NY Japion

Translation of the Article of WEEKLY NY JAPION
Translated by Kazu Kawaguchi

Natalia Paruz-----she is a player of a musical instrument called “musical saw”, which not many of our readers have ever heard of. The vibrating high-pitch sound, resembling voice of a soprano singer, is very much fascinating.
Natalia first encountered this instrument at a critical moment of her life.
“I had an ambition to be a professional dancer. But I had to give it up, because I had my spine injured in a traffic accident and could not dance since then. I felt really relieved to come across the musical saw.”
It has been six years since she started playing the saw at subway stations. People, one after another, find her and talk to her when she plays her saw.
“Once there was this blind guy among the audience. While listening to my music this guy started smiling. A lady standing near him noticed that he was enjoying the music and bought my CD, and then she gave it to him and went away. I find this happening a heart-warming one whenever I remember it.”
Telling this nice and happy story, she gave us a gentle smile and started playing “Over the Rainbow”. The tune embraced the people and the whole station with a strong healing power.

In the column next to the article, information is given about the places where you can see and listen to Natalia's performance.