CDs Natalia Played on

Busking in Paris, April 1999

Hark! An Angel Sings~


Midnight Brainwash Revival~

Music from the off-off Broadway show. Music by Jessica Grace Wing. Musical saw on tracks 1,3,5 and 8. To hear tracks and for purchase info click here

Songs From Before I Got Laid~

Music by Jonathan Best. Saw solo on track 1. For purchase info click here


Saw on track 13 ('Ave Maria'/F. Schubert) and on track 16 titled 'All gone', music by Ronnie Wilson(BMI), James Propp (BMI) & Adam Chalk (BMI). For purchase info click here. Natalia is mentioned in that website at click here.

Stranger From The Side~

Music by Bret Reily. Saw on track 3 titled 'Be With You'. For purchase info click here This website is under construction.

Leslie Milles new album~to be released Aug/Sept 2001 on Atlantic Records. Title with saw: Circles Under the Sun.

Lonestar Hitchhicker~Music by Don dilego, universal Records. Saw on track 6 titled 'The Lonestar Hitchhiker'.

The CD (2006 release) of the band The Blam has a track 'I Don't Know' by Jerry Adler, with Natalia's musical saw at the end.
The Blam (formed in 2001) are indie rockers from Brooklyn, but their sound also incorporated punk and indie rock along with pristine pop.

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