataalia.

Stephen M.

Hey Natalia
Tomas C.

Your love for the musical saw is amazing. A true artist, you are to me.

Fred S.

Hello Natalia,

I have been an admirer of your saw playing talent for years. I first heard you playing in Union Square subway station and you gave me one of your business cards.

Carmelita F.

Hello Natalia
I love your saw music.

- Be well-

Paul M.

Oh , Yeeaaah !!! , so great !!!, just saw the video , you are inspiring !!!
Your music is so beautiful
I hope to see you perform sometime.

Veronika K.

Dear Natalia,

This thank-you was long overdue.What you did for us was huge... I cannot tell you how much it meant to us that there was a September Concert in Israel!!!

With much love and appreciation,

Haruko Smith
Founder and Chair
September Concert

Natalia Paruz:

I would like to say that I greatly appreciate your saw playing! I've never heard anyone who could do it as well as you. Three years ago i was inspired to learn the saw by your playing and I found your tutorials on youtube to be extremely helpful.

Cali J.

Hi, Natalia,
Maybe you can remember, my wife and I met you in a subway station half a month ago. We are from China, and I am a visiting scholar in NYU, majored in Documentary Film. I told you that day that the film "Amelie" contains a person play music with a saw, just like you. Sorry I was wrong, I just remembered today that the right film should be “Delicatessen”, I am sure with this answer.This is another film of the director of "Amelie", Jean-Pirre Jeunet. It was great to meet you. My wife and I love your music very much. I hope this email can find you well, and I'd like to keep in touch with you. We also hope we can cooperate someday in my film or other kinds of methods.

Chian C.

Natalia thanx for being who you are and doing what you do! :) xo


Dear Natalia

My name is Panagiotis and i live at Greece(Athens).
I Know you and your music from Internet !! Your music and your playing is amazing and very touching !!!

Best Regards,

Panagiotis S.
Athens, Greece

Thanks for possitive emotions!!!
very nice play**** big respect from Russians!!

Romann I.

Hello Ms. Paruz,

I love your music! You get a sound out of the saw like none other! I have your CD (I enjoy it much) and have been playing the saw for several years.

Best regards,

Mike J.
Ohio, USA

I play the singing saw, but not as beautifully as you do. It was watching you online that got me started.

Mig L.

Natalia, I purchased your cd at The Saw Festival, and waited till now to open it. It is by far my favorite Christmas cd to date! Amazing arrangements! You definitely added so much to these timeless classics!
And Ave Maria- oh my God! Such a beautiful and special duet! Love it!

Werner S.

You're amazing, inside and out.

Fred S.

Saw you last week, think it was Union Square? Wonderful music & huge crowd or I would have said HI! Thank you for the NYC magic!


She makes saw playing look easy. I can assure you that's not as easy as Natalia makes it look.

Charles A.
Indiana, USA

I really like tone of the musical saw. Natalia's saw playing is great.

Tokio, Japan

I've seen and heard you at Union Square! Your Awesome. Happy Holidays from Malibu to U!
Grew up in Manhattan & visit Family frequently. Your Amazing! Wow!! Always wanted to tell u how amazing now I can! Mom loves u2!

Preston B.
Malibu, California, USA


Really nice to have met you today. I really appreciate your art. Good luck to you! Happy New Year!

Emmanuel M.

You are indeed a very talented and amazing musican (and fellow sawist)!

Jasper M.

I never have heard of any thing like this until now. This here is some thing to behold.

Mike G.
Iowa, USA

We Love you in Portland Oregon Saw Lady

Casimire W.
Oregon, USA

Love the singing saw

Justin S.

I'm a big fan. I've been playing for a few years & own one of your CDs.

M. Jordan

You are absolutely fascinating!

Werner S.

Dear Natalia,
I didn't mention to you that I am a religious sister. I live at our Motherhouse of the Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement. Most of the sisters had never heard of a musical saw, so I am introducing them to you. Their reaction is amazement at the beautiful sound of the saw. They had no idea what to expect. So about 50 more persons are being introduced to this unique music!
One of the sisters would like to purchase another of your CDs besides your Christmas one. And she would like a few of them as gifts for other persons she thinks would like them.

hank you very much for bringing joy to us through your gift of music.

Sister Diane B.

WOW, I ADMIRE YOUR TALENT AND TRAYECTORY SO MUCH!! Thank you so very much for answering my messege!!! Keep up the good work!

Jonathan S.

Thank you dear & wonderful saw Lady, I just ordered a saw through the mail, you inspired me!


Gordon W.
Oregon, USA

I am a big fan of yours. I find your youtube videos inspirational.

Kale M.

You are great, and, as I saw your documentary, very sympathic!!!

Best wishesfrom beautifull Vienna,

Andi F.

Your videos are really great.


That was some pretty sweet saw playing, which is hard to say with a straight face, but it really was awesome...

Robert G. D.

I've enjoyed your playing for some time now, both in our Subways and on Prarie Home Companion. The first time I heard you was from far down the tunnel. I knew it was a saw, but I'd never heard anyone play so precisely and with such feeling before. You take it to new heights. And your glass harp, long a favorite instrument of mine, is inspiring.

Thanks for sharing your playing with us. When you're in the subway, dragging along, there's nothing meaningless about it. Quite the opposite.


Dear Natalia,

I am most impressed by your playing! Please keep me in mind when you're considering composers to commission.


David S.

Your music is lovely

all the best~


Wow that's fantastic - what a great piece and performance. I'm amazed at Natalia's pitch and how she does what seems impossible to me - with no frets, in both meanings of the word. She is amazing.

best wishes

Sonny K.

Dear Natalia, you are amazing! I saw you playing and talking about what you do and I'm realy impresed... It would be fantastic to see and meet more people like you :)
All the best!
Thank you for your music (playing and "dancing")
and lovely smile!!!


you were amazing. I had so much fun seeing you on a stage with lights and sound. I loved the compostion.

Cathy G.

Dear Natalia,
your playing is great!

Max A.

Hello Natalia!

I just got back to China yesterday. I really enjoy your playing and it's my first time to see this amazing instrument-saw. I learned a lot from you. Thank you very much! ^^ And I'm a music student. I went to US this time for audition of collaborative piano. Hopefully we could meet again someday! :)

Wish you all the best!


Dear Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz,

It was such a wonder to meet you! You are the friendliest person I've met and you have a great smile! You are such an inspiration to me and I'm sure tons of others.
I look forward to seeing you play again you are incredible at what you do and have such talent! Keep up the good work! I wish you prosperity and steadfastness in obtaining whatever it is you desire!


Meghan 'Saw Player'

Hello Natalia! I've listened to your ethereal music, and I love what you have done for saw players in NY!

Very best regards,

Sarah Z.

Hi Natalia!

Youre a definite inspiration to a young street saw player!


Listened to your magical music & it is delightfully mournful. When played properly, a saw can break hearts!

Daphne Y.

I heard you on comical radio. beautiful work.

Al B.

Hello Natalia....I host the show 'Sunset Road' on WTJU, and have been entranced by your music. All the best

Pete M.

I've just come across your website..i've never heard anything like this before! It's the most beautiful sound!

Robert B.

You are amazing! I will make sure to be underground on the 28th. So flattered you contacted me!

Michael T.

I've enjoyed reading your Subway Music blog for its simple, tender renderings of your encounters with strangers and familiars alike.

Nathan T.

Love the CD.... listening to it right now. Im sure my clients are going to enjoy it as much as I do... Thank you!

Gabriela G.

I saw you there "" this evening ..
2 things to say: First , what you play is just beautiful and amazing =)
Then , it's a real pleasure to see someone as happy as you seem to be thanks to something she likes to do, really, in those times which are not always really happy , see a smile like yours , with your beautiful song, that's great :)

Can't stop listenning to your song!

All the best,

Guillaume, 19 y'old

Hi again, Natalia! I just saw you at 34th Street and picked up "Hark! An Angel Sings". As always, you were wonderful - it was great to hear you today-a perfect day graced with you perfect sound. :)

John B.

Natalia, I've just seen ur exhibition at the underground on an italian website, my best regards, u're really extraordinary!

Matteo M.

Your playing is very beautiful!
Thank you

Curtis G.

I am also a musician and I must admit I am pretty amazed by all your videos. Well done and keep it up! :-)

Thanasis K.
Piraeus, Greece

The saw is so haunting. What gets me is that it is compelling, but at the same time, it gives me chills.

One of the best things about the Star Trek video is your smile. Has anyone told you that? Your joy really comes through! Joy is very contagious, I believe. Great stuff.

Tony M.
Florida, USA

I enjoyed listening a lot. It looks like the youtube video has gone over 100,000 now. Lets hope for 200,000. Your smile highlights the music.

Jacob H.

Even in Europe Spain you are known now,wauw, what an artist you are,if you ever near us let us know,



Loved your work. Made me feel like i was in a deep valley surrounded by mourning rivers and chanting spirits... It's creepy, yet so suave if you're in the right mood. Keep it up;-)

Bobbin T.

Truly amazing and inspiring, Natalia.. many compliments, from Holland !! -=V=-.

Valentijn T.

Absolutely awesome

Jack T.

I think you are absolutely fantastic & beautiful inside & out! I shared your video with everyone! :-)

Toronto, Canada

I like your music. And the films you made for export village on youtube.

Emile V.

Thanks so much for who you are. You may not know that your generosity of releasing all of the youtube shorts were my inspiration for taking on buying a saw and my persistance in knowing that I, too, had a burning desire in my soul to figure out how to play this delightful instrument.

Jeff B.

Dear Natalia,
You've been a huge inspiration to me for a long time.

All the best,

Mig L.

I would love to play saw with you. I'm a good player but you are the best!


Fernando S.

Hi Natalia,
I know you would prefer to be thought of as a great artist (which you are) but you are also a terrific ambassador for Queens and NYC for that matter. Somehow your spirit and artistry synthesizes the best this city has to offer.

great work,

David B.
Queens, NYC, NY

Hey Natalia,

Loved ur video. Ur an amazing talent...

Chetan J.
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Dearest SawLady: Wow! You rock the saw! :-D

Brandon D.

I'm a long-time fan of your videos! Musical saw is so much fun!

Neil K.

I downloaded Lame Sonore--I heard it once and couldn't get it out of my head. I'm using it to set the scene for my Playwriting final reading, it's got just the perfect quality to it!

Robert J.

Dear Natalia. I was highly impressed when I see your performance in the subway. You are talented. I think about you alot because I am also an artist who trying to build up my career. Talents are not enough, we all need some luck and a good strategy. I don't know how to get that luck. Just wish all the best things will come to you.

Pham H.T.

I find saw playing amazing because it looks difficult and someone playing this unusual instrument would have to have a good sense of pitch. Lame Sonore is beautiful.

Mark O.

Hello Natalia,

I also checked out your page and some of your videos. They are amazing and very entertaining. It was great to see a passionate musician and also one that knows how to have fun!

Also, I really wanted to say that I noticed how much joy you brought to the audiences around you :) I'm hoping that one day I would be able to do that too!

Thank you for inspiring me and also taking your time to reply!

Zinia :)
Gold Coast, Queensland

Hi Natalia! I've actually been a fan of your videos on Youtube ever since I first started playing saw a few years ago and was looking for some advice online.

Paul B.

Dear Natalia,

your saw-part in Joannas Song is so beautiful! It's truly a bone-caressing part - for the most tiny bones we have in our ears:).

All the best,

Johannes W.

FYI - you inspired me to pick up the saw. I am actually playing the saw in a theatrical production (for only about 30 seconds, though). But the show has been getting a lot of attention.

Christopher B.

Wow - you are rad!

Allen M.

awesome! beautiful solo


that was some superb solo.

Adam N.
Toronto, Canada

You and Scott make a wonderful team. The saw song was hauntingly beautiful.

mike r.

I Love your music...

Riccardo G.

Dear Saw Lady , Natalia Paruz

Thats my pleasure to be in your festival and meet other music lover and saw player, and i would love to learn playing the Saw from you and ask you for help , cause i dont access to any professional player and teacher

i feel that i need to learn to play Saw , but i found it difficult for learning by myself, so i will try my best to get to your Festival , and i Appreciate you about your wonderful playing and ideas , i watched and listened to some of your playing on the internet ,, it was amazing to make a saw singing

i am a big fan of you from here

Greeting From Iran to Saw Lady


Natalia, I've been watching your videos for a while and you are the exception, being perhaps the world's foremost saw player. I'm honored that you even watched my video.

I enjoy your music, and your enthusiasm about the saw.

Jas I.

Hello, from a wet, dark UK! Was delighted to find your vids on Yuotube, and am now thoroughly inspired.
YOur music sounds wonderful,so Ethereal!

YOurs sincerely

Den N.

I adore your photographs. Simply magnificent! Whenever I saw you in NYC I not only admired your playing but that most precious smile that shines with your music is always there. Wishing you continued success!

Irma J.

very sweet, and you are a talent

Joshua R.

you bend a mean saw girl!

Greg A.

Hey how are you doing..i really like what you do.its i said to you..iv seen you before when i was in new york 6 years glad you were ther at union sq this winter..kool keep up the good tune..

Rene R.
miami, FL, USA

Hello saw genius, thank you for adding that beauty to my record. xx Cathoel.

Cathoel J.

Actually I found you from youtube. You are pretty awesome player.

Juuso-Jesperi A.

Natalia, thank you so much for your kind words about the documentary. Not sure if you know this, but you were the first person we filmed for 'Give and Take' and when I started filming you at the shuttle stop in Grand Central, that was one of the first times I ever used a video camera. Meeting you not only inspired Chris and I to make 'Give and Take', but it has personally inspired me to become a filmmaker. Listening to people react positively to your section of the film at our first screening at SENE, I felt a connection to your story when people gathered around you the first time you played the saw. I think overall what I have learned from meeting people like you, Cathy and others is that motivating others to find their own passion in life is one of the greatest ways to contribute to humanity and grow as a human being. That is the path I plan to strive towards, and it is a path I hope to encourage others to follow. Thank you for sharing your message of unity and hope with our video team and the commuters who stop and listen to you everyday in the subway and streets of New York.


Carl K.

Your playing is inspirational, and thanks for all the you tube tips

Sylvie W.

Hi Natalia. Received your cd today, and played it right off. The saw was beautiful. You are a very talented lady.


i am so amazed! i never knew of such music coming from a saw...Thank you, Natalia...thank you!
The music on the soundtrack is beautiful without any doubt in my heart, mind, soul, and ears! ;D

Sharel M.
Indiana, USA

I love how something so mundane can sound so beautiful. You did an amazing job! I'd love to hear more! :)

Christopher G.

WONDERFUL scene, haunting music.

Sharon B.

What's not to love about this?! And about you, too, Natalia? Keep up the fine work :-)

Musical Instrument Museum
Arizona, USA

The musical saw scene was a transforming moment of the movie - hinted at when he was angry when she found the saw in his music room - his performance was beautiful - reminded me of the old chinese men playing similar instruments here in chinatown in manhattan. I had always heard people could play a saw. the music goes way beyond the western scale like the indian sitar scale. and was the flowing magic that allowed (as music often does) to open and reveal the soul. The key that demonstrates the redemptive quality of the music. Bravo Bravo Thank you for your part

Bruce Y.

Hi Natalia,

I have been reading your blog from almost an year... I really like the spirit in which you perform and enjoy your music. When ever i read through your blog, I feel like visiting the Subway :) But iam in India.

Hope I will get a chance to meet you somewhere.

Every time i feel low, i read through your blog, the daily experiences and the positive energy you experience... makes me realize that i too need to enjoy my life.

I learn music a little and enjoy it a lot. Not an expert though.

Thanks for the blog and thanks for the music.



Oh my goodness. This album ('I Saw the Future') is a work to be very proud of. The saw, accompaniment, vocals, and special treats such as the bells and music box make it remarkable. One River is simply gorgeous. I've only had one time through it and I know I'll have a new favorite every time, but 1905 and Bend also stand out as being particularly beautiful. What I love best is that I know I can't hear this blend of music anywhere else. I love saw and playing saw, but nothing but saw can get tedious after a while. This album has just the right variety. Thank you for making this.

Jas I.

On my way back home from Poland I listened to your new CD. I was AMAZED! It's really phantastic! Whow, such difficult (contemporary) pieces, such elaborated arrangements, such a beautiful sound! I'm inspired so much!
I can recommend it VERY MUCH!

Katharina M.
Berlin, Germany

Was able to see Another Earth at Angelica this afternoon. The saw scene was great and the music was eerie, evocative, and quite emotive of the character's particular zeitgeist. One of the best scenes in the movie. We stayed to see your name in the credits. Great film, great soundtrack, and amazing other worldly performances...rock on Natalie "Saw Lady" Paruz, you and your saw are pure delight!!!

Kevin F.
Dallas, TX

Okay endearing, talented saw lady. Enough teasing and get out west where know a good saw when we hear one. When are you coming to the Seattle area next, hmmmmm?


Seattle, USA

Dear Natalia - I loved the videos I have seen of you playing, not just the music but the way you move with the bow as well.
Best wishes with everything

Mark Abraham
Manchester, UK

Hey Natalia.

This Tuesday I bought a singin saw.
Then I researched a little bit the internet for videos and I came across yours.
What I especially liked about your videos, is the incredible joy and positive energy you play each and every note with. I found a lot of other very good "sawist's" videos, but in none I could discover that feeling.

Therefore, no matter if its ok with you or not, I will call my saw Natalia. Maybe, one day, you will meet her.

Best greetings from Vienna, Austria


Hi Natalia,

I did watch the Time Magazine report- it was magnificent! A great piece. Your intonation is incredible! I'm so bummed I couldn't be there!(Next year, I promise!)

Have a great day!


Hi Natalia,

I'm a huge fan of your music, and your proactivity in the saw community - I think what you do is great, and I love how happy you look doing what you do best in the subways.

Have a lovely fall.


Dear SawLady

i`m musician from Iran-Tehran

Thanks alot for your nice & wonderfull tonality of Musical saw
i like this Subway

Very Best Wishes:

Hamid S.
Tehran, Iran

Are you for real!? That is amazing! That's so cool what you do!!! I just read about you. Quite an interesting person!

Micah P.

beautifully eerie, i've heard of you before just through youtube :) i'm a music producer myself, would love to collaborate one day!
and well done for getting a spot on the film: fantastic. reviews are glowing,

Keith V

Ur incredible!!! It's so divine- Thank u!!!

Lilac City, USA

Estimada Natalia,
Muchas gracias por tu sitio y tu labor educativa en Youtube.
Te deseo lo mejor para tus proyectos.
Soy músico multiinstrumenista y ahora deseo aprender lo básico de la sierra musical.
Suerte y abrazos,

Mallorca - España.

Dear Natalia,

This is a long overdue note to congratulate you on the wonderful performance at St. Peter’s on September 13. As always you played beautifully and expressively in all the repertory.

And thank you so much for your performance in “The Winchester Widow” and for being such an ardent supporter of the work. Jason and I are fortunate to have such a friend as you.

Do you have other performances coming up? I think I will be in the city over the holidays – any performances then?

Much love,

Bruce T.

I wish I had the words for how marvellous that is... The world is getting harsher, colder, more competitive and barren each day, and we all have responsibilities and burdens. The gift of beauty and peace in their lives your music gave those kids is of inestimable value, just as is what they've already lost in their lives.
I wish I had her courage. And I'm incredibly gratified to hear of a genuine gift of real value in these horrible times. This has absolutely made my week, as you so often clearly do for so many Natalie. Your music is a revelation, a poetic utterance from somewhere between all the painful thoughts, one that resonates previously unseen beauty inside us all, that is a true gift. Please don't stop for a long, long time.
All the best.

Michael B.

I was only talking to Mr Mike Cahil about your music the day before yesterday! It was a great moment in a great film!

Ryan L
Northamptonshire, UK

Hi Natalia,

I saw you performing in the subway the other day and was blown away. You were so great.

Nick E.

Dear Natalia,

I remember when I saw you on the subway station it was a special moment for me and I still remember it happily. First I heard the sound and I thought it was the theremin which I really like too. Then I saw how you played with all your heart producing nice music from a saw I was amazed I stood there for a few minutes and snapped your picture.

Shoshana K.

You have a genuinely remarkable talent. Best wishes to you.

Vicki B.

Saw you Wednesday at Union Square, I think your as beautiful as you are talented. I can't wait to see you play again.

Kareem Y.

I saw you in the subway. I have seen you quite a few times. What you do is awesome!

Jim B.

Hello, My name is Mayra. I am a student filmmaker. I love your music first of all. Im in the process of making a short film for my Thesis Project in school and would love to have one or a few of your songs in it. My budget for this short film is very low but we can work something out. Thank you for your time and keep doing what you do, it's truly something to admire :D

Mayra A.

hi natalia! please put me on your mailing list or friend me on fb etc. i am a filmmaker and musician myself and your performances coupled with the film 'Another Earth' were nothing short of absolute, grace.

Drew A.

Please, let me thank you, for you showed that playing musical saw can be possible by myself, without teatchers. You are a real inspiration for me that I'm proud to spread in Québec, and i hope that I will be there at NY for the next saw festival.

Marie-lou S.

I downloaded your music yesterday after listening it at Israel's national radio broadcast service "Kol Hamusica" (Everything in Music (^_^). I am delighted and wish you all the best

Nanu P.

Hello Natalia,

The Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Sail 2011 was a huge success!

And to give credit where credit is due, we know that participants where particularly fascinated by your saw music. Your performance was just what the event needed to make it extra special. I myself saw such a performance for the first time in my life and was impressed by your ability to coax so many different tones out of an instrument that has no cords or strings.

I've already forwarded your invoice to finance. They usually cut checks on Fridays so you should receive it in the mail by next week.

Natalia, we will certainly reach back out to you when it's time to plan for the Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Sail 2012.

It was a pleasure working with you.


Community Programs Manager, Central Park Conservancy

Hi Natalia,

I just wanted to say that your music is incredible!

All my best,


You're awesome! I love it. You're pitch is so good... it's tough to hit those notes that accurately. It's a low-fi theramin.

Daniel D.
Peoria, AZ, USA

I have been researching saw playing over the last two days and I noticed something very unique to you (it shows up really well in the 8th annual NYC Musical Saw Festival where the group is playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow), while all the other musicians are playing their saws, you are the only one that is playing and dancing a ballet with your instrument. Your passion for playing the saw radiates out and shows in your every move, its like your saw becomes alive in your hands and you dance with the music you are playing... No one else does that that I viewed, you said in an interview that you wanted to be a dancer before the cab hit you, it looks to me that you have achieved it through your music.

Randy M.
Ohio, USA

I have been impressed with your playing; you make it a real instrument!

Samuel H.

So nice to meet you at UnSq the other day, Natalia. You're performance was a moment of calm in a crazy crazy city...for me at least. Thanks so much for what you do!!!

Mark R.

I met you last Saturday and clicked some pictures of you. I wanted to email them to you since you asked me. Also, I wrote about you on my blog and wanted to share it with you. I'm the guy who came from India to study Audio, maybe this will help you remember, since you meet so many fans. :)
Also, my friends and family back home fell in love with your music after they heard it. I'm glad that I could make some people aware of the Saw. I also watched some of your videos on YouTube and they inspired me to buy a saw and play it. I'll be able to get a decent one because me and my friend are buying one for the both of us since you inspired us both.
I'm really looking forward to meet you again. I also want to tell you that you're not just a blessed musician, but also an amazing person to talk to. Your politeness and calmness reflects on your music and makes the whole experience unforgettable.

Please stay in touch. :)

Puneesh S.

I think you're fantastic. Immediately when I saw that potion of the movie 'Another Earth' I was inspired to learn. It's proving difficult to find an instructor.

Izzy L.
Colorado, USA

You're absolutely AWESOME!

Will S.

Hi Saw Lady, you are a true genius with that Saw. Completely enchanting.

Scott L.

Hello Saw Lady!! That's an amazing talent you have there. Such an incredible sound from such an unlikely instrument.

Tim L.
Middlesex, UK

Im a huge fan of multi talented people like yourself
You are a very talented artist x People should applaud your amazing skills its AWESOME :)

Coral R.
Lancashire, UK

When I was a boy, I heard someone play the saw for the first time...He was a old man who had learned how to play in the logging camps of northern New England...Your website's music brought back some great memories, although your efforts were certainly more melodic than what I remember...

Matthew B.

wow! Impressive playing, incredible sounds!

Marge G.
Cardiff, Wales, UK

it was a beautiful scene (in the movie 'Another Earth') and the music you played was gorgeous. You are very talented.

Gary C.

Wow. Impressive. Really liked the saw music. Very other-worldly and surprisingly emotional. Good stuff!

Mike H.
Bristol, UK

loved the saw scene (in 'Another Earth'). sweet skills you have.

James L.

the music was unreal!! You are very talented!!! Congrats!!


beautifully played, best bit of saw playing since I saw Eels with strings tour :)

Nolan Z
Glasgow, UK

It was absolutely wonderful, one of the film's jaw dropping moments as well! Really great playing!

Static Mass Emporium
London, UK

I loved that scene! It sounded so mystical, truly excellent. I feel honored to meet you (electronically)
I will listen to more of your work as well as share this with friends =D You are as gifted as you are beautiful. Thank you

A.R. C.

Thanks for the response. Once again, thanks for the inspiring work both musically and on the blog. Great stuff.

Thor M.

I loved the saw scene in Another Earth:) Those sounds are truly wonderful-they brought the cosmos to Terra! You have great talent;)

Manchester, UK

That was a haunting scene (in 'Another Earth'). I'd never thought about the saw as a musical instrument before, but I was moved. Very cool. :)

Benjamin F.
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Just bought Natalia Paruz's "Hark! An Angel Sings" perfect for my holiday music collection—Thanks Natalia!
what a delightful addition to my collection Natalia, I love it! Jingle Cowbells makes me giggle — Ava Marie takes my breath away

Kat C.

amazing work playing on the soundtrack. It was beautiful.

Jacqueline A.

it does sound other worldly, beautiful playing.

Owl Man Hays

omgosh. That was positively haunting!! You have an amazing talent.

Loriann Z.
Texas, USA

your music in the soundtrack of Another Earth was so haunting and lovely! you're amazing :)

Toronto, Canada

I was blown away by the saw scene. I'm really appreciative of what you do. Truly unique.

Trey R.
Texas, USA

It was so cool! I had never seen or heard anything like it. Beautiful. That's truly a talent you have.

Jon H.
Pocatello, ID, USA

Splendid work on the saw playing in Another Earth. Lovely sound :)

leon w.
Leicester, U.K.

I pride myself for my manly manliness, yet that saw piece made me tear up. It was beautiful!

Oklahoma City, USA

I've heard saw music before, but I didn't know it was capable of such sonic beauty.
I heard it here and there, but it usually amounted to annoying novelty music. Your saw playing was gorgeous, though.


that was amazing! That's really cool what you can do, I was very impressed!

nicholas j. c.
Michigan, USA

Loved that scene! The music fit the feel of the movie perfectly. You are INCREDIBLE!
That scene made the movie and your ethereal sounds made the scene.

John L.
Philly Burbs / SW Florida, USA

That's so cool!. The music was very beautiful. Wonderful job!


it was awesome! Sounded very similar to opera yet unique in it's own way. You are very talented.

Columbus, OH, USA

The saw music was beautiful! I didn't like the movie overall, but greatly enjoyed that scene.

D Paul A.

I remember reading about you after seeing it. Your work is amazing and plays perfectly in the story. Big fan.

brian r.

I loved it! So beautiful and haunting! had never heard music coming from a saw either! Amazing job! Are u a cellist/violinist?

Gabi S.
São Paulo, Brasil

I loved the Saw-playing scene! Well done, you!

Caroline L.
London, England

Magical, so beautiful - the music of the spheres. Thank you for being.

Keith J.

I thought the music was flawless, especially your saw solo!

Simeon J.

wow, your song in another earth is amazing, I bow down to you :)

Javier F.
Philadelphi, USA

WOW! That's incredible! I did enjoyed that scene! I didn't know (before 'Another Earth') that a saw could be played!
It makes such an eerie, haunting sound! Truly otherworldly! Very fitting for the film.
You are incredibly talented :) I loved all the bemused expressions, ha ha!

Amy v.
South Africa

are you serious !!!!!!!! I lover's loved loved the saw music it brought me into tears, it sounds like an amazing Operah!

Ahmed A.
The United Arab Emirates

Very unusual and most enjoyable!

Elise G.
Bristol, UK

i loved it!!! Fantastic stuff i must say. You are muy talented :-)
how did it ever occur to you to play a saw as a musical instrument?
all i can say is wow. Very cool stuff :-)

James R.
Nairobi. Kenya. Africa

I loved the saw part in 'Another Earth'! Me and my family actually paused it on that part and had a whole conversation about it. (:

Masann P.

Wow. One word comes to mind to describe it: Haunting.


Yes, the musical saw is great. Very creative talent!

John W.
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

I didn't know that was real. That's amazing, how does it not break the bow?

Natasha M.

love the video! Was also great to hear you in Another Earth too Totally mesmerising to hear and watch you play :)

Alan S.

I loved it! Honestly, it was so impressive that I figured it wasn't real. Very impressive!

Josh P.
Phoenix, AZ, USA

I knew about it but have never heard it sound like that before. Sounds so eerily beautiful Great job! :)

Bryn R.
United Kingdom

I did enjoy the saw scene! I've seen saws played, but they never sounded that good! Almost like a voice. Amazing!

Dovod P.

wow that's amazing...yes I did like you performance it was beautiful haunting but beautiful!
it's the stand out scene in the whole ov the movie...I will follow ur career from now on... Peace & One love

Martin W.

I thought it was incredibly beautiful. I never thought such a rugged thing could become an instrument and make such sounds.
thank you, I love the music, the entire soundtrack is lovely. You are very talented, keep it going, thank you for serenading others
Thank you for being so talented and different. Good luck with your music, don't let anyone stop you!
I had never heard it before. I was taken a back when I watched the film and heard the sounds, I actually cried. Really beautiful

Tess H.
Greensboro, NC, USA

you played the saw? That scene took my breath away. Never knew such beauty could come from a saw. Sounded like an opera of angels.

Kenmore, NY, USA

Very foreign sounding to me and I dig originality :)
that's amazing how you play, and its such an inventive way to make music! Thanks very much for sharing :)

Kay K.

It's not everyday you meet somebody with a talent so unique. May you always prosper.

Cesar E.

Wouldn't have believed it possible to create such haunting music from a saw, amazing work :)

Chris L.
Cheltenham, UK

I'd never heard anything like it! It sounded just as I would imagine outer space to sound.

Jessyca B.

The saw music spoke in so many words in the film. It was truly a character in itself. You did a lovely job! :)

Andie P.
Kansas, USA

That's brilliant, so innovative! I applaud your talent and ear for music.

Ronnique C.

OMG I was so impressed!! That was AWESOME


what great talent! I really enjoyed your video. Congrats on being in the movie! Such a great scene!

Ken L.
Boston, MA, USA

wow yes I thought that (you) was amazing!!! Very cool very beautiful!!

David D.
washington, dc, USA

That's crazy impressive! Beautiful job, SawLady.

Ariane K.
washington, dc, USA

That was an amazing scene. I bow down to your awesomeness.

chris h.
Long Island, New York, USA

i actually thought that was cool, i've seen something like it before on Brition's got talent. but think this one was way beter

Craig A.
West Midlands (uk)

congrants! Great music!

Naples, Italy

that's brilliant, congratulations!

gwenno s.
London, UK

It was beautiful! It sounded like a woman singing. You're amazing!

Maggie P.
Centerville, OH, USA

That rendition was absolutely beautiful. I was blown away by the fact that you could even play a saw, let alone so well! =)

Valon J.

the music scene was strange but I really liked it. It gave me goosebumps haha

Rachel R.
Ohio, USA

I LOVED the saw song. You're very talented!

Jessica L.
Toronto, Canada

you have the best talent/skill. And name.

Liam K.
Cape Town, South Africa

I loved the scene! I never would have imagined such a beautiful sound could be made from a saw. You are so talented!

Fernando A.

When I saw that scene (in 'Another Earth'), I thought of you, as I've never heard of anyone else playing the saw.
it looked really good; a very effective scene indeed. So kudos to you!

Paracinema Magazine
Queens, NYC, USA

the music was really amazing! you guys did a great job!

Jimmy N.

That's very cool. I didn't even know something like that was possible, let alone that it would sound so beautiful!

Jeremiah J.
Bangor, MI, USA

Omg WOW! Kewl :) The music was so kewl :D

Nikki E.

NO WAY!!! OMG you were beautiful! The saw has this totally haunting sound that was so perfect WOW!!
Really though you totally made the scene it was everything Rhoda was feeling! I had no idea a saw could do that!
It's a beautiful sound and not like anything I've ever heard before.


I loved your piece in Another Earth. I also like Star Trek, A+ video! I've seen you in Union Sq. Will say hi next time I'm there.

Fernando E.

wow ! You were phenomenal

lauren l.
New york / miami, USA

you are absolutely incredible! Beautiful music is everywhere, you're a brilliant example!

Korena B.

La música me hizo emocionar muchísimo.. Wow ... Yo solo puedo decir que tu arte es asombroso.


wow. It's amazing what you can do with a saw.

Viktor M.

the saw music was amazing, sounded almost unreal! An incredible sound!
very impressive, and i'm a master of understatement! I love it when people do something outside the box!
that's very hypnotic, dreamy even. Love the reactions of the people.
Would you recommend an album to start off with? I'll be listening to this as I go to sleep tonight!

Colin J.

SawLady is like totally ahhmazing! Like seriously! Not just anyone can play a saw! It's so beautiful though.

Haley G.
Geneva, Ohio, USA

I loooved Another Earth! The saw part was so memorable (amazing skills). XO!

Munich, Germany

It was really eerie but strangely beautiful! Just amazing that you can do that!!

Sam C.

quite an impressive use of tools to make exquisite music. Great job.

Evanston H.
Evanston, IL, USA

Very Cool! Congratulations on having such a peculiar, yet formidable talent
next time I'm in NYC I'll be sure to look you up. Again, congratulations on your beautiful talent! ^_^

Edgar S.

You are an amazing artist, Natalia
Your music is absolutely haunting and beautiful!!!

Wendy C.

hello! I thought the saw music was incredible. Well done you!

London, UK

I loved the musical saw scene! So cool! Good job!

Eric M.
Billings, MT, US

I just watched your video, you've got quite a talent!

Eric H.
Minneapolis, MN, USA

I saw this movie in an empty theatre late at night, and was in shock when this scene took me by surpise. I had never heard of a saw being played, let alone hearing such a beauitful piece of music. I left the theatre dumbfounded. Inspries me as a guitarst. Check out Jeff Beck live at ronnie scotts 'nadia'. Anyways, thanks for the otherworldly music!

Patrick A.

Very cool!! I'm impressed :)

Rebecca H.
Melbourne, Australia

Such a unique talent! Your music is beautiful.

Phoenix, AZ, USA

You are great with that Saw. Never saw anything like it! Seriously, good luck!

Minky Productions
London, UK

Dear Natalia,
Your subway video is excellent and really captures the sense of amazement in the passing audience....I have visited your Silent Night in the subway...what a cozy place to play and make that place feel warm. Again, the website is very nice and the music at the onset of opening it...just makes me cry...good saw tears. What a powerful instrument yet so unassuming...and you clearly make it sing.
Thank you for sharing your work....and if you ever come to Oregon, please visit. Sincerely,

Oregon, USA

I absolutely love the "singing saw" =] It is very emotional and lovely. You are very talented!


Hi Natalia, I hope you're staying warm these days.
I've seing you performed in the subways for years now and every time I hear you is mesmerizing.


Ramon R.

The very first time I heard you play tears ran down my face.... it was an amazing experience.

Gabriela G.

You're a genius! I was impressed when I saw the movie and actor play. Congratulations (:


OMG you're amazing!!! Your work is fantastic! Congratulations!!

Lyssa M.
New Orleans, USA

I LOVED the saw music-you're brilliant!

Dina W.
Los Angeles, USA

very neat! I admire you. You seem like a kind hearted beautiful person.

Ryan S.
Boise,Idaho, USA

I thought it was really good, very original music, congratulations, you're very talented, I enjoyed the movie Another Earth

John M.
Liverpool, England

Wow, liked it? No, I loved it. It was beautiful. I got goosebumps in my soul. Thank you, for sharing your gift. I bow down to you.


Wow! Ur amazing! That's super cool! The music was haunting sounding in the film. Definitely perfect for that scene! Nice 2 meet u!

John S.
South Carolina, USA

That's wicked cool! The soundtrack was dark, ominous, and wonderful. Good job!

Matthew G.

that was fantastic!! You don't get to see anything like that on the streets of Glasgow #wow

Stevie M.
Glasgow, UK

very nice. Watched your busking video, impressive. x

Neal K.
Cape Town

Beautiful. :)

Paul S.
Birmingham, AL, USA

that song from #AnotherEarth was just so hypnotizing. Awesome job
You've got some great talent there!

Paul H.
Milton, Ontario, Canada

Amazing talent! keep it up! Your talent is moving people!

Andrew O.
San Antonio, USA

Hi! I had goosebumps when I heard him (or you) play the saw like a violin! It's haunting! (in a good way) :)


just read that you played on Another Earth. It was that scene that inspired me to try the saw on my own compositions.

Owen G.

Nice, you have an amazing wierd talent.


Dear Natalia,
There are no stop lights between my home and the school where I teach. It takes about five minutes to get to work. So why did it take me so long to get to work today? Because I was taking the long way...driving around town and around the block stretching out the time, listening to your beautiful CD! It is absolutely amazing! I might wear the 1905 track out. Just wonderful Natalia! Just what I needed to listen to right now. All of the pieces are very moving, but 1905 is almost haunting. This sounds almost as if it came from the romantic period...Just beautiful Natalia.. Thank you...

Dr. M. Mustoe
La Grande, OR, USA

the musical saw scene was so sick, that's talent! You play that?!?

Adam W.
Southampton, UK

I had not listened to "I Saw The Future" by Natalia Paruz in a little while. Yesterday I put it back in the CD player on the drive home from work and it still blows me away.

Jas I.
Georgia, USA

your music makes me smile!

Edwin B.

Too cool
haha wow. Amazing and talented!!

Nathan G.
San Antonio/Austin, USA

I loved it! Never heard such before. 'twas quite lovely as you have some true talent!
very nice. You are quite enchanting, as well. That must take quite a bit of courage to play in the subway, like that. :)

David H.
Walnut Cove, NC, USA

The saw music was lovely, you're very talented!


congrats for your work!

Rodrigo K.
Camarillo, CA, USA

It was awesome. You have mad skills

robert b.
St. Louis, MO, USA

Natalia that's really really perfect and creative sound! i watched that scene again and again

Gul A.
Istanbul, Turky

cool! That was the first time I'd heard a saw played. Ethereal-sounding.

Laura H .

you have at least one fan in Brazil :)

Joao F.

I finally saw (SAW SAW SAW) the movie. I thought your work contributed greatly to the mood of the movie. Rboda's process was so internal and gut wrenching throughout most of the movie. When William (you taught him how to play?) It was a culmination and turning point in the plot making Rhoda so aware of their interconnectedness. Of course the audience had heard the saw music over her acting through most of the beginning. So it served as a dramatic point for the audience also. It is beautiful the sounds it can produce. I love harp music, sounds that all things make in nature, just the wind and its sounds speak to me. And I learn its medodies and write my music to it.
You are a great inspiration. I wish you all the best.
Bless you.

Linda A.

hi natalia we had the great chance to hear your outstanding and touching music on last friday morning in mishan and took your details from your father we would like to hear you again on our next trip to New York Please write us where we can find information about your performences lots of thanks

Yoram and Nitza B.

oh, no way! I'd never seen anything like that before. It was beautiful!

Ashley R.
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Hi! Your music in the film was beautiful (as is what's on your website). I'd love to see you perform live here in NYC some time!

Kate K.

That part of the movie was one of the best musical moments in recent film. The way the sound grabs your attention. U must be proud

Jeremy L.
Anderson, IN, USA

Dear Natalia.
I am a 27 years old young man from Finland, Europe. My first contact with saw was at confirmation school, where a priest plaid that. He allowed me to lend his saw and self maid twig bow, so the instrument got my heart.

Then I kind of forgot that, but just today I stumbled upon video called "Playing for pocket change: Episode 4" you performing a song on a saw. I've never heard anything so beautiful in my life, and your mezmerising smile just brought me into tears. That was the final thing, which gave me the spark again. I don't know how to say how thankful I am for you and I wish I could, just once in my life see you playing.

Jukka V.

Im glad to meet the lady behind the saw, the musical saw scene on the movie Another Earth captivated me in a "celestial" way ...
Thanks for sharing your music with mankind, in a way your saw music sounds like heaven , heaven listened with human ears... :)

anna maria l.
Lugo, Galicia, Spain

oh my goodness! That's amazing! How lovely, you're a great musician. <:

Lugo, Galicia, Spain

Your music is achingly, hauntingly beautiful. Every time you touch bow to saw I am transported to another time and place. Thank you so very much.

Phillip M. C.

I like that your name is SawLady haha that's badass.
embrace it! Nicely done :)

Spencer b.

the saw's sound so terrific!! it's like my heart being sawed anyway.... so much emotion. I love it :)
I love your video! So... relaxing I think...your saw really has amazing feeling. I can say that this is the first time I ever felt this kind of feeling...

Ikra C.

The scene (in themovie 'Another Earth') was intriguing... The saw playing, haunting!!! Quite remarkable playing. You made/ saw sing...

Bill B.
Middletown, CT, USA

you are so talented! Your saw sounds like singing!

nicholas c.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

wow! Yeah I really enjoyed it. Eery and gorgeous.

Tierney M.
Vancouver, Canada

No way! I loved the saw music! That's really, really cool. Bravo you.

Christopher L.
London, England

that's some quality stuff!!

Roger Q.

Besides the last shot (in the movie 'Another Earth'), that has to be the most memorable part. It was so haunting & beautiful!

Paul C.
Sydney, Australia

I saw you (pun intended), like alot

Steve O.

Wow- loved the Star Trek video, Natalia. And yes, I thought that was an amazing scene in the film- you must be very proud!

Richard O.
London, UK

i certainly love the musical saw scene! love that unique sound plays along, and the performance video of you. admirable!

Christopher L.
Hong Kong, Beijing, China

I love the musical saw scene! I remember reading about you, and I didn't think it was real at first. You have a new fan.

Mike V.
Philadelphia, PA, USA

That's incredible! That was one of the most amazing things ever

Kayla B.

I LOVED that! You are amazing! <3

jade c.

That's awesome! I actually really did dig it, totally weird but awesome :D

Beverly R.
Los Angeles, USA

You're an amazing artist and I look forward to the possibility of working with you again.

Deborah G.

Oh my gosh I loved it! One of my favorite scenes of the last ten or so years. Such a wonderful instrument :)

Kurt T.

i hope, someday i will listen your live performance. Please let me know if you come to istanbul.

Mehmet G.
Istanbul, Turkey

Thats amazing I loved the sound that the saw produced and how angelic it sounded.

brandon k.
shenandoah, pa, USA

That was a beautiful, beautiful video of your playing (and many others besides) on the 'Tube. Your saw music reminds me of Clara Rockmore's theremin playing (similar ethereal gliding tones, similar classical discipline holding it all together).

Peter C.

well congrats because it's truly a beautiful piece, it adds so much to the film. Love that instrument!
loved the video!. Twit us here if you ever pass by Barcelona :)

Deuvedes G.
Barcelona, Spain

You are so awesome!

Jacob S.
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Loved it!!!

Trisha L.
Kansas City, MO, USA

OMG! Really! That's incredible!

Bury St. Edmunds, UK

that was amazing too. I'm still in Awe that a saw could be very musical. Do you saw down the teeth of the saws before you use it?

Ashley J.

in awe of your talent. Keep it going!


Thank you, Natalia! I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have you playing! You are so lovely, and your playing is inspiring! I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Jennifer W.

congratulations impressive scene is amazing & wonderful music are just really talented girl congratulations ¡¡¡

Alejandro D.
Toluca, Mexico

Bad day made much better by catching @SawLady in the Union Square station!


you are very talented!

Bryce F.

I more than loved the film. It moved me beyond words, and the saw scene was something I will never forget. Never.

Terry M.
North Carolina, USA

wow! that's an amazing talent you have there :) i was very amazed with the saw scene, who knew you could make music out of a saw.

Angie S.
Mandaluyong, Philippines

I thought its was super cool:).. I watched ur YouTube video .... Amazing talent

London, UK

i liked it very much. Like MSN Movies quoted "an eerie, unearthly and beautiful melody". Great vid on youtube btw!

Ronald S.

I likeed! you are playing very good.:)

Dominica B.

great vid - love the expressions on the kids' faces. It's like they are watching magic! haha! You are a great performer as well as a great player. Looks like you've hypnotised them!

phil b.

It was awesome! I'd never imagined a saw can be a musical instrument until Another Earth and your video. You're amazing! :)

Helena K.

Dear Natalia,
I love your C.D. and listen to it often with my children! That's the best thing to do to get my good mood back!

Morr G.
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Nice to meet you! You're awesome with the saw. Hugs from Barcelona.

Didac B.

The musical saw scene in #AnotherEarth was uniquely interesting Until I dug deeper I initially thought it was made up for the movie. Awesome, thanks for the info. I liked the movie, loved the music.
I was viewer 323,323! Glad you were happy

red bank, nj

Wow, that's pretty cool. Yeah, I really like that scene, I wanna try to learn to do that now!

Antonio J.
Fairmont, MN

the saw was prob my fab part of the whole movie. So beautiful!!
way cool!

Ashlee A.

No way! That was really one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard! Superb job on that!


It was...eerie. I don't want that word to sound offensive, it is not intended that way at all! The song was just so haunting! <3

Shavonne H.
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

you did a beautiful job! I loved the movie.

Shane P.
Spring Grove IL, USA

amazing! i really like it!

Masha P.

It was very lovely. You play wonderfully.

Athena S.

OMG! u are so amazing! I was in shock during that secene in the movie! I want to play that instrument since I watched the film! :D

Pancho G.
Madrid, Spain

that musical saw scene was amaaazing! It moved me.
you are one talented lady! #instantfangirloverhere

Yzabelle W.

Thanks for making #NYC even more awesome!

NYC Sidewalker

Did I like the musical saw scene? Have NEVER heard such exquisiteness issue from said instrument. And I've heard plenty. URAMAZING!


That is very cool. I'll be in NYC in a few weeks; I'll look out for you!

Laura G.
Toronto, Canada

That was one of my favourite scenes! The Star Trek video is awesome! Well done, you're very talented!

Paul S.
Togher, Ireland

Awesome work, your video is really amazing, is incredible when something like a saw turns into such an surprising instrument :)

Madrid, España, Spain

Loved it, it was very beautiful :)

Rob L.
Bristol, UK

That sounds really amazing. Think I just found a new hobby :D

Tony H.
Edinburgh, UK

Wonderful! Just made it my Web Video of the Day!

Maryann J.
London, UK

Wow, thats really nice. Music scared me but I like! : )

Liina T.
Latvia, Denmark

it's beautiful.. it's like listening to a weeping ghost! like!

Anis S.

I am very, very impressed :)
I have to say also that I am a BIG Trekkie - you're my hero! x

Nettie T.
Aberdeenshire, UK

You have a very interesting talent.

Kieran F.

So awesome that you were the saw player for Another Earth. That scene was beautiful. Good job :)

Cardiff, UK

Amazing! Loved it & love your videos! You are very inspiring; your music is hauntingly beautiful.

Amanda H.

That was really cool!!! :) *claps*

Andrea Grace J.

Excellent. It was my favourite scene and what a talent you have. Loved it.

Chris D.
London, UK

That's amazing. I think I'm in love with your Saw playing. :)

Mike S.
near Seattle, WA, USA

Amazing! Saw your name in the credits ;)

Bethany N.
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

bravo c'est excellent
j'ai les larmes aux yeux, c'est magnifique, j'ai fermé les yeux et je me suis laissé emporter ! C'est de la vrai musique puissante!

Alexandre V.
Notre Dame De Gravenchon

awesome movie, awesome instrument and performer! congrats! in a perfect world you'd play a saw solo in the album I'm recording ^_^

Montevideo, Uruguay

I did enjoy that bit, sounds incredible! And great use of a saw!

Ben F.
Plymouth, UK

this is great. That scene made me nearly cry because of the music. There are moments where it sounded like Edda Dell'Orso's voice

Cristian O.
London, UK

i just saw Another Earth and I was amazed by the whole Saw scene! :D
WOW!!! Thank you!! This is amazing! :)

Little Nikki
MNL, Philippines

that's fantastic. I loved the film, and the soundtrack I thought was impressive too. Good job!

Mikaela C.
London, UK

it was really beautiful! Such a talent as well, my old head teacher could play the saw, but not as well as you!

Joseph James B.
Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK

That's crazy! And awesome.. I did enjoy it! The saw gave it ample "spacey" feel to compliment the movie.

Andrew B.
Toronto, Canada

Oh my goodness, Natalia- you are so phenomenally-talented! Another Earth really touch me, and the soundtrack is spectacular! :)
I love the Star Trek theme! And what an amazing way to show how phenomenal & resonant music can be created anywhere by anything! :)
Wow! Natalia, you are so incredibly talented! The sounds that you generate are so inspiring and beautiful, I am definitely going to write a poem or ten to your wonderful music! :)
I can't wait to hear more! Have a great day! :)

Mark H.
The Centre of England, UK


San Luis Potosí, México

WOW!! I love that scene.. It was absolutely fantastic.. wow you are such a talented and creative person.. i'm in love <3

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Amazing, that was just WOW! never saw something like that!!!

Tim K.
Solingen/Frankfurt am Main, Germany

It was one of the most amazing scenes in the movie! I didn't even know, that it is possible to play music using a saw )
you are amazing!! I guess I'm not the only one surprised by the fact that saws can be used as musical instruments ))

London, UK

you played the saw on Another Earth soundtrack? Wow.

Sam O C.
Cambridge, UK

Another Earth was good plus thought provoking. Da scene with the saw was amazing. Da sound was both pleasent & weird @ da same time
I hope your music takes you places. the sound is like a futuristic opera.

Ahmed A.

no way!! that's absolutely awesome :)

Norman L.
White Haven, PA, USA

Loved it - a very cool instrument!

Keri Z.
Falkirk, Scotland, UK

You are a star. #ThankYou for the insight great interview! I love finding out background like this!
if there was a reason to go on #FaceBook you would be it!

Kevin C.

I loved it! What a beautiful instrument. You're also incredible with it: congratulations.

Kim S.
London, UK

enjoyed both performances, how you do it is beyond me. much props to you.

Mahogany J. S.
Greenville SC, USA

Wow, you know I teared up in that scene and I'd never seen anyone play the saw. Brilliant!

Brisbane, Australia

I hope you don't ever wonder why you've received the successes you've enjoyed... You're very much a light in a darkened place, whether you always realise it or not, it's just that your beautiful colours are in the form music. Mercifully, inspiringly transcendent music.

Michael B.

I love what you do and your smile so frank,greetings from Venezuela... :)

Edson H.

Loving your work! Definitely the finest saw-playing in movie history. (They can put that on the poster.)

Hugo A.
Brentford, London, UK

It was my favorite part. Very creative. I didn't know that type of music existed before I saw this film.

Bayley C.
Wollongong, Australia

You're amazing!! The saw music was the BEST part ;)

Alessandra D.

I LOVED THAT SCENE! It's such an honor to be speaking to you. I try to describe that scene to people (complete with sound effects) all the time! Truly amazing you have such fantastic talent. I watched your vid and I couldn't help but just smile - because how you play it just shows how much you enjoy doing what you do. I think that's fantastic. Awesome. You're awesome. \m/

raf c.

-wow, you were fantastic! Congratulations on a fine piece of music xx

South London, UK

i was blown away by that scene. The music was so beautiful that it moved me to tears.

Paul B.
Deep Southwest, USA

I loved the soundtrack. Wow, your skill is amazing. I am forever in love with your sound.

Real Carrera

Super talented, sure you get that a lot. Not everyone can make a saw sound that beautiful.
Thought it was so amazing how it sounded like singing. Powerful scene.

Chris R.
Chandler, AZ, USA

Honestly, the saw scene was the ONLY part of that movie that actually interested me. It was baffling how pretty it was.


the sounds from a saw being warped and vibrated is akin to whale song, just sounds so beautiful but unearthly.

Mike C.
Ilkeston, UK

oh I did like it a lot :) very eerie and space-suitable sound. And much more vivid than what I expected a saw would sound like!


I loved that scene! Was so beautiful and emotional, your a talent for sure

Richard S.
London, UK

I loved it. I cried during that scene. You are very talented.
Your performance touch my soul, thank you:-)

Silvia N.

I said hello to you after the show. I'm a long time friend of Paul's. I enjoyed your work on the saw and just had to say so again...

Larry L.

Congratulations! You are a trailblazer...Great website. Best wishes!

Harry A.

omg you are just my hero !! I would love to have you playing it on my runway !!!!

Felippe J.
London, UK

You are awesome!

Nate S.

It was really great meeting you (again) too. Nice to know you are so committed to what you do, it's inspiring. As one person with a niche job on a unique personal sonic journey to another, I salute you!

Peter C.

The musical saw scene in Another Earth was enthralling! Great video! I miss NYC :-)

Paul V.
Seattle, WA, USA

One of the most unusual things i've heard or seen! Couldn't help but enjoy it!

Simon E.
Wales, UK

You play the saw really beautifully :)

Suraya Abd R.

pretty impressive work with the saw as an instrument!

Elja T.

Your greatness is in delving into the uncommon. You are a memtor to young people who have decided for a greater future.

Beshibekong I.
Nigeria, West Africa

absolutely brilliant. Words aren't enough to describe. Really.

Adrian K.

OMG that scene! You are incredibly talented, Congrats!. So, Did William Mapother play the saw or no? (excuse my English, it sucks)

Angela V.
Valledupar, Colombia

I loved it, really beautiful piece, How did you start playing? You'd kill it London, St.Kensington station is waiting! :-)

Luke-Ewart R.

Aww I loved your interview and thanks for the video. I´ll watch #AnotherEarth again for your scene. Congrats (yeah again) :)

Angela V.
Valledupar, Colombia

Saw lady, I think I love you… how much does a musical saw cost? and whats the procedure for micing them?

do you want to wear my letterman jack and go internet steady?

Mark M.
San Francisco, USA

it was one of my favorite scenes!!! i actually watched that part twice. im in love with ur style and the #darkbeauty of sawplaying


A favourite scene in the movie. Beautiful music, filled with pain and longing, and beautifully played.

Vinter K.

If I ever get my film going, I'll reach out to you. Your hauntingly beautiful music goes well with your infectious smile.

John T.

I'm WOWED by you and am certainly a fan! Keep making melodies (and movies) that move audiences to tears!

Kenisha T.

I'm always keen to find new music and yours is certainly out of this world! :)

Suzy C S.
Stockholm, Sweden

woww!!! it was sooo touching!!! keep up the good work i really enjoy ur music!!

antonis m.

wooo! I didn't know that it was you on the OST. You're very talented, and your performance is amazing! :)

antonis m.
Temuco, Chile

I like it! Really impressive! I didn't even know a saw could produce music :) pretty emotional too. Very nicely done!!

Jonas V.

that's so epic! I thought the saw playing was awesome. Way to play an unconventional instrument! #baller

Logan David B.
Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Saw your performance this afternoon at the Staten Island Ferry Station. Simply enchanting! It reminds me of an old French movie called Delicatessen.
Thank you for making New York City a beautiful place with your ethereal music and your friendly, animated face!

Kai Su

cool music ms saw lady!!!! i'm your newest fan!!!
.your music makes the world a better place...:)

mike j.
Montgomery, AL, USA

Omg it's such a pleasure to meet you:) I fall in love with your beautiful music and loving smile immediately! And thank you for posting my sketch up on fb, really made me smile :) and yes! I Will make it into a painting and can't wait for the saw festival !! Have a good day <3<3<3

Yue yu

well Miss what can I say that scene was awSAWsome. Very talented!

Wesley C.
London, UK

please let me konw if u make another video ok?! i really love the sound u produce!!!
firtsly i liked u on facebook and also WOW! i usually dont like violins :P but a saw makes the difference after all!

antonis m.

Whaow it's fantastic ! congrats, I loved the saw :) (The movie would be nothing without ur music)


Pretty impressive, you are a very talented girl! :D

Van Der J.

you sounded amazing in Another Earth and added considerably to the film!

John P.
Irvine, CA, USA

you are genius!!!!

Nor Azhan H.

a real talent beautiful music thank u very much we'd Love 2 hear u on the London Underground :D

J. K.
London, UK

im amazed. that=EPIC. honestly you are sublime..slash im obsessed w/ Another Earth's soundtrack, so KU-dos. immense respect for you

Jenna M.

extraordinaire. Tellement extra-ordinaire que je me suis demandé si c'était possible. Un vrai moment de poésie. Bravo !

dAvid d.

Love, love, love your music. So emotional, so clever, and you perform it so well too.


I really enjoyed your performance Natalia. It's amazing how such beautiful music can come from anything in the hands of creative geniuses as yourself. Great stuff!

Marcia K.
Washington, DC, USA

I'm enjoying listening to you through the open window of my office over Farragut Square in Washington, DC - the sound carries up over the street noise. Fabulous!!

Allison F.
Washington, DC, USA

Thanks for the 'moment' on the subway. The sound was great and you brought a lot of joy to the subway platform. I hope I get to hear you again. When I told my friends I was a degree closer to Leon Theremin, they were incredibly impressed.

michael g.

Lame Sonore - Just wow. This song made me cry uncontrolably, something I havent done in response to music in a while. I am so inspired I want to go buy a saw of my own. What a beautiful sound and you perform it beautifully.

Ronna H.
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

I recently bought a saw, and since then, I never stopped training and improving myself. Thank you for inspiring me to learn this awesome instrment! :)

Netanel O.
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Wish you all the success; you are so talented and unique! Keep it up!

Savanah, GA, USA

You are a perfect example of what I blogged about-- my life is enriched when exposed to non- conventional musicians like yourself!

Mark W.
Buffalo, NY, USA

Have you ever played any instrument so beautifully that someone was so touched they broke in tears? You did just that!

Jürgen M.
Nurnberg, Germany

Oh my god the scene where we hear you play is so emotional. I cried my eyes out. You made the movie unforgettable :) Love you loads

Toulouse, France

wow really that was unbelievable. Seriously amazing.

Jake k.

Natalia, I loved it. You're pure #genius *.* if you ever come to Italy I would love to take a picture of you playing!
Keep up your work, what you do is highly inspirational and inspiration is what moves the world. We all need you!! :)

Riccardo B.
Tuscany, Italy

you and your saw are super cool!

Naomi G.

that's really great, you are really talented! I was amazed by that sound! :D

Sardinia, Italy

SawLady I just saw Another Earth today. Your lovely music in a word was: ethereal :D

Caspar S.

what a great job! I'm fascinated with the sound of the musical saw! I didn't even know that it was possible to do music with a saw!
you're just amazing!!!! (:

Marcela H.
El Salvador

it was beautiful :') I really liked it, you are very talented!

michael g.

that was one of my favorite scenes! when I heard the music I just burst into tears :)
I hope to some day see you in NYC :D
I just asked my brother, who lived in NY for several years, and he heard you play in Union Square and in Times Square :)

Marialaura F.

that's awesome! I love that you love what you do so much

Tracy R.

another angel of God, you are an artist on the saw, I honestly never thought music could be played with it.

Itumeleng T.
South Africa

That's awesome, you are amazing. #Stayblessed

Ramon Z.

What can I say that you haven't heard before. Your playing is wonderful.
I dabbled in the saw but your playing has inspired me to get serious.
You are a master of the saw! I use to do session work in Nashville so that's the highest complement I have.

Fleetwood C.

Gosh, your story is inspiring. I hope that when they make a film of your life it has an extraordinarily happy ending.

North East Scottland

What a beautiful sound! I am going to re-watch that scene. Your music has such a crazy effect on mood. Creates an awesome ambiance.

Zachary C.


I just liked your page on facebook (which, by the way, is a true like. You were a great online resource for me when i was starting out).



that was a beautiful scene. You're music is very moving!

Jordan Z.

Hi Natalia. What an inspiration you are to me in your great love of music. I grew up playing music for worship services in a Lutheran church in Australia. I have seen a Utube clip of you playing Bach in a Lutheran church in the US and my daughter wanted to know if you grew up going to church.
Keep up the great work.
Your friend in Christ,

Heidi S.

you're awesome!

Olivia D.

You gave me goose bumps all over!


oh wow. Marry me!

Kay O.

J'avoue que cela m'a épaté, je ne pensais pas que l'on pouvait tirer ce son de cet outil. Lunaire et planant... :)


Natalia, oh my goodness, you are a-MAZ-ING!! I loved it, so quirky and haunting, what an incredible talent!

Leanne C.

Thankyou, you're music is so beautiful and deep, I'm in love

Rabat, Morocco

You're an absolute joy to watch Natalie. Absolute genius. Cheers.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am inspired by your joy and virtuosity. I want to join your website.
I seriously want to learn how to play the musical saw
you are truly a New York treasure Natalia!
I love your work, your energy, your JOY Natalia!

Fond regards,

Kat C.

When I first saw that scene in Another Earth, I was blown up by the wonderful sound and the rarity of the melody. One of the best things in this world is to be surprised by something new when you think you've seen and heard everything. I can only thank you for being such a great musician.

Nacho T.

I am an admirer of your music. It is so pure and natural. It must be liked God's music....wind through the trees, birds singing and ect. I know it pleases him.

Barbara C.
South Carolina, USA

That scene brought tears to my eyes! You are so talented!

Holly D.
Indiana, USA

it was so amazing! Wow, congratulations on being awesome! Can't wait to get on my PC and hear more

Philip M.
Cape Town, South Africa

I must I say you're saw playin is awesome!

Farid A.
South Sumatera, Indonesia

breathtaking! I absolutely adore what you do. So unique,I will surely be checking out your other work

Julie W.

you are part musician, part sorceress and all genius!

Dano B.

Incredible music. Never heard anything quite like it before.

Ian S.
Waltham Abbey, UK

Hey Saw Lady!

Great website, and WAY COOL saw playing!


Josh U

That is so beautiful, Natalia! Your playing is so moving to me! I love your sound! :)

Mark H.

I loved it!! It's so nice to know you are the artist behind the screen, greetings from Mexico!! Keep making that beautiful music!

Mafer B.

it's just unbelievable, when I saw that in the movie I though: ok, its not real. Omg you're amazing, love your sound!

Edgard G.

it was the first time I ever heard someone play a saw it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard
my dad wanted to know who played it, he said it was the best saw playing he had ever heard :')

Helen T.

Thank you for being such a great artist. I mentioned your excellent artist work to all my Marylander movie viewers.

Michael B.
Maryland, USA

Dear Natalia Paruz,

My friend and I saw you at Herald Square yesterday. Thank you for the amazement and entrancement you and your instrument have given us! It is truly special, and I am so grateful for learning that this amazing music exists, and that the saw has such an unearthly voice!

You've said yesterday that you give lessons. I am as intrigued by this music as I was the first moment I heard it, and even the thought of playing the saw brings me joy! I would very much like to know if lessons would be possible. I was wondering how much lessons would cost, and if there is a particular size of saw or specifications for the bow that would work best. Thank you!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so very, very much,

Liz K.

no exaggeration YOU are inspiring me Natalia, I want to learn to play "Charades" on my saw… now if I can get a sound out if her!!
in your hands the musical saw really has a voice, you make her sing like a Diva!!

Kat C.

great!!! You are sooooo charming!!!!! many hugs and kisses,

arnon z.

Great! You're so beautiful and enthusiastic. Fabulous to see you on TED.

Birgitte N.

Such JOY in life, joy in workâ ­8;¦ Natalia is beautiful to watch as she is to listen to play. Brava!

Kat C.

It takes a special type of person to joyfully perform on the streets, share her passion and knowledge of a craft in Renaissance. Natalia Paruz, The Saw Lady, is such a person. Her talent and genuine joy are always a delight, and any TED talk, would only be strengthened by her presence, passion and expertise.

Heather J.

What an interesting musical instrument, and what a fun person to talk about it! I know of no other person alive who has learned more info about playing music on the saw. I hope we hear more from Natalia!

Gregory N.

Excellent performance. Natalia has amazing skills and is known around the world as an authority on the musical saw. Her perspective on it is very interesting, and definitely enhances the TED experience.

Gaines C.

Natalia Peruz is a wonderful, superbly talented person, and she brings to light an amazing instrument that for some astonishing reason often remains overlooked. What better subject for a TED talk? Natalia brought so much joy to so many people with her saw and the sparkle in her eye - this would be the perfect opportunity to spread the elation and wonder of this magical sound!

Liz K.

she is the queen and also the angel of the nyc underground! think how many nyc commuters that she has made happy with her ax and smile!

Key A.

You NEED to invite the Saw Lady to one of your talks to share her story and her most excellent music.

Tracy G.

I love this speaker! She's got such an engaging presence and a great story to tell. I'd definitely attend her presentation.

Wendi B.

As an attendee of last years Saw Festival, I hope too see more of Natalia here on TED. She is THE driving force in keeping this art form alive and helping it grow. She is enthusiastic and helpful to aspiring saw players worldwide and a true inspiration. Thank you Natalia!

Michael M.

She is a wonderful leader and historian of the saw community. She plays with such good technique and passion. The saw is something everyone should hear and she speaks for it well.

Cathy P.

Natalia is an inspiration not only in that she is such a skilled player but in how she so positively connects saw players. She connects us (digitally and face to face) from around the world to make beautiful creepy music together. Hooray!

Becky P.

It was so interesting to hear about the history of the musical saw. Such a unique instrument! Natalia is a great speaker and and even greater musician, her playing is so haunting and lovely...

Christen N.

This is great! I love the sound of the musical saw, and Natalia plays it so wonderfully. Also the talk is very interesting.

Lior B.

Awesome!! Such a magical sound from an unexpected instrument. Another testament to the power of the human mind and it's creativity. Played so beautifully by Natalia. I would definitely like to see more of her on TED!!

Fred S.

Brilliant saw player, great musician, and fine speaker!

Bruce T.

A beautiful presentation of a rare art form. A must see!

Christopher W.

Thank you for sharing your art. You're an inspiration to me.

Robert M.

Still love your music and my mom loves your playing.


Hello ,
I just had to say what an inspiring video that was on TED , a bit short but amazing . Took me back to remember an old man from my tampa florida neighborhood I lived in , when we moved back from germany , when I was a child . Old Mr. Coleman was an interesting character , and he also loved to play a saw , and I would go visit him and his wife , and pull weeds or rake their yard to help out , and he would play music on his saw as we chatted the day away . Thank you so very much .

Ralph H.
Phoenix Arizona, USA

it was the most striking scene in the movie, you make very beautiful music, and it is clear you love it, felicidades Natalia!

Richard M.

That was great Lady!! You really made it your own. Good job! Enjoyed it.

Theo E.

Hi Natalia!
This is just to congratulate you on your stunning performance on "Another Earth". Actually I didn't know that a saw could be played. It was... unexpected to me! : )
I am watching and hearing your performances on your site / youtube right now. Wonderful!
All the best,


wow! It was one of my favourite scenes - I was nearly in tears! You are very good :)


That is literally AMAZING!!!! Not even joking i was sitting there watching it thinking how amazing it was!! Like it was so good i wanted to cry, the sound it made was beautiful

London, UK

Hello Natalia! I really enjoyed Another Earth. The scene where Mr. Burroughs plays the saw is amazing. Congrats!

Andre C.
Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is amazing. that an ordinary tool can do music like that ! I'm proud of persons like you! seriously, you are a great musician!

Javi B.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

that is so cool wow!!! I am slightly star struck!

Surrey, UK

Just read about you in the Saturday Evening Post and had to learn more about the festival, but was disappointed to find out none was held this year.


I just purchased your EP via paypal. Although I'm not a saw player, I play bass and guitar, I am a Tennessee redneck so i guess that qualifies me as a saw critic. You play the best musical saw I've ever heard, and I've heard plenty. (mostly bad ones) Thank you for your prompt reply and I look forward to coming back for that Christmas album when the weather gets a little colder.

David B.

omg the saw instrument mezmorized me. I couldn't even believe that it was possible.

Darcy M.
toronto, Canada

It's wonderful what u do whit de saw. I'm your fan.

Emet V.

Oh my dear God! That's SICK! respect!

Kellie M.

i kept watching your videos and i really enjoy, it´s really inspiring to see what you do. ThankYou for sharing your story with us.
i really enjoy your music i would never thought a saw could produce such a beautiful music in the right hands :) ! If i lived in NY i would absolutly go to the subway every day just to listen to you !!


this is amazing. i am so glad i am knowing u and yuor music. all my love from argentina!!!!

Francisco A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I found the video interesting and your playing as always is amazing.

Ken B.
Darlington, UK

Its so interesting to watch! And such an incredible talent!

Northamptonshire, UK

I'm speechless, what you do is incredible - never would have imagined a simple saw being given such an incredible personality!

Patrick G.
Calgary, AB, Canada

you are my hero!

Anna P.
Fayetteville, NC, USA

Amazing to see what an effect your music has on ppl. To stop NY'ers in their tracks like that, can't be easy!

Jennifer R.

One of the most radiant beings I have had the distinct pleasure of working with. Kudos Natalia Paruz!

Mark L.

wow! i actually loved it!! i had never heard of such a thing. your so talented!
thats awesome!!! consider me a new fan :)
im so drawn by this, its absolutely beautiful!!! like nothing else! it sounds like a mermaid singing. thank you

Hayden B.

woww! Are you the real artist? Gosh! Amazing! Both the film "Another Earth" and you! :)

Selva B.

gosh it has been sooo Interesting learning about you & saw playing. I will share & have commented. Good luck - special lady :)
your story was so touching & interesting. You are obviously very talented & very determined. Wise teacher-the one who sent you away

Josephine H.
Rutland, UK

wow! it was amazing I know for sure I cried As well when I first heard it it's beautiful
I totally love it it's crazy something like that can make something sound so beautiful :)
what you can do is a work of art :') I love it lol

Sonia C.
Rutland, UK

By now young lady. You are the must popular Sawyer in the world. Go for it girl! Ya have a devastating smile and charisma plus. I spell that right?

Jim L.

J'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais c'est absolument magnifique Bonne continuation


All i can say is YOU ARE COOL. Thought the film and that scene were hot.

Calum M.
Ayrshire, Scotland

:O I'm amazed! You are soooo talented! Congratulations. That track is just golden

Juliette B.

This was soul stirring. I've always been amazed at the saw as an instrument.
this was beautiful and the music was framed in an air of intensity by looking at the passersby faces.

Ari M.
Atlanta, GA, USA

oh i loved it, my mouth was open the whole time, it sounded so beautiful, what a great talent :)

Detroit, Michigan, USA

The first time I heard you play Musical Saw, it rang a real loud bell in my head. Today while returning home from a job WQXR(Or whatever they're calling themselves in the current incarnation) was playing this. I thought "Thats IT!." only you're much more expressive.
Thanks for Being Natalia.

Michael O.

Hi Natalia,

Keep up the great playing!! You are an inspiration!! There is a certain magic to singing on the saw that is hard to describe.

Beyond making great music, I think that it is great that you are focused on bringing saw players together. You are definitely stimulating a lot of camaraderie between us "musical sawyers". How you ended up playing the musical saw is such a great story!!


Joe S.
Ohio, USA

you make commuting in this city a beautiful thing.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

I LOVED the saw! I have seen a few people play the saw before, but never anything like that! It made me cry!

Sarah V.
Halifax, Canada

that is freaking amazing!
that is a gift, i think that is the most creative way of music know to man, it stops and touches you(everybdy) emotionally

kevin e.

Simpsons and Star Trek theme??? Be still my geek heart. You are terrific.

Mark E M.

I wrote it a while ago but must write it again: YOU ARE AMAZING! I love how you keep smiling while playing.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I just saw your latest video and I really liked it a lot.
Your music touches my soul, really!!
I really like the little girl watching you...we can see through the way she looks how your music speaks to her and she can't stop but looking at you mesmerized.
This video was somehow inspirational for me
Thanks for sharing your wonderful music.


your saw music is some of the most hauntingly beautiful music i have ever touches something very primal in me..lovely!

lindsay g.

you got skills.

Jacques M.

Wow!!! your music is truly hypnotizing and mesmerizing :)

Montreal, Canada

I love your music, you are a very good artist :)

Milan, Italy

you play beautifully my dear

Manda K.

Thank you for creating what was a wonderfully beautiful scene in Another Earth, I was absolutely transfixed. It captured the mood of the film and stole my heart, a great piece.

Peter S.
Brussels, Belgium

You are very talented, just whoa x_x <3

Alabama, USA

you are an extraordinary music player and human being, you radiate with your heart

Clara L.
Miami, USA

I saw your new video. Saw the music, feel at peace.

gelatik p.
Tokyo, Japan

Very unique! Like a surreal siren from depths of the ocean :)

James S.

what you do is... magical hahaha really hypnotic!

Als G.
Marilia, Brazil

The musical saw scene was the highlight of the WHOLE movie! So beautiful!

Tara C.
Mumbai, India

Wow, I really liked it, I had never heard anything like it before. You are very talented :)

Madrid, Spain

Thatz outstanding work! :) I never thought the music was real! :) Kudos SawLady (^_^)


Keep up the excellent work! Your music causes smiles = great gift to everyone! :)


I saw one of her youtube videos and I am totally enthralled.

Mike A.

I loved the saw music in the film. It was a perfect element to it. Unforgettable! Thanks for the link. I admire what you do!


You are very inspiring!

Doug B.

I saw you're video and it is pretty awesome. Your'e style is remarkable. If you have any other videos, I'll be happy to see more.

vittorio s.
Genova, Italy

oh my gosh!!!!!! You are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, really, really. So checking this out!

a. santiago

Hi Natalia
Itamar A.

Happy Birthday to the best saw-player in the universe and many more, because you so inspire so much.....

Michael R.

I thought that was the coolest thing. You mam are awesome.
keep up the great work people like you keep unique music alive!


i love it, omg! you're so talented, you made me cry!! it was so beautiful!

yunuen p.

OMG I thought it was the most beautiful thing I ever heard. It captured a variety of sounds that normally would take +instruments

Kanisha R.
Chicago, IL, USA

I love your performances as well! I almost missed my train the first time I heard you play in Union Square.

Leonora D.

another earth was sick. Sawblade solo was epic.

Kye H.
Charleston, SC, USA

I LOVED it.. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for that moment cos I was like is this even possible?!
This is just pure awesomeness!! I'm stilled amazed by it.. N the sound produced is soo mind blowing.. Good job!! :) xx

Rajeswari S.

Sorcery is the only way to describe your music.

Manny del R.
Makati, Philippines

Can I just say you're one of the most talented, brilliant musicians I've had the pleasure to listen to? Truly.

Georges M.

In a movie full of big, thought-provoking science fiction ideas, it was your playing that floored me.

Kevin M.
Thurso, Scotland

oh yes, that was truly incredible! One of the best moments of a movie, as a musician myself I was really impressed!

Kiev, Ukraine

that's amazing, that scene in the movie moved me to tears. it's a beautiful haunting music and i'm glad you continue with it


I learned to play the saw, thanks to all your instructional videos.

Jose H.
San German, Puerto Rico

What a pleasure to listen to the @SawLady while waiting for the 6 train this afternoon!

James H.

I'd visit New York just to meet you


Natalia Paruz.. you are amazing and sooooo GENIUS!

ian s.
Kajang, Malaysia

cool. You perform a great service for NYC.

Stephen W.

I loved this piece Natalia..We have only written and never personally met but I felt like you and I were talking to each other in our living room...Your music is so beautiful and your happiness and love are so evident and that one cannot help but be consumed by it..You should be on National Stage for this is what the audiences deserve and you also...May this happen for you this Christmas Season and throughout the year..This is what I wish for you...I have sent these wishes to you before and send them to you again..I wish for you that each day opens with a smiling sun. That a rainbow follows every rain. That your days are filled with bluebirds of happiness and that God's love always shuts out your pain..May your music forever bring happiness to all around when they heard your saws beautiful sound..God Bless you...

Your friend

Janina J.

Hi - I've met you a couple times when you've played at my church..Saint Peter's Lutheran. You are an amazing musician and someone who is pushing the boundaries of what we call musical instruments. Hugs,

Cherrie B.
Brooklyn, NYC, USA

it's my absolute favourite scene in the movie, brings me to tears every time! I had no idea one could play the saw, so haunting!
thank you so, so much for this. You have no idea how much that scene means to me wow! Thank you :)!


hi! Is it possible for me to participate? i am a saw player of Québec, Canada and it's for me an incredible chance to play and see other saw players...I have learn to play by watching Natalia Paruz with internet lessons. She made me discover something phenomenal, and i want to thank her for learning to me clearly and easily.(sorry for the strange english, i'm a french girl) Thank you ! amically,

Marie-lou s.

I had tears welling it was so beautiful. I'm not kidding, one of the most ethereal, melodic and overall captivating sounds ever. if you're ever in Chicago please contact me and I will come listen !! #promise

Ethan K.
Chicago, IL, USA

god i loved that part! It's really beautiful what you do with the saw. You're a genius!

Victoria R.
Madrid, Spain

Your performance was amazing!

Riyadh, Soudi Arabia

You have no idea how special it was to meet brief but are always in my heart, some kind of "sound" connection, but for me, tired of math and looking for beauty find immense pleasure in contemplating the physics of waves in the ocean, or of the nature of the sound of the is a deep type of madness for me...beyond comprehension, almost...or is it, let me try,...thanks so much for being you. New York and thereby the world are perceivably better from your presence. Bless you, friend, beautiful soul. You can never play a bad note, so relax and be happy please

Michael R.
Charleston, SC

I live in your neighborhood but work at union square. Thurday morning on my way to work I saw (no pun intended) you playing at union square on my way to work and you warmed my heart and brightened my day. Thank you! You touch so many lives

Stacy S.
Astoria, NY

You're amazing!

Anna S.
Melbourne, Australia

hello miss Natalia ... actually i heard saw instrument first time in the movie another earth and believe me it was like touching my soul .. m really a big fan of you your art ..

Nishant J.
Chhindwara, India

Dude! That was the point where the move went from like to love for me. Beautiful, haunting music.

Haley M.
DFW, Texas, USA

Hi Natalia Paruz!
Your music is just incredible and more people need to more about your amazing talent.
Your talent is incredible. I love how you play your saw. It really sounds different from the other ones that I heard in youtube. I believe you're one of the best saw players around. Congratulations on your achievement!
I hope to see you around the NYC subway someday!

Francis I.
Manila, Philippines

Oh my gosh!!! You are way cool, Saw Lady!!!!

Twinkie C.
San Francisco, USA

Dear Natalia,
Yesterday I found you on the internet.
I listen to you again and again. I'm really fascinated like never before ..
When you play the saw, and you smile at people around .. but your face is something so sad .. You're beautiful. When you play, your eyes inside crying and dancing. Special. So much special. I love your playing, I especially like this:
You're magical? I'll listen to over and over.
I would like to know more about you. About your life .. Why are you so sad? Your face .. your eyes .. so sad and beautiful.
Sorry for bad English. I'm from Czech Republic and I can not English well. Google Translate is my helper ..
I'll be incredibly happy if you write me ..
Petra from Czech Republic .. Have a nice day!

Czech Republic

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. You have yourself a Gorgeous Christmas yea Natalia. Absolutely beautiful.


i remember this from Another Earth. That is one of the most incredible things I have ever heard. Beautiful.

Mr. Tea / Chai Kumar

Good morning Natalia,
I heard you play in the subway this past Monday and your talent blessed my heart. You enthusiasm and radiant smile gave each passerby a sense of hope in this troubled world. It is people like you who I feel that God sends to give us a glimpse of heaven. Thank you for your wonderful talent and May God continue to Bless You as You Bless others.

S. Everette Ricks
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, USA

Hello Saw Lady,
I love your music and have been watching many of your videos.

Sarah Rose G.
Chicago, Illinois, USA

If I hadn't been stationed in Staten Island for work almost every day for the past month, you know I would have come to see you live, but it's a great consolation to have the CD and an inspiration to know you're so often out there sharing your beautiful music with the world, year round, in the very best venues. Happy Holidays!

robert McM.
Astoria, NY, USA

I loved that scene! It was so beautiful I cried! Wow, I'm honoured. It was majestic, to say the least! You are extremely talented!

Cape Town, South Africa

hi Natalia, for the first time in years, we listened to your beautiful holiday album while opening gifts yesterday, and it really made everything more special. : )

Kari T.
Bronx, NY

I really enjoy your playing. I am really interested in taking lessons with you. It be great to do a weekly or bi-weekly lesson. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Johnny S.
Brooklyn, NYC, NY

Glad to know you here!! It's an honor for me to know it's actually you, the most talented human on earth! :)


Awesome. That was a very powerful scene in the movie; you definitely made that moving. Thank you.

Some dbag

you are amazing .. this is art what you doing .. thank you

SuHa!L M. Al-AmR

It likes magic. Like something is not from this world. :) You are really talented. I love it.

Oguz M.
Istanbul, Turkey

Thank you, because you're the greatest musician in the world, i've never thought that somebody can play saw


I loved the saw scene in another earth and that video was awesome!
I have no idea how you make that saw do that which makes it all the more impressive lol

Doug D.
Tyler, TX, USA

I cant believe it! Your sound made me cry! Its amazing! Congratulations!
you're true inspiration. I love it. So much! Looking for more videos.

Alex G.

This totally made my day. The world needs more folks like you. Come record in the dirty south!

krista w.
Memphis, TN, USA

It's amazing what you can do with a saw, fantastic. the sound is so beautiful that can take you to other places if you only close your eyes. Kisses and a big hug.

Lucas C.

I think the saw is such a gorgeous instrument and you rock that shit hardcore

Mikael H.
Boston, MA, USA

Watched the You Tube video. Amazing ! Loved it.
haunting.. never knew such soul stirring sound could come out of a saw!


I thought that was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. It sounded like someone singing!

Rikaa W.

I'm a huge fan of your music! I've seen you play in the subway and the pure joy on your face is simply inspiring.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

what a great video and gorgeous music. A wonderful start to my day

David B
Darlington, UK

j'ai beaucoup aime, c'est très différent et très moderne bravo!

Havana, Cuba

It sounds like nothing I've heard and sounds amazing.

Kevin T.
Cornwall, UK

fabulous Natalia.. love that sound, that music, seriously impressed
performance of the music can be as important as the writing, and you perform radiantly,..
The Saw always reminded me of Tesla's Coil in a way, but the Saw is hands on, more precise, pure, soaring ..

Peter P.

AMAZING! I loved your "saw music" and the movie! :D cool and different!


Your music is beautiful, otherworldly and haunting. It's superb.

Guy F.
Seattle, USA

i checked your videos out! The sound is quite hypnotic :-)

Andy P.

Amazing video! Amazing sound! Wow! Brilliant the way you managed to smile at listeners! :-)

Antony R.
Wirral, UK

Amazing - my jaw almost hit the floor when I heard ( and have now seen) that. Kudos.
Absolutely stunning!

David A.
Horsham, UK

omg saw lady! I've seen all your videos, your awesome as fuck. Much love!

Joseph F.
Peoria, AZ, USA

You're ridiculously talented!

Miranda S.
Butler, PA, USA


Raí V.

j'ai trouvé ça très beau et en même temps un peu mortuaire aussi. Félicitations en tout cas :)!


yehhhhh that is brilliant!! :)

Mark S.

Your music is incredible! I have to say it did reduce me to is beautiful music from an unexpected source. Wonderful :)

Toni L.
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

hey, that's AWESOME! Congratulations, great work!! :)

Sidney M.
Sao Paulo, Brazil

im totally impressed :-) playing a saw isn't something I knew was possible. Now I know it is :-) your amazing

Teresa C.

Hi there.
First of all let me tell you that you are one of your kind. I watched that movie Another Earth today and the saw part moved me like never before. I had tears in my eyes. I said I had to get that music at any price!
Thanks for making my ordinary day something of another level, another planet :p
Bless you.


You have an amazing. =)) You're so gorgeous in this vid. :)

Quezon city, Philippines

I watched the film another earth and heard the piece played with the saw....It was one of the most magical things I have ever heard....You are extremely talented and just wanted to credit you for it.....look forward to hearing some of your other pieces...well done again...
I hope you visit the uk one day and I will definitely come and see you perform because I can't believe how unique this sound is.. I don't know what it is but it sends chills down my spine whenever I listen to it...

Gurj P.

I loved the saw scene. It was amazing.
What a very talented lady you are :o)

Matt P.
Suffolk, UK

Talented and HOT that's awesome

Chris H.

Saw Lady is great y'all! What an artist! *kisses tips of fingers like an Italian!* magnificent!!!!

chelsea m.

your playing is beautiful made me cry!!

Tom K.
London, UK

Hey! I didn't get a chance to compliment you on your playing the other night. I thought you and my brother sounded great together! very unique sound. Also, from hearing you play the saw, I am pretty positive i've heard it played in movie soundtracks. It sounded so beautiful to hear it! I would definitely come to see you play again.

Steve L.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

I really liked it! you are a great artist

Maria Giulia S.
Bologna, Italy

I love that scene in Another Earth. I feel like the saw music epitomizes so much of the film. It is haunting, sad, and beautiful. I think the discordance and otherworldly quality is perfect for what Rhoda and John are going through.

J.D. Gravatte

that's amazing! you're great! *----*!!
you possess the talent is undeniable! <3 !!

Angelo A.
Santiago de Chile

truly amazing! I tip my hat to you every single time. keep up the amazing work.


You, miss,are freaking AMAZING!

Tommy H.

I work on music, trying to reach a harmony proto-music, to no avail, as it is likely, hmm ... impossible for humans (is it?). But, while I'm in the move to, I can feel the people who are close, and it's so amazing! Thank you for the music, Natalia.

P.S. how sorry you're so far away ...

Sincerely yours,

Moscow, Russia

Hi Natalia,

My name is Renee and I am casting for America's Got Talent. I saw the videos of your saw performance and I think it is so beautiful. Would love to speak with you about the show this season. Please give me a call when you have a moment.



I didn't like the saw scene...I absolutely adored it! Soulful, melancholic power unlike any I've experienced in other films.
Your Star Trek saw rendition is really amazing! :)
You're a true talent and inspiration. I'd love to see you work your magic in the flesh! :)


It most definitely made my day! I'm very new to her music but there's something different about her style that's great.

chelsea m.

Great video--it makes me smile!
So haunting how it sounds like a person. A very cool instrument.

Stony Brook, NY, USA

Thank you for your raw amazing talent.

Matt S.

Today, I heard Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz - musical saw player playing "The Sound of Music" in the Union Square subway station on the saw, and it has been in my head all day. I didn't SEE her, but I know it was!
I'm disappointed that I am a grownup, and felt like I was in too much of a hurry to follow the music, but it nicely came with me.

Liz K.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Heard you when I got off the subway, beautiful sound. ^_^

Jane A.

Saw you with my best friend on Friday in the subway. I liked the playing and I liked your chained pants. :D

Bass Jailbird Hyuuga

How do I get your autograph on a dvd version???
I know you hear this a million times, but YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Edward J. B.
San Diego, CA, USA

hello Natalia,
Blissful sounds :) The movie "Another Earth" has brought me to your eerie mesmerizing vibes...
Thank you for your smile, radiance, and authenticity.

Namaste & Ho'oponopono

Uhsa N.

Seeing SawLady in the subway always makes my day!


Marlene dietrich was a real entertainer. Of course, when it comes to saw playing, you are the best. Kudos.

Benjamin K.
Delhi, India

I just wanted to thank you for your music and your inspiration. I've long wanted to be a street musician. I first heard you perform in Union Square a while back. I've played on the street a few times. After checking out your blog, I'm going to apply for a permit to play in the subway.
Thank you again,

Jon P.

Hi Natalia! How are you, beautiful? I'm so thrilled that my poem is on your site! It's one of my favourite poems that I've written!
It was such a pleasure to write! You are phenomenally-inspiring to me and your music is absolutely beautiful and transcendental! :)

Mark H.

oh oui, mon Dieu! Je trouve cela tellement original et sentimental!
c'est tres beau... J'adore
Les gens on tellement l'air captivés... C'est magique comme son!

Marion M.

Dear Saw Lady,
I've just seen/heard you a week or two ago at Union Square, and your music once again filled me with such joy and completely brightened a long day! I'm so grateful to get the second notice about the festival because I meant to write after that but it's been such a hectic time that my thoughts got completely crowded out. I can't express just how much I'm looking forward to this event! Warmest wishes,

Liz K.
Brooklyn, NY

I really enjoy your work and listen to your cd for meditation. I was so inspired and got myself a saw and have a great time with it for alternative recordings for friend's music projects!!
Thank you so much for all the great music and for bringing this amazing instrument so far!!

Anton S.

After seeing the film #AnotherEarth I looked up saw musicians and I watched alot of your videos!
I live in Dublin in Ireland so saw workshops are rare or nonexistant. I think your tutorials on how to play are apt though :)

Dublin, Ireland

I went to see your videos on your site, you're a great artist, I love what you're doing! And thanks for writing in french ;)

Montpellier, France

I've always appreciated your unique saw talent! That sound certainly cuts through the din of Union Square!

prairie rose
Brooklyn, NY, USA

I love you for real.. Your music makes me very happy and i love your vibe! Would love to hear you on the street too!! :-)

Queens of Hearts
Ohio, USA

I am very happy that I have heard your music in the movie "another earth " because I have been searching for the music i was born for and I think I have found that and its Musical saw .I have tried guitar , drum,violin,Dj'ing but my heart was not happy but when i saw you play in youtube video ... my mind was stucked for a moment and I felt awesome because I have found it .

Anuj Dev C.

Hi good afternoon Natalia i saw you yesterday afternoon in the union square 14th street station i love how you play your music on your saw yesterday when you played memories it blew me away have an awsome day!

Phillip F.

WOW you have officially blown my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe B.

This last one almost drove me to tears... Such a touching piece! You're really an authentic artist! Hope to see more from you soon!

Edson G.
Sau Paulo, Brazil

that is really great! you are really talented. I really enjoyed the part with the saw and now i know it's you, really awesome!

Luis L.

The finest saw playing I ever did hear.

Jack W.
London, UK

You are amazing! A true inspiration!

Charlie B.
Cape Town, South Africa

Hello Nat :-) Let me just say first and foremost, I am glad to share a name (kind of) with such a talented individual who has yourself. I have listened to your work, and I really find it quite unique and enchanting to say the least.

Nate S.
Perth, Australia

Great video - you're amazingly and uniquely talented

Martin W.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Hello Natalia, I just bought my first piece (I think there will be more! : lame sonore ... marvelous!
Thanks you et BRAVO for your magical interpretation.


Francoise F.

I caught you at Herald Square. You rock that saw, lady! :) Can't wait to see you again. Do you play "Amazing Grace" on it?

Alea O.
Brooklyn, NYC

just saw your video, you are a great performer, love your work...keep on rocking!

Cesar C.
Guayaquil, Ecuador

nice video!! You understand music in a very interesting way!! It sounds deep and relaxing... I say hi from a tiny town in Venezuela

Julio A.

I watched and listened to your video on vimieo. You do have a distinct sound, that's for sure. You are the reason why I decided to play, at first, the saw, from your sound on the movie Another Earth. I bought a Bullock saw. I didn't like the hand bending. I didn't like the small handle, either. I definitely didn't like the bleeding from hitting the teeth, hence, the creation of my Humming Blade. All of which I may have told you. When people ask me why I produce such a device, I blame it all on you. Thanks. "It's that Saw Lady, Natalia, whose enchanting saw sound pulled me into the game."


Brian W.
Oregon, USA

I thought it was one of the most amazing things I ever heard. Never even knew it was possible.
There's a voice inside your music that is absolutely beautiful.

Marlow G.

it's quite a haunting sound that at times almost makes me think of whale songs ,I love it !


Your music is so fascinating, it brings inner peace and it touches one's souls. Excellent work, so unique!

Julie B.

I feel like in the video from the subway with Lame sonore by Scott Munson is a real orchestra, but in sample on your site is only electronic imitation, or it is the same background ?
But it's a beautiful piece and beautifully played, normally to tears
+You are beutiful with your smile and gestures, thank you

Tomas Z.
Czech Republic

it is a pleasure to see you playing. I really enjoy to listen to your music.

Valerio S.

Beautiful!! It's impossible not to enjoy it! And one of the best things is that you're ALWAYS SMILING!!! It's simply ADMIRABLE!! :)


just watched the YouTube: eerily captivating. It evokes a palatable longing for something just out of reach.

Tony P.

You are the one of my inspire,..thank you Natalia Paruz

Kidung K.

It was a film called another earth which featured a saw player that made my son to look up saw players on google. He then showed me and that was when i decided to try and play one. Turns out that Natalia played the saw for the soundtrack, so thank you Natalia for inspiring me to play the saw.

Ken B.

a true mistress of the saw. the mermaid sings. beautiful

Tim B.

amazing :))
that scene made me cry. so powerful
when I heard it, I thought it could be the voice of angels :) ... shivers


Omg you r so amazing. Blowing my mind. I saw you in the subway last week . I asked you about lessons . I will b there at the saw festival on the 1rst .... I wanna learn how to play the saw so bad ..... I'm dreaming about it. Ho please be my teacher u r brilliant and ur energy wow . Have a beautiful week . My name is Ali

Alissandre M.

Your music is an urban poetry. Hope watch your musical saw in Brazil some day.

Gustavo G.

that was stellar!!! I lived that clip, Natalia! I'd have placed a silver dollar in your satchel, maestra!

Adam Daniel M.
toronto, Canada

Natalia you're a Musical Artisan!!,,, *stunned for a moment*


WOW! you're brilliant! your musical saw cuts through the film, so poignant. thanks for connecting! respect.

Alka S.
Paris, France

Lovely. I had a look on the video of your 'story' as well. Very inspiring. The smile on your face while playing is priceless. :-)

Cairo, Egypt

OMG!! I LOVED IT SAW LADY! Such a beautiful sound!!
<3 (i know it's not important, but you're so pretty, too *swoon*)

60th Street
Chicago, USA

Dear Natalia,
You are quite the inspiration to us all, and I feel very privileged for having been able to share you remarkable story with others.


Diana B.

Amazing sound you achieve from the simple saw. Is that a violin bow you use? Now if we could all learn to quit sawing down trees and play more music like this the world would be a much better place.

Whitestone, Queens, NYC, USA

Fantastic! My 4-year-old just pointed to you playing & said, "I want she to win." She's never seen a talent show. I think she just wants you to win everything!

Elizabeth M.
Austin, TX, USA

Just saw your little profile on CBS Nightly News, Great story, you look wonderful and your playing wonderful as always.

Bob H.

America is better for people like you who bring their unique talents and skills to add to our beautiful mix. And I agree, the subway is a wonderful place to see the world in its kaleidoscope. It's not your unique talent - it's your positive, upbeat and "onward & upward" attitude that makes me a fan. of YOU. You music - that's another ethereal delight. Welcome to America!

Duke S.
Main, USA

Hi Natalia I liked your page now You are a great musician . I watched your videos on youtube. Nice videos .

Mike G.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Hi Natalia,

This is Lewis Liu, the Chinese actor of Caihong City. We met yesterday on the film set. I really enjoyed your music and your wonderful performance!


Lewis L.
Washingtin, DC, USA

I think I love U, and yor Music... ;-)

Morten J.

I loved the movie Another Earth and your piece was phenomenal! You're truly talented and thank you for creating something ill always remember. :)

Chance Productions
Austin, TX, USA

I'm on your Facebook, and it's occupying my whole morning :)
If you have an album or anything, I'd love to buy it

Ben T.

it's refreshing to listen to such an innovative piece! - you have a rare talent! :)

Michael R.
North East England

Hi Saw Lady/ Natalia!
Thank you for showing me your amazing video! I'm amazed by your performance, you are truly talented!
I really wish I could watch you live but I'm from Brazil, so I'll support U as best as I can by spreading your music!
please, never forget that you touched my heart and will always have me as a loyal fan! Keep strong, lady! <3

Joo K.

oh my gosh! I'm watching you on oddities!! I didn't realize I had seen you on this episode before I saw Another Earth! amazing!!


Your beautiful playing makes grown carpenters weep

Greg F.
London, UK

I am an amateur classical concert pianist and I have to admit that no other instrument has ever brought me tears on first listening except the bowed musical saw. BRAVA Natalia !!
Just a note . . . "Lame Sonore" sings out my love for my uniquely beloved boy. I could never contain my tears on listening to that piece. It's just like singing out my yearnings deep from the abyss of my heart for him

Peter C.
Hong Kong

Innovation and music with a twist of sci-fi. This is just fantastic.

C. Laubenthal
Kansas City, USA

You are a very talented musician. Keep it up!

Hassan K.
Karachi, Pakistan


Felicia B.
Maryland, USA

I love your music. It makes me tear up every time I hear it. Thank+you

Molly S.
Iowa, USA

When I was watching the movie, I was expecting anything but this from a musician professor role. The sound of the instrument caught me totally off-guard. I was in search for this and the player, until yesterday that I found out you played it.. I've said things about you and what you play, but they are not enough.. The sound is angelic, it's like what I've always heard in my dreams..... Takes my soul far far away.. Not only this one, but your other tracks as well. I'm so happy to have found you...

Amin PC
Ontario, Canada

Saw you playing at Union Square station. You're incredible!

Jerome N.

Natalia, I just watched some of your youTube clips! You are so brilliant, Saw Lady!! And so graceful (I can tell you were a dancer) and you seem to embody the term you used "cheerful persistence". I love the sound of your music! All the best to you!

Lyse B.
Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Natalia,

My name is Yossi and I saw you today at the 59th Subway station. You sound AMAZING! And your instrument sound so beautiful as well!!!
I'm a musician and composer, i write music which combines a classical orchestra and jazz quartet as well.
I would like to meet you for playing and try my compositions with your instrument. Thanks

Yossi T.

oh my god you're fantastic! and I love the musical saw part you did in Another Earth! Just amazing


nooo... SOO GOODD:. BUENISIMOOOO!!!!! I love it! FELICIDADES! sos una genia!

Andi G.

Hello Natalia :)
I recently came across one of your videos and I love what your doing! Your love for the saw is really wonderful and I am so happy that passionate people like you exist.

Ryan H.

Hello Natalia! i love what you you with the saw!

Miguel R.
Mallorca, Spain

Só a cena Saw Musical do Another Earth já vale o filme inteiro. Foi por pouco que minha alma não saiu do meu corpo.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

you are so talented ! And your sound contributed to the emotion of it all in anotherearth ! Wow! You are fabulous!

Melbourne, Australia

That is totally awesome!! I really enjoy good talent! You have pure talent! 100%

Travis T.
Oregon, USA

I've been showing your youtube videos to everyone I know, lol. And almost every person has been amazed beyond belief. I am traveling the US for a job soon, and if I come your way, I would LOVE to hear you play live if I make it to NY. That is where you play, right?

My friends were so amazed... she said she would love to go to a concert that was just you and a saw on stage! even her children wont stop talking about it!~ they are 6 and 7 and telling people about you, lol

Ronna G.

we were shocked at the beauty of the music...specifically the saw music. Amazing!

Courtney B.
Varese, Italy

It's really so beautiful and amazing. In the movie, I think the music opens the gate between the character. But in the video clip you play, it seems like you're so joyful and the music just comes alive to talk to people herself. Wonderful!

Taipei, Taiwan

She is the presence of an angel to all who meet her. she give you a feeling of identity like you are all there is. Not that one person is more speial than the other. But we are all special in our own way.

Jeffrey D.
Long Island, NY, USA

Listened to several of your musical "saw" pieces...and was in awe. You are very talented and full of life. I wish the best for you.

Jerry R.
Milford, PA, USA

Hello, Natalia!! Thanks for showing me how to play! What a great instrument you share and what a great teacher you are!

Erik R.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

wow .. just wow .. I love that music .. u r so talented .. it was like something I didn't heard before .. BRAVO girl


Meeting YOU & saying "I'm a fan of yours" is on my bucket list. The internet keeps me updated on your passion & skill.

Leanne W.

you're a diva of this new instrument! It's a honor for me.

Rodolfo L.

I wanted to congrat you one more time for your talent at playing it, having tried it myself, i know for a fact how difficult it is! You invested time and passion in it and it shows, it's a pleasure!

Flo F.
Florida, USA

Thank you for bringing joy into everyones life! :-)

Morten J.

arrgghh... after i watch ur earth day video i feel im falling in love with ur saw music.i still waiting ur live perform in here. :)

Rian B.

I spent hours last night enjoying your music online, and now I need to place an order. You are very much responsible for my new interest in musical saw.

Jan W.

Wow what is this sorcery ! You are Amazing !!!

Avi A.

i love your work! i love what you do the sound of your saw that whisly sound gives me goosebumps and drown me into melancholia its something i cannot describe i just love it....... can you msg me a story about you anything you remember anything you love i wanna write a poem about you? plz reply lots of love ps-another earth is my favorite movie and its in that movie i heard the sound of the saw

Dhritiman L.
New Delhi, India

wow. You are awesome and i may ask to marry you.

Andy S.
Hertford, UK

u r amazingly talented + very cool!

James p.

I am speechless, words can't describe how I feel listening to the saw. It is truly beautiful and quite heavenly. Its Mesmerising.

Essex, UK

Wow, that's really cool! I loved the music, and was so blown over by your playing. Very honoured to meet you!

Darrell Ang.

you´re very talented :) / By the way, I just saw your Earth Day video, its so powerful! It gave me goosebumps!


I am Happy for My Family, for Friends and for chance encounters between kindred souls. One day, I met eyes with Natalia "Saw Lady" Paruz, performing her music two subway platforms away. She gave me the warmest smile on was one of the very lowest days of my life and it cheered me up just when I needed it. We met years later and I was able tell her how much that smile, on that day, meant to me. May you have a Peaceful Thanksgiving Day, Natalia! xoxo

John W. B.

we need more of your music in cinema. Another Earth was gorgeous, and the saw scene almost (yeah...almost) made me cry.

Steven S.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

I actually saw you recently on the 59th st 6 train platform, you're freakin' awesome!~


It was so great to hear you from afar in the 42nd street station a few weeks back, and then to turn the corner to see your smiling face, accompanied by that magical saw!

Allen S.

Saw her 2 days ago at Times Square. It's amazing how she can make that thing sing.

Jim B.

You are a Siren and i feel as Ulysses when i listen, enchanted, pls don't stop your music, my wishes for All and be happy.Ciao.

michele c.
Varese, Italy

your really good and if you carry on like that I bet your become like really famous <3

England, UK

Good Morning Natalia-
On Thanksgiving Day we had seen the parade and were wandering the city and the subway system because there isn't a whole lot for visitors to NYC to do on Thanksgiving after the parade is over. Wow! Did we get a treat when we happened to hear what sounded like a woman with a heavy vibrato singing. Following the sound, we found you and your saw. We were impressed, but our 13-year-old daughter was completely mesmerized. The picture that I took of the two of you is her favorite picture from our entire trip up there. I want to purchase your CD for her for Christmas , but I would love to get it autographed by you. Is this possible? I would also like to e-mail or text the picture that I took to you. Where may I send it? Thank you for the beauty of your music.-

Julialove H. J.

I have been under the weather myself for days and still have been waiting anxiously for your CD. My husband brought the mail in and I received it today. What an added bonus the magazine with your bio and wonderful photo. Thank you so much. I immediately played the CD and listened to it. I have to say that it brought me to tears...Total quiet no interuptions just taking in the beautiful music of your saw playing. As close to quiet peaceful meditation as you can get... There is something about the tone that touches ones heart. I can't wait to share at Christmas and will be taking the magazine with me to share..Thank you so much Natalia and taking extra effort to autograph the CD and sending the surprise magazine..Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and to you and your family...Love, your friend

Janina J.

Merry Christmas Natalia,have a great time with loved ones,thanks for all the lovely music this year.:) gaynor d.
Scotland, UK

Natalia, every time I see a video of you playing, I start to smile. You make me happy. Happy New Year, and thank you!

Kenneth W.
North Adams, Massachusetts, USA

one of the best things that happened to me was meeting you...truly a special person you are

Michael R.
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

it's a very touching video, I liked it. You're an amazing musician, keep on making those wonderful creations :-)

Mauricio R. S.
Talca, Chile

You're one of my most fond memories of the beautiful big city!

Desiree L.
Albuquerque, NM, USA

Nobody cannot make same sound as yours, I always think whenever I listen to your music. Yes, your saw really sings.

Shinsaku M.

En el 2002 estuve acompañando a un grupo de estudiantes en una gira escolar en New York. En una ocasión nos encontramos en el “subway” con una joven (muy humilde por cierto) tocando un extraño instrumento q parecía un serrucho. Como íbamos de prisa le compré un CD para cooperar y nos fuimos. Hoy día, buscando entre mis tereques encontré el CD que hace aprox 12 años compré en New York y decidí buscar inf sobre aquella artista llamada Natalia Paruz. Me alegré muchísimo cuando leí q Natalia Paruz no se quedó tocando en el “subway” de New York, sino q ha trascendido con su música inigualable y hoy día ha recibido múltiples reconocimientos. Entre estos, en 2009 Guinness World Record le otorgó el reconocimiento: “Largest Musical Saw Ensemble”; en el 2010 el Alcalde de NYC, Michael Bloomberg, reconoció la labor realizada por Natalia desde el 2003 en la organización del “Musical Saw Festival”; en el 2013 la Presidenta del Condado de Queens, Helen Marshall, proclamó el 1 de junio de 2013 como el “Natalia Paruz & Musical Saw Festival Day in Queens”. También su música ha incursionado en películas, tales como: Dummy, El Carnaval de Sodoma, I Sell de Dead, Another Earth, entre otras.

Que esta experiencia sirva de ejemplo para todos nosotros. No nos quedemos disfrutando del sueño, hagámoslo realidad. Con nuestro esfuerzo y la ayuda de Dios podemos alcanzar nuestras metas.

Job Bíblico
Puerto Rico

Oh my, Natalia, I've just been listening to your EP and realized what it is about your 'voice' that is different from other sawists. Yours sounds just like the human voice. It's the ghostly voice of a great tragedienne -- the Edith Piaf of saws! Such pathos. Do people ever weep when you play?

The bells were an unexpected treat! I thought they were metaphors when reading your title for the first time.

What an enjoyable morning. Thank you.

Brian Z.
St Louis

Good Afternoon Natalia,

I have loved watching you play. Your love of sharing your music with your singing saw radiates through your smile and shines in your eyes. There is a peacefulness you bring with you as you play. You have touched my heart. You are why I want to learn the musical saw.

Melanie M.

Your music is as much a prayer to me as five our fathers is (probably more so).

Patrick McIlhone
Berkely, CA, USA

I'm a big fan of your work and look forward to hearing more. I am learning how to play the Saw myself and am in awe of your skill. Thank you for the inspiration. Much appreciated.

Julian G.
Chicago, IL, USA

Wow, simply amazing. You have a unique talent.

Movies Now TV

giving substance to the phrase "We need.. more cowbell!" ;) your musical skill is unparalleled :)

Snohomish, WA, USA

I saw Another Earth and was mesmerized by the saw scene; it was haunting in a gentle, comforting way. I watched all the recommended players on youtube and, though they were excellent, they did not evoke the same imagery for me. My compliments to you and your unique talent.

Chris W.
Atlanta, GA, USA

very cool! I lived in NYC for seven years and have watched you play at Union Square. an incredible talent, arresting and ethereal.

Bryan Dechart

Hi Natalia. My name is Michael Raz (means secret clue in Hebrew). I'm a musician (rock singer/songwriter/guitarist) like you. I passed by you on my way to my train earlier today (around 1 PM). I just want you to know that you're angelic presence made my day. The ecstasy you exhibited during your performance was a wonderful thing to behold. You have a truly beautiful soul. I just wanted to reflect some of the joy you gave me today. Thank you so much for sharing your art/soul with the world.


Michael R.

will you marry me? Cause you're officially the coolest person ever. Loved it in #AnotherEarth, but #StarTrek too?! I'm geeking out.

Kelly B.

Je dois avouer que cette performance est tout à fait fantastique. J'avais entendu parler de vous, c'est extrêmement impressionnant.
I cannot say much more that what's you do is among the most touching musical performance of "weird music" I ever heard.


You have such a talent, but what strikes me the most is the peaceful, serene look on your face when you perform. That may be the true gift that you possess.

Erik J.
Danville, Indiana, USA

I'm glad I got the change to meet you! I love your music and I hope to see you again!!

Chelsea-Lynn S.

I want to share my gratitude for you spreading such an angelic magic playing musical saw.

mikus s.
Riga, Latvia

I believe it is you who will leave a legacy of saw playing for future generations. Congratlations and the costume fits the mystic of your heavenly playing.

Janina J
Michigan, USA

i can close my eyes and listen to you is so peaceful. I need it in my chaotic world. Thanks for your work and talent.

Erik J.
Danville, Indiana, USA

Hi.. Im Yasarath from Sri Lanka. I saw ur performance whn i was in NY. You r so talented. I really like your music. Tht day i bought ur one of CD. Its Amazing. Keep it up. May god bless you.

Yasarath K.
Sri Lanka

i saw it today,you alwase been special and you alwase be

Nitsan P.

Hi, Natalia! You are the Best Saw player in the entire Universe!

Valeriy F.
Gdansk, Poland

Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration, Natalia. So happy for the movie nominations. That Munson quintet you play is a truly remarkable piece. And I can only imagine how the movie tune sounds in a cinema! The though sends a chill up my spine. I often listen to your recordings for the experimental, original music you often perform. Also because your saw has the almost human voice of a weeping woman which is so distinctive I'm sure I would know it anywhere.

Brian Z.
St. Louis, MO, USA

You are amazing Natalia! I listened to your CD, I saw the Future, I love it!

Debbie D.

Great film and great saw playing. This is what got me started on the saw!! Thanks to you Natalia

Ken B.
Darlington, UK

I just wanted to say, I saw you at the Union Square stop and was totally blown away. You are so talented! I could've stayed and watched/listened all day if I didn't have a train to catch!

Kate V.

Hi, Natalia. You've been an inspiration. I have been playing the musical saw for about a month. When listening to you, you are very precise to hit a note perfectly. I recognize the value of intonation form my 7 years of playing the violin. I was wondering if you could give any tips on how to improve on this. Thanks!

Sam S.
Ohio, USA

I saw you on Union Square today and I loved what you were doing. I was taking a video in my iphone when I realized I was late for the dentist and I had to leave.

Barbara Joyce L.

I saw your work in 14 th Union square, amazing

Mauricio O.

Dear Natalia,
Congratulation for your art. In my opinion, you're the best musical saw player I had the pleasure to listen to. I appreciate that absolutely personal touch, powerful as an hurricane and sweet as a caress, that distinguish you from all the others.
The first time I saw you was on the video you're playing in the NY subway. I was searching the web to see who were the best saw player. What can I say? From that first time I just couldn't stop thinking of you: you, none other, have that Fire, that Love, that Madness! And it's just what we want to be in our music.

Italy, USA

Hi Natalia, I saw you perform years ago and was so impressed. I loved the show.

Joan S.
Astoria, NY, USA

So nice! You are a national treasure

Michael R.
Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA

Hi, Natalia. My son and I have visited New York for the past two summers and stopped by the subway each time to watch you play. You have been a great inspiration to me, to the point that I have now (at 78 years) taken up busking with my saw. Never have I had so much fun. After playing for a couple of weeks I received my first $100 bill tip. And, I, like you, have just played a Halloween gig for a person that heard me busking and wanted some "spooky" music for his Halloween festivities. My only regret is that I didn't start playing in public 60 years ago! Thanks, Natalia, for your music and your inspiring personality.


Bob M.
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

sorry ,i not speak english so much, but i repeat your history is beatiful and i have to repeat again cuz i am happy, you really give me strange to start my own music in the street and this is important to my life, and i realy like yor music and if i can soon buy some tune on your website

with love!!

Facundo S.

Natalia, You are as beautiful as your music… It is obvious from this video that your music comes from your soul, travels that short distance through the air, and touches the listener’s soul with an honest love of life!

Barry S.
Arizona, USA

Hi! My name is Samuel and I am a seventeen year old high school student.

I was recently on a trip home on the subway and witnessed The Saw Lady in action, and to say I was awestruck would be an understatement. I thought I knew so much about music, but to hear the beautiful sound she produced almost instantly humbled me. I had previously never been aware of the possibility of what she does as a reality, and I was absolutely amazed to hear what she did.

Samuel E.

Hi Natalia! I saw your videos in youtube and BECAUSE of your beautiful music, your magical way to perform....
I bought myself a musical saw too ( it arrived yesterday!) and decided to learn how to play it!
Also by looking at your videos, and imitating your hand movements ...I managed to get the sound out of my saw! YESSSSS Your music is beyond beautiful !
Thank you for the inspiration and Happy New Year

~ Anett
Alaska, USA

You have the most beautiful, cheerful smiling face I've ever seen, I believe. It's not often that simply looking at a person's face can make me have more faith in humanity. Keep up the good work!

Tom C.

Hi Natalia!!!
I visited your website and I loved it !!! We also saw a interview with you and hear you play .... Uaaaaau !!! You're a Sawer dream !! You play sooo good and very very nice !! I am but one (and love) amateur Sawer ; )

Pepino P.

What can I say? I'm speechless. May one million blessings come your way for showing people another way of life.

Evan Ian T.
New Mexico, USA

You play in a such natural way that seems like if the music comes directly from your hands instead from the instrument! Congrats!

Samuele C.

Did I like the musical saw scene in 'Another Earth'? Yes! How much you ask? So much that dust got in my eyes…some call it "crying".

Greg B.
Milwaukee, WI, USA

you play with so much passion. I feel and connect with the notes. Very beautiful!

Eric W. D.
Southeast USA

I always thought the sound was really creepy but the way you play it turns into something beautiful :)

Milio L.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

That's the most fascinating musical display I've seen in a long time,& I've seen some amazing shit,written songs,played with amazing musicians,& it's literally baffling to watch your video...

Ryan D.
Detroit,MI, USA

Natalia, your playing at the conclusion of the final episode of THE JINX last night was haunting and perfectly mirrored the emotions of that intense ending.

Diane D.
Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

Natalia, I did play close attention last night and your work on the soundtrack is beautiful and haunting. Seems like your saw got the last "word!"

Lynne L.

I love your Solo CD, it's amazing!

Pedro S.
Professor de Percussão/Pesquisador Associado at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Just finished watching The Jinx. I knew some of that music sounded familiar! Between this and Another Earth, I'm certainly a fan.

Eric S.

one word... wow!!!!
I just saw 'Dummy'... Love it!!! but I have something to say hope you undersand me...
Once.I saw a man surfing, my first thought was.He looks like a dolphing because It looks so natural in him,he was born in the sea
so,when I see you playing a provokes me a feeling of something so natural. You were born to do it. Its so great to see that

Alejandra S.

See your music in a program Tv. I live from Brazil and would like only to say hello and congratulations to your talent.

Klaus B.

We saw your videos on Youtube and are now big fans! Of your music and spirit :)

Mumbai, India

אני מעיד ששמעתי אותך ביוניון סקואר בניו יורק , כאשר ניגנת " ירושלים של זהב " ואחר כך את " אלי שלא יגמר לעולם " וראיתי אותך מוקפת קהל מגוון של נוער ומבוגרים , שחורים , לבנים , מלוכסני עיניים , ורובם מצלמים ומקליטים את הנגינה המדהימה שלך על המשור וגם באים ומצטלמים איתך בסלפי , כאשר תוך כדי הנגינה , מקשיבים בשתיקה היוצרת תחושה של קדושה משותפת ללא הבדל של מוצא או דת . זוהי הדת הכי גבוהה שקיימת אצל בני אנוש . הדת של המוסיקה המטהרת את הנשמה . הדת שמקדשת יותר מכל דת אחרת את רוח האדם באשר הוא קיים . היתה לי חוויה בלתי נשכחת באותו יום . תודה רבה גדולה לך " הכהנת של המוסיקה השמימית !

Yossi W.

Hi Natalia, While bored in our Geography Controlled Assessment, me and a friend were browsing our schools Wikipedia page. There was only one person on the notable persons list and due to that we discovered you and your saw! We listened to one of your recordings and are tres impressed (Wow french revision has ruined me!) You're awesome, keep sawing away ;)

Zac E.

You're are able to put the magic in saw.
Your magic is very beautiful.
Before that yourself very beautiful
I want to go to NY!


We finally met Natalia in person. She is as lovely as she is talented! Our city is greatly enhanced by this level of "below the" street performance. Clearly everyone knows it because her career is blossoming with work for TV, movies and more! Brava, Natalia!

NYC Subway Line

Your playing in 'Time Out of Mind' was in the scene as he entered Union Station, in a way your music represents New York City :)

Lambert T.
Renton, WA, USA

First time hearing the saw! Very interesting and beautiful sound. Enjoyed hearing you play on WNYC!

Angel of MARS

I so enjoyed your music on WNYC!

Jeneba C.

I heard her on WNYC. Sounded great. Loved the Bach.

Rhoda W.

Hello! Good evening! I accompany your videos and I love your work! you touch with a lightness that delights me ! Love to see this wonderful smile you expressed when playing the saw !

Marcelo L.

Hey there, I'm really enjoying your music, I find it so hypnotic and I'd like to thank you for putting such tremendous effort into creating something that sounds so beautiful. I first heard your work in The Jinx, and I was wondering what the track titles were for those songs? I got a few of them in my head.

Thanks again
Greg G.
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Your YouTube videos helped me learn to play the saw! Thank you for making it so much easier to learn the saw with your videos.

Jeremy B.
Indiana, USA

We imported the CD from Amazon japan. It is very wonderful music in emotional!!!

Kato San.

another earth!! Loved it. And you are amazing... One musician to another!
you are an amazing talent!! That sounds cliche but it's not! Doing what you do on a saw is just amazing!

bobby E.
Erin, Tennessee, USA

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