Video Clips

Natalia Paruz and Maestro Zubin Mehta after one of their concerts together


The SawLady video by Cisco Gamez. This is a short Indie documentary.

Video by Stephanie Cockerl taken at Times Square June 2004

View Video (3MB) Busking in Tel-Aviv, Israel by Rachel Ramras, 2004

Click here to see a promo for the TV show Jo Jo NY in which Natalia participated.
Or, double click the black square:

This is what the episode is about:

JoJo New York - Episode Eight
Street Performers!
Channel: Ch 73, Sinovision

JoJo travels from uptown to downtown in search of cool street performers that spice up our daily lives in New York City.  See the talents of the Saw Lady, the South Street Yoga Master, P. Juggle, and many more in this exciting episode!

One-Pen-Stroke Sawyer/Natalia Paruz

The following video clips were taken by parties who were interested in having a video clip of Natalia's playing on their own websites:

Subvenue - the real underground music scene
Video, audio (interview and sound clips in the "radio" section), photos, reviews.

Video clips, photos, audio clips and a review of Natalia's performance at the 6th Street and Avenue B Garden in Manhattan, NY: go to 'THE BEAT OF MANHATTAN' section and double click on Natalia's name in the performers list in the Hitachi's Viewseum site

Cutting Edge Music: Yo New York's site Need_Player_and_Speed_Redirect/1,3174,794,00.html?

Audio Clips

The following audio clips were taken by parties who were interested in having an audio clip of Natalia's playing on their own websites:

NPR Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor music from the New York subway

Saturday, December 23rd, NPR Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor Peter Schickele Holiday music for unusual instruments. Segment 1:11:11.

The following is a beautiful 3-D animation film which served as the trailer and TV add for the Taos Talking Picture Festival. Written, produced & animated by Igor Choromanski of, Santa Fe, NM, with music composed by Jim Wilson (who also composed the American Indian section of the 2002 Winter Olympics opening ceremony). Natalia's saw playing can be heard on the sound treck (in the 2nd half of the film).
Taos Talking Picture Festival 2002

Cat Radio Cafe show on WBAI
Archive from December 22nd 2003
5 tracks from Natalia's CD are played throughout the show, with comments by the hosts.

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