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New album released July 16th, 2011: 'I Saw the Future'. Downloads are available on Natalia Paruz downloads (search for 'Natalia Paruz')
On CDbaby
and on Amazon.com


We have a service for composers who record outside of NYC and wish to have a musical saw track:
We have a home studio. You send us an MP3 of the song minus the saw part and a separate MP3 with all the tracks including the saw part (played on whatever instrument) or sheet music (PDF) of the saw part.
We will record the saw in our studio, e-mail you a sample MP3 and if it's to your liking we will finish recording and mail you an unprocessed WAV file of the saw track for you to layer over your other tracks.

Interested? E-mail us at sawlady@sawlady.com

Unusual gift - locations for purchasing the musical saw CD:

Manhattan, NY
* New York Transit Museum at Grand Central Terminal: Shuttle Passage, next to the Station Master's Office
Monday -Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am to 6pm
Info: (212) 878-0106

* Other Music: 15 East 4th Street, opens daily at noon (212) 477-8150

On Line
* CD Baby BUY the CD!

* Amazon.com BUY the CD!

* Downloads are available on Natalia Paruz downloads (search for 'Natalia Paruz')

New pole - if you've heard my 1st CD, 'Hark! An Angel Sings', please let me know which is your favorite track by participating in the pole:

Watch Natalia on TV - LIVE on December 5th, repeat on December 6th.
The show: 'The New Yorkers'
Time: 11pm (Natalia's segment is at about midnight)
Channels: NY - ch. 26, 35, 39, NJ - ch. 1310, FL - ch. 38, 31, TV 5, TV 10

Natalia's saw can be heard on the soundtrack of a movie, reliesed 2006:
Ivania/Imcine motion picture "Carnaval De Sodoma", directed by Arturo Ripstein. An ensemble piece set entirely in a bordello, delving into the lives and frustrations of a group selecting outfits for a carnival.
You can listen to a bit of the saw music in this movie here:
Listen to a clip
Gorgeous music by 'Grammy' winner and Golden Globe nominee composer David Mansfield.

Listen to Natalia on XM Radio - the Bill Kates Halloween Special:
Tue, October 31st - 12:00 AM on XM76 - Fine Tuning (Lifestyle) - New York Underground Halloween Special.

The Village Voice's annual 'Best of New York' issue, October 18th, 2006: for the 2nd time, they chose Natalia for their 'Best of' list! Page 33:

Funny mention in 'Overheard in New York':

The Queens Courier published an article about the saw players gatherings Natalia organizes, titled "Mecca for Saw Players in Astoria", October 5th 2006.

Article about subway musicians, with interview of Natalia - 'New York Sun', Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

'Our Town' - the free NYC weekly newspaper, on the streets Monday, September 18th, 2006, has a photo of Natalia on the cover and an article with photo insidee.

An article about variety artists featuring Natalia (with photo) is published in 'Back Stage' (page 10), September 14th, 2006.

Natalia can be seen on a video for the MTV Video Awards on the MTV website (for the VMA Pre-Show August 31st).

Watch Natalia on TV - LIVE on August 30th, repeat on August 31st.
The show: 'The New Yorkers'
Time: 11pm (Natalia's segment is at about midnight)
Channels: NY - ch. 26, 35, 39, NJ - ch. 1310, FL - ch. 38, 31, TV 5, TV 10

Photos from 'The Winchester Widow' - new chamber opera by Bruce Trinkley and Jason charnesky, premiered July 27th, 2006 at the famous Cornelia Street Cafe in the Village. Photos are at the bottom of the 'Composers' page.

Natalia was photographed by the winner of the Popular Photography magazine's 'Photographer of the Year' contest.
Read all about it and see the photos in Natalia's Blog

Natalia is on MySpace: MySpace.com/TheSawLady

There is a page about Natalia in the up-comming book 'OverLooked New York' by Zina Saunders

Natalia's playing can be heard in the movie 'El Carnaval de Sodoma' directed by Arturo Ripstein (Mexico).
Ripstein's filmography is very praised in Mexico and Europe. He is considered the best Mexican director alive.
This movie a drama by Paz Alicia Garciadiego based on the novel by Pedro Antonio Valdez. An Ensemble piece set in a bordello, delving into the lives and frustrations of a group selecting outfits for a carnival.
Gorgeous music by David Mansfield (Nominated for a Golden Globe for "Year of the Dragon" - Best Original Score).
Natalia's saw can be heard as the lead voice of the melody during the openning scene.

A photo of Natalia is part of an exhibit titled "For Free... A Portrait of Street Musicians" - works by photographer Nicholas Maffei Jr.
The exhibit will take place at the Yeager Room, Bronxville Public Library, 201 Pondfeld Road, Bronxville, NY 10708, January 3rd - January 31st, 2006. Opening reception Sunday, January 8thth, 2-5pm.

Newspaper articles: look for articles about Natalia in winter 2006:
'Ins & Outs', winter 2006 (this magazine comes out 4 times a year and distributed to Museums, art galleries, restaurants, hotels and boutiques)
'The Deli' music magazine, winter 2006 eddition (out December)

Watch for Natalia playing the saw a-capella on the MTV promo for the Andy Milonakis Show - the promo advertises the move of the show from MTV to MTV2 .

Watch Natalia on National TV: "Deadline", on HDnet TV, January 10th, 9pm. (channel 71 in NYC)

Natalia with actress Blythe Danner and with actor Roger Rees at the gala tribute to Blythe Danner, December 5th, 2005, where Natalia played
Here is an excerpt from a letter Blythe Danner sent to Natalia:

Dear Natalia
I did enjoy playing your lovely CD. Will listen to it again at the holidays.
You've a lovely talent. Many thanks for being part of the WTF event. Everyone enjoyed you very much.
I am glad to have your album.

Kindest regards
Blythe D.
Torvance, CA

Listen to Natalia (interview + live performing of new tracks for the new CD) on XM Radio, 'Fine Tuning' Channel 76 - the Bill Kates Halloween Special, Monday, October 31st, 2005, 8:45pm Eastern time, 5:45pm Western Time

Natalia will be on the Don & Mike Radio Show on Thursday, October 27th, 2005 shortly after 4:30pm
The show is broadcasted live from Washington DC on WJFK 106.7FM but is carried nation wide. Stations which carry this show can be found on http://www.donandmikewebsite.com/department/affiliates.html

Watch Natalia on TV in Cool In Your Code, channel 25:
August 23rd 2005, 8:30pm
August 24th, 10pm
August 27th, 8pm

Knitting Factory gig, August 2005, photographer: Demi

Keep an ear out for an interview with Natalia on WOR Radio - it's a feature during the Friday morning news August 26th 2005 at 7:30am

Watch for the docummentary film American Carny - Natalia can be heard playing on its score. Directed by Nick Basile, music by Paul Johnson, recorded at the Brill Building (formerly known as the historic Tin Pan Alley). Comming summer 2005.
Listen to Natalia's saw playing in the sound track:

On June 10th, 2005 Natalia received the 'Woman of Distinction' award from Senator Sephin Maltese.
The Woman of Distinction program was created by the New York State Senate to honor exemplary women from across New York State whose singular professional or personal achievements, commitment to excellence and accomplishments merit special recognition. Honorees are selected from across the state. A special committee has chosen 9 women of those who were nominated as most deserving of honor and recognition. Natalia Paruz ia amongst these 9. For more info click here

Natalia was chosen as the 'New Yorker of the Month' by the NYC Hall of Fame

Natalia was a judge at the International Musical Saw Competition in Paris, France, where she also got to play with the Morocco Philharmonic Orchestra during the Festival International de Lame Sonore (October 16-17, 2004)
photo by Mr. Viot

While in Paris, Natalia gave a tribute to singer Edith Piaf (1915-1963) on her grave at the Pere Lachais cemetery (Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise), by playing 'Hymn a L'Amour':

October 19th, 2004

Recent newspaper articles about Natalia:
* Ins & Outs L.I.C. magazine - winter 2006 - music review, page 18
* Queens Courier - March 2, 2006 - One Man's Dream of a Hall of Fame for Everyman, page 19
* The Register Citizen, CT, December 31st, 2005 - Musical Saw Comes to Morris Church
* Queens Courier - Queens Culture Watch, Dec. 14th 2005 - Queens Couple Makes Music Together
* The Deli music magazine - 'If You Hear Someting, Say Something!', pages 28/29/30, by Marie Helene, winter 2006
* The New York Times - front page of the Metro section, 'Does She Know Any Songs By Carpenters?'/Dan Barry, October 19th, 2005
* LaIsha - Israeli Weekly Women's Magazine, 4 page article about Natalia. October 9th, 05

A photo of Natalia is part of an exhibit titled "For Free... A Portrait of Street Musicians" - works by photographer Nicholas Maffei Jr.
The exhibit will take place at the Greenburg Public Library in Westchester county (300 Tarrytown Road, Elmsford, NY), May 1st-June 30th, 2005. Opening reception Sunday, May 15th, 2-4pm.

Listen to Natalia play live on WPKN 89.5FM Radio (broadcasts to CT, NY, MA) on Casey Jones Sunday Night, Dec. 19th 10pm-midnight

Natalia's CD is featured on NPR's All Songs Considered Open Mic Dec.15th.04

XM Satellite Radio - interview with Natalia plus live playing of the musical saw and a cut from Natalia's 2nd CD (release date 2005) on Bill Kates' show 'Underground Music', Fine Tuning ch. 76 - will be broadcasted October 31st at 1:30AM and repeated in November 2004.

Watch Natalia on TV - Saturday, November 6th & 13th, 'Transit Transit Show', chanel 25

Watch Natalia on TV - Saturday, October 2nd, 9:30PM, 'Jo Jo NY', chanel 73 (SinoVision)

Listen to WFUV 90.7FM's 'City Folk Morning' show - Natalia was recorded live for it, playing the musical saw and a short interview.
(posted June 29th.04)

Watch for the TV show 'Toolbox' Saturday, July 10th, on the History Channel. Natalia is featured in the first episode, which is about saws.
(posted June.29th.04)

New photos from Natalia's International busking experience - click here
(posted May 2nd, 04)

Listen to Natalia play the musical saw on the Voice of America Radio in their show in honor of 100 years of the NYC subway - April 15th, 2004.
(posted March.26th.04)

The subway music article just aired, so you can find it on the website Voice of America, in the English Worldwide section. To listen to the program: click here
The saw music sounds great! Though there's a bit of interference from all the subway noises.
(posted April.29th.04)

Come visit my store on CafePress!
Shop on-line and pay directly on line, or by phone or by mail with a check.
(posted Feb.4th.04)

Listen to Natalia's CD on the radio!

* Radio show "PSYCHE VAN HET FOLK", Radio Centraal, Antwerpen, BELGIUM 103.9FM will air tracks from Natalia's CD 'Hark! An Angel Sings' on their program of Experimental Music Instruments, June 9th, 2004, 9:30-12AM.

* WBAI will play selections from Natalia's CD on 'Cat Radio CafȦ#39;, Monday, December 22nd, 2pm
Cat Radio CafȠis a live salon of the arts, exploring the politics of art and the creative bounty of New York. Hosted by Janet Coleman and David Dozer
Listen to it on-line at www.WBAI.org

* KZMU, a non-commercial radio in Moab, Utah, will broadcast tracks from Natalia's new release 'Hark! An Angel Sings' in a wide-ranging three-hour music show called Amarillo Highway. The show dates are both December 14 and December 21 2:00 to 5:00 PM. The Christmas sets might be between 3 and 4 pm Mountain time each Sunday.
The playlists are posted on the Yahoo twangdj egroup and are reported to the Freeform American Radio chart in 3rd Coast Music.

Listen to Natalia's live recording on the Radio

RTE, (Radio Telef���ɩreann) the Irish National Public Service Broadcasting Organization will be broadcasting 'I'll take Manhattan' - New Year's Day at 13.05 - Greenwich mean time, featuring Natalia's musical saw recorded at Times Square, NYC.

(posted Dec. 10th.2003)

Read new reviews of Natalia's CD, by 'Other Music' and by WBAI Cat Radio CafȦlt;/I>'s host Janet Coleman
(posted Dec. 16th 03)

Natalia was fortunate enough to recently receive a nice review of her CD from one of America's musical treasures Peter Schickele a.k.a PDQ Bach. You may read his review on theCDs for sale page.

(posted Nov.15.03)

BREAKING news... read all about how Natalia's saw broke in mid performance at the bottom of the blog at Buskers Memoirs

(posted Nov.4.03)

Natalia has opened the official Liberty Bell move ceremony in Philadelphia, October 9th, 2003.

As one of the final installments of the redesign of Independence National Historical Park, the new Liberty Bell Center has opened on October 9, 2003. At 7 a.m. on that day, the National Park Service very carefully began to move the Liberty Bell from its home on Market Street to its new permanent home along the 6th Street side of Independence Mall. To mark this historic occasion, the National Park Service has planned, at the conclusion of the move (2pm), an official dedication ceremony of the new Liberty Bell Center.
Natalia Paruz opened this ceremony by playing 'America the Beautiful' on a set of 65 pitched cowbells. Also participating were the military band of Valley Forge and 4 choirs.

photos taken at the rehearsal for the ceremony.

Comments from the organizers of the ceremony:
"Thank you so much, your performance was magical...Your performance was truly inspirational" - Ian Crane, Management Assistant, Independence National Historical Park
"Your performance on the bells was fantastic!" - Phil Sheridan, Public Affairs Officer, Independence National Historical Park
"I do not know how you do it! I watched in amazement as you graced the large screen with your incredible talent. You have been given a gift." - Mary Bomar, Superintendent, Independence National Historical Park
(posted Oct.20.03)

The October 8th issue of the Village Voice - Brandon Stosuy's article on subway performers for the 2003 Best of NY issue includes the 'SawLady'in the chosen 5 best NY buskers! To read the article go to What the Press Said
(posted Oct.20.03)

The movie "Dummy" starring Adrien Brody (star of "The Pianist") and Ron Liebman (Tony Award winner for “Angels In America”) has Natalia playing "The Swan" in an audition scene in it.
In Manhattan this movie is playing at the following theaters:
Sony Lincoln Square, AMC Empire 25, and Loews Village Theatre.
It's a wry comedy about some colorful and charmingly quirky characters who triumph over adversity, ultimately finding happiness as fulfilled players in their respective, "nichey" worlds.
Natalia recollects: "Unfortunately, they had me wear a hideous pink dress, and made my hair in an awfully funny do... I recall they were aiming to make me look older with the makeup. I think the filming took place in 1999 (I kind of dread to hear what I sounded like back then...)".
Available on video by the end of 2003.
(posted October.4th.03)

I now have a guest book! Please take a moment to sign it. Thanks!
(posted Aug.18.03)

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